what makes marriott beds so comfortable
Kristina Davis

What makes Marriott beds so comfortable? If you are a frequent traveler and Marriott is your choice of hotel, you may have thought about it a lot.

A hotel bed may look like bliss on earth, but the beds at Marriott are on a whole other level.

The thing is that Marriott uses different brands and manufacturers for its mattresses and also uses its products.

But why are Marriott beds so comfortable all the time?

Marriott beds feel so comfortable because they offer a combination of mattresses with optimal firmness levels, adequate temperature control, and quality bedding accessories. 

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Witness the Luxury and Comfort of Marriott Beds

luxury and comfort

The Marriott Bed, the hotel chain’s signature mattress, was designed by Simmons.

Shop Marriott is where you can get all of the hotel’s pillows and linens to create the same luxury at home.

This mattress, with its individually pocketed coils, comes with a sturdy base and is capable of serving you well for years. 

Marriott Striving for the Best

striving for the better

It is also a fact that depending on the location, Marriott often uses different brands.

For instance, in so many cases, the “Marriott Bed” is made by Jamison.

You will see their Supreme Plus foam being used at most Marriott locations. 

The Innerspring system by Jamison provides a more evenly distributed sleeping area for more than one person.  

However, the quality of Marriott’s beds varies by region.

marriott bed quality

The Marriott Bed, the company’s proprietary mattress brand, is used in some hotels, while others prefer Serta mattresses.

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Serta mattresses come with firm foam for better support and soft foam for improved cushioning.

Note: Serta foam mattresses have a notable hugging effect, which aids in pressure redistribution, mainly because they use an open-cell construction to reduce internal temperatures. 

An Important Thing To Know

most important thing

The hotel chain also offers a foam mattress for guests.

The soy-based foam used in this type is a more secure alternative to standard memory foam.

Additionally, it is capable of regulating temperature while you sleep.

The memory foam in this mattress provides gentle cushioning and adjusts to your body’s unique needs.

That is to say, it conforms to the shape of the person sleeping on it, so relieving stress and allowing for more restful sleep. 

The Construction Matters

the material matters

Talk about the quality of mattresses, and it would be incomplete without mentioning the role of the construction of beds. Marriott knows it well.

Beds at Marriott might also vary in how they are put together.

For instance, the Marriott Bed features an innerspring construction.

It uses a network of independent coils to provide satisfactory pressure relief, reliable support, and minimal motion transfer.

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The hard borders of these mattresses offer superior perimeter support and additional sleeping area. 

What Makes Marriott Beds So Comfortable?

comfortable marriott bed

Marriott’s beds are consistently comfy irrespective of the fact that they may be of varying types depending on the hotel’s location.

The thing is, the type of mattress is only a part of the equation.

The folks at Marriott are experts on all the extras contributing to a restful night’s sleep. 

Here are some reasons why you may find the most comfortable beds at Marriott: 

Adequate Firmness Level

adequate level of firmness

These mattresses are typically medium-firm.

A mattress with this level of firmness is generally well-liked, as it supports various users and their particular sleeping arrangements.  

These luxurious mattresses are not just for show; they provide a wide variety of conveniences you would not normally have access to in your bed. 

variety of conveniences

They have excellent soundproofing, temperature control, support for proper spinal alignment, and tenacity even after months of use.

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Marriott’s mattresses are among the most comfortable because their firmness level strikes an outstanding balance between providing substantial support and cuddling the sleeper.

Note: Some medium-firm mattresses are not ideal for folks weighing 300 lbs or more, but they can always ask for different mattresses for improved comfort. 

Enhanced Pressure Relief

pressure relief enhanced

Most people simply love Marriott’s beds because they are among the best in the world in easing stress.

These mattresses are designed to change as per the body contours of the sleeper, which thus provide the necessary degrees of support.

Therefore, they work amazingly well to reduce tension and stress.  

Better Temperature Regulation

better regulation of temperature

What truly sets Marriott’s beds apart is how they are designed with cooling components to keep guests comfortable all night long.

Hybrid and innerspring variants, in particular, are more conducive to heat dissipation because of their open cell structure.

The open cell structure of the foam used in Marriott mattresses allows for increased airflow.

They also use memory foam mattresses, but they are different from the ones you might find in your home.

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It is mainly because they include built-in temperature controls. They may be made of perforated foam or little gel beads that allow air to circulate as you sleep. 

Bedding Accessories

accessories of bedding

The people at Marriott are well aware of the significance of bedding in addition to a mattress.

This is why the bedding and pillows used by this hotel chain are of the highest quality.

The velvety softness of the sheets is a standard amenity.

They use high-quality textiles that are comfortable and breathable.

They usually prefer Egyptian cotton, silk, or another material with a thread count of less than 300 to maintain great softness.

Combined with a high-quality mattress, they make you feel comfortable and relaxed all the time.

The Halo Effect

the effect of halo

Like many other hotels, Marriott also uses the Halo Effect, which may not be directly related to the bedding itself, but surely affects you mentally.

You may not already know it, but your bed and your room itself are highly susceptible to color influences on your perception.

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For us to feel at ease and at peace, hotels often decorate with clear, crisp whites or neutral tones.

You will have a night of better sleep as a result, and the soothing effect of all that white decor will help you relax.

This ‘halo effect’ can make everything look neat, instilling a sense of calm.

make everything clean

For example, when everything in your hotel room, including the bed, is white, you can easily calm down. 

As a result, you will find it easier to unwind before bed and get a good night’s sleep. 

Tip: Marriott also uses incredibly comfortable mattress toppers to regulate the firmness of the mattress and provide you with a more comfortable place to sleep.

Is It Possible To Buy a Marriott Bed?

possible buying marriott bed

The Marriott Bed is available for purchase by homeowners.

In addition to the hotel’s own stock, guests can also choose from a wide variety of hospitality mattresses available from the same manufacturer.

Serta Simmons Bedding is probably the most suitable choice here.

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That is mainly because not just Marriott but many other hotels, including Hilton, vouch for their mattresses.

Beds in various hotels, both cheap and expensive, are made using Serta Simmons’ Beautyrest Hospitality mattresses. 

Note: Not every Marriott mattress is designed to use with adjustable bed frames, so keep it in mind when buying one for your home. 

What Besides Marriott Offers Comfortable Beds?

marriott bed alternative

Marriott beds are certainly comfortable, but you should also know the next best option in case you cannot get one. 

Here are some good options to consider: 


the mattress of westin

The Heavenly Bed, which is appropriately titled, is sometimes cited as the impetus for hotel “bed wars.”

Simmons has made this comfortable mattress just for Westin, with ten layers of a plush pillow top.

The all-white decor, which includes five cushions, is the icing on the cake. 


the mattress of hilton

The luxurious top and edge support of the Serta Suite Dreams mattress make it ideal for couples.

This mattress is perfect if you tend to overheat throughout the night.

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It comes with a quilted pattern, in conjunction with the plush top, which improves circulation and thus ensures a restful night’s sleep. 

Four Seasons

the mattress of four seasons

Many people say that Four Seasons is the ideal place to rest your head after a long day of sightseeing, and now they have improved their mattresses to make that claim even more accurate.

Mattresses featuring a patented Gel Touch Foam core and unique coils to reduce motion transfer are already available at several locations, and you will just love them. 


What makes Marriott beds so comfortable?

It feels like a mystery, but it is not because, ultimately, it comes down to the quality of the mattress and the right use of bedding accessories.

Marriott seems to have learned how to maintain that balance, which is why you fall in love with the comfort of Marriott beds.

Just remember that if you cannot get your hand on one of those beds, there are other alternatives too.