is fabuloso safe for wood floors
Kristina Davis

It’s an excellent cleaning product, but is Fabuloso safe for wood floors?

You wouldn’t want to ruin your hardwood by using something too abrasive or too weak to tackle the job.

It’s essential to know if it’s a suitable product and whether there are any specific stipulations for using this detergent.

Fabuloso is safe to use on wood floors for removing grime, dirt, dust, and grease. Fabuloso cleaner is most effective when cleaning sealed floors to achieve optimal results.

Keep reading to learn how to clean your floors with Fabuloso, when you should use it, and if there are any alternatives better suited for cleaning wood floors.

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What is Fabuloso?

what is a fabuloso

Fabuloso is a powerful all-purpose cleaning solution with a neutral pH. It would be best to use it to clean hard surfaces such as walls and floors.

Fabuloso comes in multiple fragrances, and it depends on which ingredients the company uses to make the product.

How To Use Fabuloso To Clean

Fabuloso is easy to use; you only need to mix a fourth cup of the detergent with one gallon of water.

Ensure that the water is at room temperature to be the most effective. Once you mix it well, you can proceed to clean light to moderately stained surfaces in your home, including the floors.

You can also use this mixture to clean the walls; all you need is to grab a sponge to have something soft enough that won’t scratch the surface.

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If you’d like to remove any grease from a nonporous material like glass or metal, you can pour the Fabuloso directly onto the cloth or sponge to clean the surface.

Tip: You can also use Fabuloso for your laundry to add a fresh scent and a degreaser to your clothes.

Is Fabuloso Safe for Wood Floors?

safe for wood floors

Fabuloso does not contain any ingredients considered hazardous or abrasive. As a result, it shouldn’t cause any damage to your hardwood floors.

The cleaner will be most effective depending on whether your floors have been treated. Is Fabuloso safe for laminate wood floors?

If your floor is sealed, the cleaner will work better. Without being sealed, it will require more work to scrub the floors and clean them.

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They will get clean, but it won’t be as easy. Therefore, if you want clean, shiny, and polished floors, use Fabuloso on sealed surfaces.

Tip: You should always rinse the surface off with warm water after using Fabuloso to prevent residue.

How To Use Fabuloso To Clean Hardwood Floors

fabuloso clean hardwood floors

Below are some simple steps you may want to consider implementing:

Step 1: Vacuum or Sweep the Floor

To use Fabuloso as effectively as possible, use a vacuum cleaner or soft broom to sweep your hardwood floor.

Ridding your floor of grime, dirt, and other particles is essential to prevent a sticky floor after mopping.

It’s also effective for avoiding hardwood floor scratches because laminate floors get scratched more easily from dirt.

A thorough sweep also helps to reveal the stained areas to remove them swiftly.

However, Fabuloso is an excellent degreaser and will give your floor a streak-free shiny floor.

When dust or dirt is left behind and comes into contact with the cleaner, it causes discoloration or stains to form.

Tip: A neutral pH level indicates that Fabuloso won't damage your floor or cause discoloration, and it will also protect the sealed finish.

Step 2: Mix Water With Fabuloso Cleaner

mix with water

Using a bucket or large bowl, mix ¼ cup of Fabuloso into a gallon of water. You should use warm water to benefit from Fabuloso’s antibacterial properties.

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Using gloves, take a sponge and clean the floor’s surface that you already swept or vacuumed.

Feel free to pour the cleaning solution directly onto the sponge to remove the stain in the case of concentrated stains.

Tip: Ensure that you're six to eight inches away from the surface if you put Fabuloso in the spray bottle to cover more surface area.

Step 3: Apply the Cleaning Solution to the Floor

Take the Fabuloso cleaning solution and apply it directly to the surface of your floor.

Make sure that you’ve used ¼ cup of the cleaning solution to a gallon of water to optimize your results.

Use a sponge or lint-free rag to wipe the floor’s surface until it’s clean to your liking.

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Step 4: Rinse and Dry Your Hardwood Floor

rinse and dry

Finally, rinse the cleaned area with water and leave it dry to better facilitate a shiny, streak-free look.

Go back over your floor to check for stains, and repeat the steps above if necessary.

What Can I Use Instead of Fabuloso?

Chances are you’ve wondered about alternative cleaners for you to use on your wood floors.

So when you have a prospective cleaning product that you’re considering, you have to be sure that it can handle the job in its entirety.

For example, make sure that it's easy to apply and can effectively remove scuff marks.
alternatives to fabuloso

1. Bona Hardwood Cleaner

Bona hardwood cleaner is best for erasing shoe marks and cutting through sticky soil faster than typical cleaners.

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The Bona hardwood cleaner comes with a cleaning pad.

To get the job done more quickly and effectively, you may want to use a microfiber pad with a pre-filled cartridge.

2. Murphy Oil Soap Wood Cleaner

This product is known for its affordable prices.

Despite its price, the product is very concentrated, and it lasts for a while; it’s a great bargain!

oil soap wood cleaner

Murphy Oil Soap is excellent at removing sticky soil and scuff marks from your wood floor.

3. Black Diamond Cleaner

This product is easy to apply and use when cleaning your laminate and wood floors.

It is a residue-free formula that you can use to clean your floors, whether laminated or not.

You can also use this product without rinsing afterward. Black Diamond has a fresh and light scent similar to that “new car smell.”

4. Bona Free Hardwood Cleaner

bona free cleaner

This Bona Free hardwood floor cleaner doesn’t contain scents or any dyes. It is perfect for removing dust and other unsightly particles from hardwood floors.

Additionally, it is fantastic at dissolving sticky soil and removing scuff marks. When targeting stains, this cleaner is efficient and easy to use.

Tip: Bona Free is considered the better hardwood floor cleaner in comparison to Fabuloso.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning Fabuloso’s use of wooden floors:

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questions about wood floors

Can You Use Fabuloso on Wooden Furniture?

Fabuloso is suitable for wooden floors, but you have to dilute it first to achieve the best results.

You can make a solution of Fabuloso by putting a 1/8 cup of Fabuloso with water inside the spray bottle.

You can now use this solution on your furniture. Just spray and wipe it with a lint-free cloth. Keep in mind that you should seal the furniture before use.

Does Fabuloso Disinfect Surfaces?

Fabuloso can effectively remove microorganisms from any surface. It is a superb disinfectant and can eliminate all germs from any treated area.

Final Thoughts

So, is Fabuloso safe for wood floors? Yes, Fabuloso is safe for wooden floors, whether sealed or not.

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It would help if you used Fabuloso on sealed wood floors to get the best results.

Some alternatives will work even better if they aren’t sealed, such as the Bona Hardwood Cleaner.

Fabuloso doesn't contain any harsh ingredients, and it comes in many fragrances that smell great and leave your floor with an outstanding shine.

When using Fabuloso, ensure that you rinse after applying the cleaner to prevent residue buildup.