can i use fabuloso in my tineco
Kristina Davis

Can I use Fabuloso in my Tineco vacuum cleaner? It is no secret that Fabuloso is a top-selling bathroom cleaner.

This mild bleach and detergent combination has been around since the 1950s and is safe enough to use on delicate fabrics. 

The truth is that Fabuloso is a multi-purpose cleaner. In addition to its primary function, it is also a useful spot cleaner, which can remove oil from concrete and even clear stains from carpets.

But, you may be wondering, “can I put Fabuloso in my Tineco to get spotless cleaning?”

Ideally, you should only use the cleaning solutions offered by Tineco, but it is possible to use Fabuloso so long as you follow proper guidelines. 

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Can I Use Fabuloso In My Tineco Or Not?

use fabuloso in tineco

Tineco is a popular brand of floor and carpet cleaners, and it offers a variety of products using different mechanisms to deliver quality results.

However, if you check the user manual, you will know that they strictly prohibit using any third-party cleaning solution.

The truth is that the floor washer has been designed to work best with Tineco cleaning solutions.

It is mainly because they generate the most bubbles per gallon throughout the cleaning process.

Fact: Tineco is popular because it is smart enough to adjust its cleaning power as required. 

Should You Use Fabuloso in Your Tineco Floor Washer?

As mentioned, it is not recommended to use a different solution, but it is generally fine to use Fabuloso in place of your regular cleaning solution.

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fabuloso for tineco floor washer

But, to do it safely and effectively, you need to keep the usage guidelines in mind.

Fabuloso is not recommended for use with Tineco unless your bathroom features white tiles with no grout lines. It will bleach off dark or colorful tiles, so do not use it on those!

If you do decide to use it on your floors, it is recommended that you give them a quick wipe down with water.

You need to do it before continuing to use them, as usual, to avoid leaving streaks. 

What Should You Use in Your Tineco?

Using Fabuloso may still work, but it is usually a good idea to stick to the original cleaning solution recommended by the company.

tineco cleaning solution

The original cleaning solution from Tineco helps get rid of sticky stains and quickly cleans high traffic areas.

Unlike Fabuloso, it is safe to use on all types of sealed floors, including vinyl, hardwood, laminate, etc.

Fact: You can also use your Tineco cleaner on rugs and carpets, though you should not expect the same results as on hard floors. 

How Do You Use Fabuloso In Your Tineco Floor Washer?

With this revolutionary new floor cleaning system, you can scrub, mop, and dry your floors with just one simple, multipurpose tool.

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floor cleaner

And you do all this without any sweeping or vacuuming first!

If you own a Tineco vacuum cleaner, you should use their branded cleaning solution.

It is mainly because the cleaning solution is designed to fit Tineco’s line of wet/dry vacuums. Dirt, grease, and stains are no match for the potent formula.

In case your regular cleaning solution is out of stock, you can use Fabuloso as a substitute.

You just need to consider the type of floors you have to feel safer while using Fabuloso. 

How To Make Use Of Fabuloso In Tineco?

Tineco’s Two-tank technology separates clean and unclean water, allowing for more efficient cleaning.

It works great for mopping, dusting, scrubbing, and cleaning up pet hair, sticky spills, and other messes. 

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To add Fabuloso to the mix, you simply need to use it while filling the tank with water.

Ensure that you do not use too much of your cleaning solution, or you will face problems. 

using fabuloso in tineco

An Important Consideration

Using cleaning products like Fabuloso, Mr. Clean, Pine Sol, Bissell cleaning solution, or Bona in a Tineco vacuum cleaner is not recommended.

It is because they produce too many bubbles and quickly fill the dirty water tank.

Fact: Sticking to Tineco cleaning solution is a better idea since it is non-toxic and only uses eco-friendly ingredients. 

Is It Possible To Use Tineco Without Water?

When you do not have your regular Tineco cleaning solution, you can switch to dry vacuuming instead of using Fabuloso.

However, you will be better off pairing your Tineco cleaner with its recommended cleaning solution.

It is mainly because it can intelligently control the flow of cleaning solution and water to yield optimal cleaning results. 

What Can You Use In Tineco Besides Fabuloso?

what else to use in tineco

Tineco is a convenient and versatile vacuum cleaner. It is one of the easiest vacuums to operate and has the sufficient suction power to clean most rugs ad floors well. 

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With the help of a dust sensor, you can easily clean only the spots that need it, which is a huge benefit.

However, it only delivers the best performance when using the Tineco cleaning solution.

You can still work with Fabuloso, so long as you do not use too much of it to keep the bubbles under control. 

Substitutes To Try For Tineco Cleaning Solution

You can quickly and easily clear up the mess with some Tineco floor cleaning.

The problem is that the cleaning solution is somewhat costly, which is why it may not be appropriate for all situations.

The problem is that you cannot always add a third-party solution to your Tineco washer.

The simple way out is to make your own cleaning solution and apply it directly to the stain. And then you can use your Tineco washer filled with plain water only.

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Here are some options to consider when making your own cleaning solution. 

Mix Vinegar And Water

vinegar and water solution

A mixture of vinegar and water is one of the most typical options for cleaning floors in the home. And you can safely use your Tineco washer to get great results.

However, you should check the mixture periodically to make sure that the two ingredients are still combined in the right amounts.

The correct ratio is 2:1, which means two parts of water to one part of vinegar. Be sure to shake the mixture well before you put it in the container. 


You can use this solution without using your Tineco washer. The problem is that this concoction can only be used to clean up a tiny area. 

You may need to use a lot of water and vinegar to mop a whole room. Thus, cleaning greater areas is not recommended. 

Try Vinegar with Baking Soda

White vinegar and apple cider vinegar, both of which are considered descaling agents, should not be used directly in your Tineco machine.

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mix vinegar and baking soda

Not only will using vinegar in a Tineco machine nullify the warranty, but it also poses a safety risk.

However, you can combine some vinegar with baking soda and spray it on the affected area directly. You can then use your Tineco vacuum to get great results. 

How to Mix It?

To make the solution, you have to mix one part baking soda with three parts vinegar.

The two of them together make for a potent floor cleanser. When there is a lot of odor, this cleaning method works wonderfully. 

Use Salt And Lemon Juice

Run out of baking soda or vinegar? Have no fear. Because sometimes all you need is a little bit of salt and lemon to get things done.

lemon and salt

It works but may not clean as well as Tineco floor cleaning or the other treatments involving baking soda and vinegar.

Nevertheless, it still serves as a good replacement for times when you have nothing suitable for cleaning floors. 

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Use Bleach

Bleach as a household cleaner is probably common knowledge. It is a frequent method of cleaning floors, especially in the bathroom. 

You can also switch to bleach when you cannot find another way to clean an urgent mess.

There is, of course, a drawback to using bleach, and that is the odor it leaves behind. Unfortunately, the odor often lingers long after it was initially released.     

using bleach
Fact: Tineco washer delivers great performance because it is capable of grabbing grass clippings, leaves, and sawdust with ease. 


Can I use Fabuloso in my Tineco? No doubt, Tineco is designed to clean a variety of floors, but it works best when combined with its recommended cleaning solution. 

Using a bit of Fabuloso would not do any harm to your machine, but you may not get the best results. 

Therefore, you should stick to the recommended Tineco cleaning solution, and leave Fabuloso for times when you absolutely have nothing else to use.