can you use fabuloso on clothes
Kristina Davis

Can you use Fabuloso on clothes? Most people always have some bottles of Fabuloso at hand and want to know what they can do with them.

Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaning solution that helps you with so many cleaning tasks.

It is fantastic as a general-purpose cleaner and can be used on anything from kitchen countertops to the vehicle.

But, like every other cleaning solution, it contains chemicals, so “can you wash clothes with Fabuloso?” Will it cause any harm?

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Yes, it is possible to use Fabuloso on your clothes because it is a low-foam solution and has a neutral pH, which is why it does not damage clothes. 

Can You Use Fabuloso On Clothes Or Not?

use fabuloso on clothes

Various Fabuloso products are now available in the market, and it is also possible to find a specially designed stain-removal product to use on clothes.

Fabuloso Oxy is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Fabuloso, which makes it an effective cleaning solution for your clothes.

How To Use It?

Using it is quite simple too. All you have to do is spray some of your Fabuloso solutions directly onto a stain on your garment.

Let it sit there for a while, and then blot it out with a wet cloth. Now, wash your clothes as usual to get great results.

Note: Before using Fabuloso on your clothes, you need to ensure that they are stain-remover safe.

Will Using Fabuloso On Clothes Produce Better Results?

fabuloso cleaner for clothes

So, can you use Fabuloso to wash clothes? Of course, you can! 

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You may use Fabuloso as a laundry detergent, which will get your clothing just as clean, if not cleaner, than regular detergent.

Clothes that are very dirty, including those stained with grease, dirt, or food, benefit the most from being washed in Fabuloso.

Denim and cotton are two examples of more durable materials that stand up well to the cleaner. 


Fabuloso is not harsh on your clothes, but it is still a good idea to take some precautions when using it on more expensive or delicate clothing.

Tip: It is a good idea to use only cold water when soaking your clothes after using Fabuloso to avoid color bleeding and fading. 

Why Should You Use Fabuloso On Clothes?

Everyone knows that Fabuloso is the best all-around cleaner out there, and there is a solid reason for that.

why use fabuloso on clothes

Some of the advantages of using Fabuloso in the washing machine are as follows: 

It Has A Neutral pH

If you want your laundry to come out clean, you need a solution that is pH neutral. 

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Over time, the fabric can deteriorate if you launder it with an alkaline or acidic detergent. With its pH-balanced formula, Fabuloso cleans and protects your clothing. 

It Is Low Foam Solution

Normal laundry detergents produce a lot of suds, which can be annoying if you are in a rush. 

Because of its minimal foaming nature, Fabuloso will not fill your washing machine with suds and can be easily rinsed away.

Tip: Simply add 1/8 cup of Fabuloso to a spray bottle filled with water and use it to spot-clean your cabinet exteriors and walls. 

It Is Cost Effective

So many people turn to Fabuloso as their preferred choice of detergent because of its cost-effectiveness. 

it's cost effective

Fabuloso is a lot cheaper than other brands of home cleaners. A few dollars will get you a bottle that will last for quite some time. 

It Sanitizes Perfectly

Cleansing is not all that Fabuloso can do; it also disinfects.

This ensures that your clothing is safe to wear by eliminating any bacteria or germs that may have been present. 

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It Smells Great

Besides sanitizing, it imparts an amazing smell to your clothes. Fabuloso has a reputation for having a lovely aroma.

It is a wonderful replacement for regular detergent, and it comes in a variety of pleasant fragrances like lemon, citrus, lavender, and ocean breeze. 

How Do You Use Fabuloso When Washing Clothes?

how to use fabuloso washing clothes

This fantastic all-purpose cleaner has a low foaming rate and a neutral pH.

Because of that, you can add this to your regular detergent to make it more effective. 

It is also possible to use Fabuloso on any specific stain to completely remove it. 

Here is how to use it to wash your clothes properly.

Using Your Washing Machine

When using Fabuloso to clean and freshen your clothes, you can simply add it to the washing machine.

How to Do It?

Using it is quite simple. For instance: 

  1. Take the recommended amount – a couple of capfuls of Fabuloso.
  2. Add to the fabric conditioner compartment of your washer.
  3. Run your machine as usual.
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Laundry boosters are a great method to give your clothes a deeper clean.

You can use this method to clean not just your usual clothing, but your towels and bedding as well. 

Using When Hand-Cleaning Clothes

The interesting thing is that to use Fabuloso, you need not even use a washing machine; it works just as well with hand washing.

hand washing clothes

How to Do It?

  1. First, carefully soak all of the garments.
  2. Be sure to dilute it before use.
  3. Now, inject 1-2 capsules of Fabuloso into clothes.
  4. Get a good soak out of everything with water and detergent.
  5. Finally, clean and dry them.

Once done, your clothes will look and smell the way you like! 

How Do You Remove Stains With Fabuloso On Clothes?

To deal with stubborn stains, you can switch to Fabuloso-Oxy. It works because it contains Fabuloso as well as peroxide, which offers deep cleaning. 

How To Do It Yourself?

You do not always need to buy Fabuloso-Oxy for its deep cleaning power. You can also use regular Fabuloso and turn it into a potent stain-removing solution.

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To make it at home, all you have to do is use some water to dilute Fabuloso.

Essentially, you should mix Fabuloso with water using a 1:8 ratio.

removing stain

Now, spray it on a stain and leave it there for some time. Add some hydrogen peroxide to the stain as well for better results.

Wash after a while to have stain-free clothes.

Tip: Fabuloso can replace your regular toilet cleaner or bleach, leaving you with a perfectly clean toilet bowl. 

Is It Possible To Use Fabuloso Without Using Detergent?

You can use Fabuloso in place of detergent to wash your clothes and textiles. 

The cleaning power of Fabuloso is exceptional, and it leaves behind very little foam. And you get great results when you combine it with your detergents.

But if you want to skip detergent, you surely can. Fabuloso is usually enough to clean your laundry.

However, soaking your garments thoroughly is recommended prior to applying Fabuloso, as it is possible that your Fabuloso does not contain any wetting agent. 

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Can Fabuloso Disinfect Clothes?

remove germs from clothes

Fabuloso is supposed to remove 99.9% of germs from surfaces.

The Environmental Protection Agency has verified that this claim is accurate, showing that Fabuloso is effective against microorganisms. 

Keeping that in mind, it is safe to say that Fabuloso is a fast and effective way to eliminate viruses and bacteria from laundry.

It is also effective in getting rid of fungus on garments. 

An Important Consideration

Although Fabuloso works well, it is not originally designed to completely eliminate mold.

Those who are allergic to mold are at high risk for developing serious health problems. 

Note: Molds on clothing can be removed with a variety of household items, such as borax, baking soda, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide. 

How Can You Use Fabuloso Besides Washing Clothes?

fabuloso cleaners

You already know that you can use Fabuloso to clean and disinfect hard surfaces, and it is just equally efficient in cleaning clothes.

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But, there are other uses as well. 

  • Use it in your vacuum cleaner to remove stains from your carpet.
  • Use it directly on stains to get rid of them in no time.
  • Use it in your toilet to clean toilet bowls and eliminate grease from tiles.
  • Use it to clean your stovetops.
  • Use Fabuloso to disinfect your trash can.
Tip: You can use Fabuloso spray to clean grease-ridden microwaves, stove tops, and tiles, as all you have to do is spray some solution and clean it with a sponge. 


Can you use Fabuloso on clothes? Considering how effective Fabuloso is in cleaning hard surfaces, it is natural to think that it can also clean your clothes. 

And it is quite capable of doing so. The best thing is to use Fabuloso in your washing machine along with your detergent to get spotless cleaning. 

But if you are not prepared to use it in the machine, manual use will still deliver good results.