what attracts spiders in the house
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Are you wondering what attracts spiders in the house? Look no further because our ultimate spider guide has the answers to all your questions. Here, we’ll discuss everything that can attract these eight-legged crawlers into your home. We’ll also give you a safe and inexpensive tutorial on how to eliminate them.

So, to keep you from waiting, let’s understand what these tiny crawlers love and how you can prevent infestations at home.

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What Attracts Spiders In The House?

There are thousands of species of spiders. Because of this, they come in various sizes and shapes. But for this guide, we’ll focus on the usual crawlers that we see known as house spiders. Now, don’t worry because this species isn’t necessarily harmful to your family.

However, they may bite you and give you big insect marks when provoked, or worse, they may even multiply and cause an infestation at home. So, knowing the things that attracts spiders in your house can save you from all the trouble.

We’ll give you a rundown of these things below.

#1. Insects

The most apparent reason why these crawlers keep coming to your home is due to the presence of a food source. They love insects that we commonly see in our houses. These include crickets, mosquitos, cockroaches, and moths.

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Although many people would say that spiders are natural pest controllers, having too many of them may attract their kind. This phenomenon becomes a big problem because these tiny crawlers are cannibals.

#2. Water

Apart from a food source, these eight-legged crawlers also need hydration to stay alive. Some spiders may get their needed moisture from their food, but others may need to drink from your sinks or bathtubs. Thus, you’ll usually see these arthropods in your bathrooms and swimming pools.

#3. Breeding Ground

These tiny crawlers also need the perfect breeding ground to thrive. They usually hide and lay eggs on secondhand furniture, woodpiles, debris, or construction materials left unattended. Even your garden can provide the ideal setting for them to remain hidden from people.

#4. Fruits

You may also find spiders crawling out from fruits. So, if you have fruit-bearing trees in your backyard, you may eventually encounter them in your house. Fruits bought from the local market can also contain these tiny crawlers. Thus, we suggest examining your goods first because these arthropods may sometimes have venom.

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#5. Weather Conditions

Spiders prefer staying warm. So, watch out for a possible spider infestation at home during colder months. But in some instances, these eight-legged crawlers may also thrive in extreme weather conditions. Such situations may provide their prey the perfect breeding ground, leading to an abundance of food.

#6. Domestic Waste

Domestic waste and even your pet’s poop can attract insects like flies and cockroaches to your home. Since these arthropods feed on these pests, trash and dirt may also cause a spider infestation.

#7. Privacy

Lastly, these tiny crawlers value their privacy so much, meaning you won’t naturally see them immediately. But even if you don’t notice them, that doesn’t mean they’re not in your house anymore. You can usually find them hiding in the corners or spaces of your home. They also like staying in the basement, attic, garage, or even your closet.

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Are Spiders Attracted to Certain Smells?

Besides the things we mentioned in the previous section, certain smells can also attract these arthropods into your home. During mating season, they emit chemicals known as pheromones that can attract other spiders. They also do noise rituals to call on possible mates.

On the other hand, these tiny crawlers also hate certain smells. Because of this, homeowners can use these to their advantage. We’ll dive into these things in the following section.

What Attracts Spiders to Humans?

Spiders prefer insects like cockroaches, mosquitos, and crickets over humans. So, there’s no need to go crazy when you see this tiny crawler lurking in your home.

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Although they’re not attracted to humans, they may still bite you if you provoke them. In some situations, they may also crawl over us because of the warmth we emit. But usually, they end up on us when we bump into their webs at home.

How to Eliminate Spiders in The House?

how to eliminate spiders in house

Now that you know what attracts these eight-legged crawlers into your home, we’ll now go over the top ways to eliminate them. Although we can purchase chemical-based pesticides, we don’t recommend using them because they may put your family’s health at risk.

So, using natural methods is the best way to get rid of these tiny crawlers. We’ve listed these easy and inexpensive approaches below.

Step #1. Clean your House

The easiest way to prevent spiders from entering your house is to clean its interior. Make sure to vacuum the corners and crevices of your rooms. We also suggest using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes to store your items.

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Step #2. Clean your Backyard

Apart from cleaning your home’s interior, make sure to maintain your backyard regularly. Place wood piles as far away as possible from your house. We also suggest examining your home’s foundation for cracks or holes. If there are damages, make sure to fix them immediately.

Step #3. Use Smells they Hate

As mentioned, spiders also hate certain odors. Usually, these include those with pungent smells. Here are some of the natural products you can use to get rid of these tiny crawlers.


Vinegar is known for its pungent smell. Because of this, spiders avoid this odor at all costs. Just mix white vinegar and water and pour them into a spray bottle. After that, spray the areas where these arthropods may be hiding.

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Another kitchen ingredient you can use to get rid of spiders is garlic. Similar to vinegar, these arthropods hate this product’s pungent smell. So, place crushed cloves into a spray bottle. Fill it with water and start spraying around your house.

Essential Oils

Believe it or not, you can use essential oils to keep spiders away. Just add a few drops of peppermint or lavender into your spray bottle and fill it with water. With this product, you can eliminate these tiny crawlers while keeping your home’s pleasing smell.

Citrus Fruits

You can also use citrus fruits like lemon or lime to prevent these arthropods from crawling into your home. You only need to slice the fruit and leave them on your room’s corners. Take note that this approach may attract flies. So, you can also choose to rub these lemon or lime slices on your doors or flooring.

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Cinnamon also has a strong scent that can repel spiders. So, there’s no need to wait until Christmas before getting them. You can also light up a cinnamon-scented candle to get rid of these spiders.

Step #4. Get a Pet Cat

If you’re looking for a pet, why don’t you try getting a cat? These furry animals will not only chase rats, but they’ll also take care of spiders.

Wrapping It Up!

Spiders are harmless to humans. But a spider infestation at home may cause severe anxiety to some people. By knowing what attracts spiders in the house, you’ll be able to prevent their entrance into your house. However, if you encounter them in your rooms, there are many natural ways to get rid of them.

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