how to hide an off center window behind bed
Kristina Davis

It is okay to have an off-center window, but if you are finicky about symmetry, it is natural to ask how to hide an off center window behind bed.

If you have a high level of detail orientation and are easily irritated by visual imbalances, nothing is more aggravating than looking at a window that is not perfectly centered.

In this case, there is a wide range of options for fixing the problem, including visually beautiful and practical ones.

But how can you cover up a window that is not exactly in the middle? And how to hide a window behind a bed like a pro? 

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You can either hide it with long curtains and blinds, or take the focus off of it using wallpaper, photos, or any work of art in a creative way.

How To Hide An Off Center Window Behind Bed?

hide window

As soon as we see something is off, we want to make it right. Thankfully, there are quick and easy ways to achieve a sense of balance even with off-center windows.

It is possible to conceal an off-center window by strategically placing a bed in front of the wall.

Headboards, drapes, and other furniture can be used to create visual harmony along an uneven wall. 

Doing it right can mask the problem entirely or at least make it less noticeable. 

How Do You Place Your Bed To Hide An Off-Center Window?

It is annoying when windows are not centered. Since symmetry stands for order and balance, it is hardwired into our minds to seek it out.

Moreover, our brains find symmetry easier to process than asymmetry, thus it creates a sense of familiarity.

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And in most cases, you can achieve it by changing the position of your bed.

According to the experts, a bed need not be positioned dead center under a window.

position of bed

If you can find a way to make the artwork or furniture in the room look balanced, asymmetrical windows would not create any problems.

This means that a little off-center window can be the focal point of an otherwise boring room.

That being said, a centered window behind the bed provides a sense of safety.

On the other hand, an off-center window is more vulnerable, which can disrupt a person’s attempt to get some shut-eye. 

So ultimately, it depends on how you feel about it. 

An Important Consideration

Most feng shui practitioners would tell you to avoid having your bed’s headboard up against or next to a window.

This is because you will be more susceptible to excess energy, which could keep you awake at night. 

Even if you do not believe in feng shui, putting the head of your bed near a window will place you in the path of sunshine during the day, making it difficult to get enough rest. 

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How Do You Position Your Bed In Smaller Bedrooms?

position bed in small bed room

You will have limited options if your bedroom is already too cramped.

The good news is that you can get around this by putting your bed in the huge vacant space next to the asymmetrical window.

Because of this, the bedroom will appear more symmetrical, as the attention will no longer be drawn to the slightly off-center window but rather to the bed. 

As an added bonus, positioning your bed next to it will make the asymmetry appear deliberate. 

Tip: When you open the window, do not pull the curtains out so much that they go over the frame, as this keeps the focus away from its lopsidedness. 

How Do You Position Your Bed In Bigger Bedrooms?

If your bedroom is spacious and the window is not centered, you can simply place your bed in one corner and draw the curtains to cover the other side.

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The bed’s location will generally be determined by the room’s arrangement, but the asymmetrical window gives you more creative freedom.

As long as you do not stare directly into the asymmetrical window, you should be fine. 

What Are Some Creative Ways To Hide An Off-Center Window?

ways to hide window

Changing the position of your bed usually helps hide or at least shift the attention from an off-center window.

However, you can try many other creative options. 

Method #1. Make Use of a Long-Paneled Curtain

You should attempt to create the illusion of a centered window using curtains.

You can achieve this by mounting the curtain rod in the middle of the wall, leaving the right and center panes obscured by an equal amount of fabric.  

Similarly, curtains, drapes, or window covers can be used to cover an entire wall, which is one option to consider.

In this case, you should get long curtains in a visually appealing hue to create a solid impact.

These drapes will effectively cover the window while also adding a wonderful, substantial texture to the area as a whole.

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Interestingly, you do not always need to hide the window, but you can do the opposite.

If you have a small window that does not line up properly, you can fix the problem by hanging drapes across the window. 

long paneled curtains

An Important Consideration

Split-draw draperies or curtains that draw apart in the middle are an excellent choice since they conceal the background walls discreetly.

You can use a traversing rod to draw the panels by hand, or baton draws to fasten them to the window frame.

Tip: Choose blinds and curtains that are the same color as the walls; this will make the window and the wall seem to blend together, giving the room a more unified feel. 

Method #2. Make Use of Blinds or Shades

It is also possible to use shades or blinds to cover the uneven window instead of drapes.

In this case, the only thing to ensure is that the rods reach the side, which creates a balanced appearance in the window.

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Here, it is worth mentioning that symmetrical windows are not the only thing our minds look for.

window blinds

To get maximum visual satisfaction, you should also ensure that the colors of your blinds and the walls complement one another.

Tip: The good idea is to make your off-center window look more uniform is by matching its dimensions to those of the larger windows in your home. 

Method #3. Experiment with Framed Art

You just cannot deny the importance of using drapes correctly to hide any flaws in your room. However, to accomplish symmetry, curtains are not your only option.

To distract from the window’s lengthened shape, you must hang a poster of your favorite artist or any other work of art on the side of your window.

For the best effect, find a photograph that is the same length as your window.

Or, build a collage of smaller photographs on the opposite side to reflect the shape of your window.

Your guests will focus more on the artwork on the wall and less on the misaligned window.

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use framed art
Tip: When you hang photos, you should always position them proportionately to the furniture sitting below them. 

Method #4. Make Use of Wallpaper

When you are not interested in using photos or art, you can create the same visual effect using wallpapers.

Be sure to trim it to the exact dimensions of your window for a unified look. 

If you use the right measurements and it is the only active area of the wall, no one will notice the asymmetry.

To complement your wallpaper’s aesthetic, you may also consider framing some dried flowers for the wall. 

Method #5. Use Furniture Pieces Creatively

Keeping the eyes preoccupied is the next best option if you cannot find a way to conceal the window’s unevenness. 

use book case

Instead of trying to cover up the window, you may convert it into a design feature by arranging pieces of furniture next to it.

Add a tall bookcase or a piece of art to the empty wall space next to the window to accomplish this.

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Similarly, you can even make a reading nook by putting a couch in front of a window. 

An Important Consideration

You can use furniture pieces and curtains together to create a more uniform look.

For instance, if your curtains are too small to reach the floor, you can still hang them and cover the gap with a large piece of furniture.

The good idea is to use a large dresser and place it by the window. That way, the lopsidedness will not stand out as much, and the space will be put to better use. 


Learning how to hide an off center window behind bed does not have to be tricky. In most cases, you just need to tap into your creative skills to find the best way to make your window look stunning. 

Interestingly, you do not always need to conceal it because there are ways to ‘flaunt’ it and turn it into a “focal” point.

So, be prepared to experiment a little and you will surely be able to give your window the right treatment.