how to dilute fabuloso for spray bottle
Kristina Davis

How to dilute Fabuloso for spray bottle is a good question to ask when you are planning to clean with Fabuloso. 

This product is a very popular cleaning agent in the Latin community.

It has garnered a lot of users over the years due to its effectiveness in cleaning and the lingering scent it leaves on the cleaned spots. 

Fabuloso is diluted for spray bottles by mixing ¼ cup with a gallon of water. Do not use hot or very cold water to dilute Fabuloso. Rather, you should stick to water that is at room temperature. 

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If you read this article till the end, I will show you how to dilute Fabuloso to make it effective for a wide range of cleaning purposes.

What Should You Know About Fabuloso? 

Fabuloso is an effective multi-purpose cleaner that is mostly used in the home to clean surfaces and fabrics.

t is very popular for leaving a fresh smell behind after use. 

It is manufactured with scents like lavender or lemon. Apart from the fresh smell, Fabuloso is a great cleaning agent.

what to know about fabuloso

It contains very active ingredients that can be used on hard surfaces for deep cleaning. 

Most of the time, you don’t have to combine it with other agents like baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide unless you want a more profound effect. It does a very good job on its own. 

Like every other liquid cleaner, it works better when diluted in a spray bottle before use. 

It is often diluted with water for best results. Diluting your Fabuloso inside a spray will make your job faster, and easier and leave a more profound effect after cleaning. 

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Do not combine Fabuloso with bleach, most especially chlorine bleach.

Quick Tip: You can still use Fabuloso with some hydrogen peroxide in cases of stains on clothes but never combine it with chlorine.

Why Should You Dilute Fabuloso?

why dilute fabuloso

It is necessary for you to dilute Fabuloso before you use it to prevent over-concentration, as recommended by the manufacturers. 

Like most liquid cleaners, spray bottles are often used for this diluting Fabuloso because it is easy to clean surfaces directly by spraying from these bottles. 

Also, some spray bottles come with measurements that can guide you better when you are doing this. 

How To Dilute Fabuloso For Spray Bottle?

It is easier to do your cleaning with a spray bottle than with any other method, especially when you want to use a liquid cleaner like Fabuloso.

Due to its high chemical content, it’s not advisable to use Fabuloso the way you bought it for home cleaning.

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It is highly recommended by manufacturers to dilute it with water before using it at home. 

You need to mix it with some water to make it safe for the home. And, at the same time, you have to be careful not to over-dilute it so it does not affect its functions.

dilute fabuloso for spray bottle

When we want to dilute Fabuloso, we have to be careful not to under-dilute or over-dilute. Doing either will waste our time, product, or money.  

You can follow these simple steps to dilute Fabuloso:

Step #1: Get Your Fabuloso

There are different varieties and scents of Fabuloso in the market that you can choose from. I personally love and recommend the lavender or the lemon scent. 

Step #2: Get A Spray Bottle 

I recommend the 24oz spray bottle. The majority of the spray bottles out there come in this size, especially the ones that are designed for cleaning. 

Step #3: Measure And Add Water

Measure and add four cups of water to the spraying bottle. To perfectly dilute a cup of Fabuloso, you will need four cups of water at room temperature

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Step #4: Measure And Add Your Fabuloso

You only need to add 1 cup of Fabuloso to the 4 cups of water inside the spray bottle to get the perfect cleaning solution. 

fabuloso cleaners

It is important to dilute well so that all your efforts do not go to waste. There are potential risks for handlers and cleaners If these rules are not adhered to. 

Note: It is very important to put your health into consideration also while cleaning. 

How Much Fabuloso Is In A Spray Bottle?

We have 4 ¾ Oz of Fabuloso in a 24 oz spray bottle. This calculation is correct if we follow the 1:4 dilution rate that is recommended by chemical experts. 

In case you want to work with a gallon of water, you will need to mix ¼ cup of Fabuloso cleaner with a gallon of water. This is the recommended dilution ratio for Fabuloso for a spray bottle. 

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It is important to dilute well so that all your efforts do not go to waste. 

There are potential risks for handlers and cleaners If these rules are not adhered to so it is very important to put your health into consideration also while cleaning. 

What Is The Fabuloso Spray Bottle Ratio? 

spray bottle ratio

The ratio of Fabuloso to water in a spray bottle is 1:4. The dilution rate for Fabuloso is 1:4 for a 24 oz spray bottle. 

The 1 part is for Fabuloso and the 4 part is for water.

That means you ensure that the quantity of water in your spray bottle is always four times that of Fabuloso to ensure a great result. 

What Is Diluted Fabuloso Used For?

Fabuloso has a lot of uses in the home. It is a multi-tasking cleaner that simply does a lot of jobs for you conveniently.

I will show you some cleaning tasks that you can safely do with Fabuloso. 

Clean Your Exterior Walls Or Cabinets

A diluted Fabuloso in a spray bottle can be used to clean the exteriors of your cabinets or your walls. 

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It helps to remove stains and it leaves a shiny and sparkling effect thereafter.

Do not forget the lingering sweet smell this cleaner leaves on each corner of the walls in your house when you use it. 

Quick Tip: Fabuloso is very safe to use on wood, especially on sealed wood furniture, as it would not corrode or weaken your wooden pieces of furniture. 

Fabric Stain Removal

remove fabric stain

If you want to get rid of stubborn stains from your clothes, you can spray some diluted Fabuloso with a little drop of hydrogen peroxide on the stained part of the clothes and use a wet cloth to blot out the stains during laundry. 

This is very effective in removing very stubborn stains from your clothing materials.

You need to have confirmed that the fabric will do well with a little bleaching so you don’t ruin your clothes as a whole. 

Quick Tip: You have to be careful not to add a lot of hydrogen peroxide so you don't bleach your fabrics too much, just a drop will perform the magic you need. 

Toilet Stain Removal

I am sure you might have read or seen some videos of people cleaning their toilets with bleach or some very powerful products.

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I really think Fabuloso will be just perfect for cleaning your toilets, no matter the stains that might be on them. 

You only need to pour a few cups of Fabuloso inside the toilet cleaner and clean the entire sides with your toilet brush.

Then your toilet will be left with a sparkling look and a very fresh Fabuloso scent. 

toilet stain


Fabuloso is a strong home deodorizer. Do you have any smelly spots in your home, like the garbage can or any smelly place at all? 

Not to worry, because diluted Fabuloso in a spray bottle can perform some cleaning magic for you. 

You can wash the smelly part by spraying Fabuloso with some warm water. Just scrub with a brush to leave a completely deodorized and clean spot. 

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Greasy Spot

When we use our cookers or oven for a long period without cleaning, we might end up with over-greased equipment. 

And this might be hard to clean with just water. It is advisable to use Fabuloso spray to make things easier and faster. 

clean grease spots
Tip: Spray some on the areas you want to clean and wipe with some sponge or kitchen wipes and you will love the result. 


How to dilute Fabuloso for a spray bottle? In this article, I have shown you how to dilute Fabuloso with water in a spray bottle to prevent you from over-diluting. 

I have shown you the exact measurements to use and the required content of Fabuloso in a spray bottle.

I even went further to show you what diluted Fabuloso can be used to clean in the home for an effective result. 

If you have any other questions on Fabuloso or any other household cleaner, let me know and I will answer you before you count from 1 to 10.