how to keep lizards off your porch
Kristina Davis

For so many people, it continues to be a mystery to know how to keep lizards off your porch.

For many, lizards are disgusting and scary, but for others, they are rather repulsive than terrifying.

You may be an animal lover who finds spiders and snakes intriguing and has no aversion to the presence of cockroaches.

👍 But you should not feel too bad if you are afraid of lizards; your phobia is shared by many.

Fearing for their safety, many individuals avoid using restrooms that feature lizards on the walls.

bathroom with lizards

Yes, they are nonaggressive, but some just hate them so much that they would do anything to keep them off their homes.

So, the question is, “how can I keep lizards off my porch and prevent them from entering my home? 🤔

Well, you simply need to make your home a bit less appealing for them, create an uncomfortable environment, and try natural hacks to keep lizards off. 

How To Keep Lizards Off Your Porch

porch without lizards

Many individuals dislike or even despise lizards, even though they are harmless reptiles.

They are scary, especially if they find their way inside your house, onto your porch, or your garden.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep them out of your life. If you have one or two lizards, or if you have an infestation, your strategy will be different.

Eliminating the lizards’ sources of sustenance, water, and cover will help you do just that.

Next, use unappealing odors (to a lizard), an unpleasant setting, and the threat of natural predators to drive lizards away.

Eggs, garlic, pepper, coffee beans, and onions are among the odors that drive lizards absolutely crazy.

They are most comfortable in warm environments, so the air conditioning in your home may make them uncomfortable.

Let’s talk about some other ways to keep lizards off your porch. 

Use Flypaper

use a flypaper

Using flypaper to trap the lizards is an intriguing strategy to consider.

Although flypaper will not solve your lizard problem permanently, it can be used to keep them off your porch.

Their bodies will fuse to the flypaper, rendering them immobile.

In this method, you may easily capture the lizard and move it to a new location in your yard, far from your porch. 

Use Cold Water

use cold water

Remarkably, a lizard can be easily caught by spraying it with cold water.

As reptiles, lizards cannot move when exposed to the extremely cold spray.

This is a straightforward method for relocating the lizards.

If you have a large number of lizards on your porch, this method may be time-consuming, but it is one alternative for temporarily preventing their return. 

Make Use of Onions

using pieces of onion

Many people do not know it, but lizards are highly attuned to olfactory cues like those produced by onions.

If you want to discourage lizards from hanging out on your porch, you can use pieces of onion.

Although there may be more appealing choices, it is a method many people have found effective.

Tip: If you do not want to use onions, you can use their botanical alternatives, shallots, which work as effectively as chemical lizard repellents.

Try a Combo of Lemon, Vinegar, and Chili

lemon vinegar and chili

Oh, you do not know how much lizards hate lemon and vinegar. Adding chili powder to the mix will make this hack much more effective.

Combine all three ingredients to make a spray and use it on all lizard-infested areas for the best results. 

Try Garlic

make use of garlic

Garlic is another reliable repellent for lizards that can help keep them away from your porch.  

Simply slice some garlic and spread it across your porch to repel them.

Again, just like onions, you may not like the smell, but you may still want to try it for its good effects against those scary lizards.

Tip: Turning off the lights on your porch may help keep lizards away because they are attracted to lights, especially because they can find bugs easily. 

Give Eggshells a Try

make use of eggshells

Using eggshells on your porch may prove effective against lizards. Why might a tactic like this work to repel lizards?

Apparently, lizards equate eggshells with predators, causing them to experience extreme apprehension when they observe them.

Take the time to break one egg in half and scatter the shells across the front porch. 

Peacock Feathers to Your Rescue

try using peacock feathers

Using peacock feathers is an intriguing yet effective remedy for your lizard problem.

They work because they are scary for lizards and would run the other way when they see those feathers.

Place some on your porch or just hang them, and they will work like magic. 

Use Lemongrass Essential Oil

lemongrass essential oil

Onions and garlic work against lizards because of their sulfurous smell, but there are other alternatives as well.

In fact, there are others that are not as offensive, and lemongrass is just one of many options to consider.

Citrus grass has a potent odor that lizards appear to dislike for whatever reason.

You can turn this into an advantage by diffusing lemongrass essential oils on the patio.

The lizards will not bother returning if you do this, and your problem will be over.

Tip: Some individuals use lemongrass tea bags, and you can also try the same, as it will be just as effective as essential oils in keeping lizards off your porch. 

Keeping Lizards Off Your Porch for Good

long term solutions

Using certain remedies will definitely help in scaring lizards off your porch, but ultimately, they will return.

Therefore, it is important to consider what attracts them and remove that source to keep them off for good. 

Sweep Your Porch

Cleaning up the outside of your home is as important as cleaning up your kitchen or any other room in your house if you want to discourage lizards from hanging out there.

Most people do not mind lizards around trees.

However, if they are located near or up against the exterior of your home, it is more probable that one or more of them will find a way inside.

Maintain a regular deck sweeping schedule. Bugs tend to gather and eventually die around light bulbs.

sweeping your porch

This is a major draw for reptiles, so it is a good idea to sweep that area regularly. 

Note: It is essential to sweep against walls, ceilings, and connections such as door and window frames.

Similarly, do not ignore the corner of two walls or the point where your porch connects to your home.

Those nooks and crannies are perfect hiding spots for little reptiles and are also fantastic for catching bugs.

Tip: Consider eliminating water sources because lizards cannot survive without water, so do not leave standing water around your porch to keep them off. 

Stop the Spread of Bugs

bug spread stopping

Lizards love bugs. Period. While it is good for you, it also means you just cannot keep them off your porch forever.

There are many insects and other creatures that a single lizard can consume in a day.

In addition to insects, they also enjoy eating roaches and spiders. The local bug and spider population can considerably grow if lizards are eradicated.

However, if your focus is on keeping them off your porch, target their food and break that food supply to force them out of your property. 

Note: Getting rid of bugs may be challenging, especially if you live near lakes, forests, or abandoned buildings.

Still, make sure your home is not a breeding ground for pests. Eliminate the insects, and the lizards will have less of a reason to keep trying to find shelter within your home.   

Check for Lizard Havens

lizard havens checking

There is a larger risk of lizard infestation if your home is located near regions where lizards congregate.

Certain areas of the home’s exterior may serve as magnets for lizards.

Have a closer look around and find objects leaning against the house, such as trash, timber, or rocks. You should also look at the porches and decks.

More so, insects are drawn to woodpiles, shrubs, and other places where they might hide.

The presence of these bugs is what usually prompts lizards to be around your property.

Clear these hideouts to get rid of lizards! 


Learning how to keep lizards off your porch can make your life easy. If you have a lizard phobia, keeping them out of your property becomes even more critical. 

Thankfully, there are various ways to scare them off, but you will eventually have to work on maintaining your home so that it is not attractive for lizards.

So, take care of all the steps mentioned already, and your lizard problem will be solved quickly.