how to remove paint from frosted glass
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There are numerous reasons that someone may want to find out how to remove paint from frosted glass. Sometimes the spray paint starts looking old, or the film peels if you did it yourself.

Perhaps the manufacturer’s frosted glass has paint droplets from a home renovation project. Either way, it’s essential to know how to restore the glass to the look you want.

Luckily, all you need is a few basic household items and several simple tools to get the paint off of the glass.

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What’s even better is that these items cost little to nothing. Keep reading to learn more about how you can restore the windows in your home.

There are multiple methods to remove paint from frosted glass. The most popular requires a hot soapy dishwater solution and a cloth or a razor blade to scrape the surface.

What is Frosted Glass?

frosted glass

Frosted glass is produced by the acid etching or sandblasting of sheet glass. As a result, a pitted surface emerges on one side of the glass pane.

The leftover effect is the rendering of the glass translucent by scattering light that passes through the glass.

Consequently, the images are blurred while still being able to transmit light. In the end, it has 10-20 percent opacity.

Usually, glass is non-porous intrinsically.

However, the frosted glass produced through sandblasting is porous because the particles have been blasted at the glass to erode the surface, which gives the glass an opaque look.

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Alternatively, you can also use a frosted film. This decorative window covering utilizes static cling to adhere to the glass. The film can be repositioned or even removed completely.

Tip: Using a frosted film is not only a lot less expensive, but it's much easier to remove when you decide to remove it.

Moreover, you can even try out frosted spray paint—a semi-transparent coating used for creating privacy or purely decoratively.

The spray is a strong acrylic resin that works by scattering incoming light through the glass without allowing anyone to see through.

Removing Paint

remove paint frosted glass

The frosted glass prevents windows from being transparent and adds an element of privacy.

However, over time there’s a chance that the frosted glass can begin to fade over time which has a messy appearance.

On another note, you can have a manufacturer’s method for creating frosted glass, and during the renovation process, that paint could splatter onto the surface of the glass.

It’s safe to say that paint is challenging to remove from any surface, and unfortunately, glass is no exception. After the paint has dried, you’ll be unable to wipe it off with water and a washcloth.

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Furthermore, the cleaning process will be tricky if the paint is actually graffiti. The acquisition of a typical paint remover will not work effectively on dried paint. Below is a method that you can use to remove paint from glass.

Preliminary Step

If you want to know how to remove paint from frosted glass, first, you have to determine the source of the frosted glass.

It could be professionally done by the manufacturer, frosted film, or frosted spray paint.

Go to a small section of the window, like the corner, and apply the cleaning spray or the soapy solution. Let it sit for a while, and try to wipe or peel near the edge.

If it starts to come off with relative ease, it’s likely spray paint. If it looks like a sheet is starting to peel, it’s frosted glass film.

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If it doesn’t seem like anything is budging, you are dealing with professional frosting.

How to Remove Frosted Spray Paint From Glass?

how to remove paint

Below are methods that you can use to remove paint from frosted glass:

First Method

Now that you’ve determined that you’re dealing with frosted glass spray paint, it’s time to remove it.

This method will require you to use some sort of solution to remove the paint, and it’s the safer option that can prevent your glass from getting scratched.


  • Paint thinner
  • Acetone
  • Vinegar
  • Three to four soft cloths
  • Warm water

Step #1: Spray the Solution

You can use either a paint thinner or acetone to remove frosted glass spray paint.

You can also use vinegar if you have it on hand. Take a small cloth and apply the substance to it. Wipe the solution onto the frosted glass.

Tip: Make sure that the room is ventilated even if you have to open windows, and don't forget to wear gloves.

Step #2: Wipe it Off

Wait a moment, and then wipe the window clean with a dry cloth. Take another cloth, wet it with warm water, and clean off the residue.

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Step #3: Steel Wool (If Necessary)

Use a steel Wool to get off any leftover paint that you didn’t get the first go-round.

Second Method

second method

Perhaps the solution and cloth method alone isn’t getting the job done, and the paint doesn’t seem to want to budge.

The alternative approach is to try using a razor blade or another abrasive tool to scrub the paint off.

Step #1: Procure Your Tools

You’ll need some tools to peel off the frosted glass paint.


  • Steel wool
  • Glass cleaner
  • Razors
  • Clean soft cloth
  • Warm water

Step #2: Use the Glass Cleaner

Spray the glass cleaner before peeling off the frosting. Applying the glass cleaner will create a barrier that will keep you from scratching the surface of the glass.

Tip: Regular vinegar in a spray bottle is also a viable option.

Step #3: Get a New Razor Blade

Ensure that you’re using a fresh razor when you start this process because a dull blade might scratch the glass surface more easily.

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Step #4: Scrape the Glass Surface

Just scrape the glass and peel the frosting off (wet the glass with the glass cleaner as needed).

Do not allow the glass to become dry as you are scraping it. When it begins to dry, apply more glass cleaner.

Clean the edge of the razor with a cloth after each scrape so that there’s no residue leftover.

Tip: Use short, swift strokes when scraping the glass to avoid applying too much pressure and scratching the surface excessively.

Step #5: Use a Steel Wool to Scrub

After you have finished using the razor blade to scrape the glass, you’ll want to grab the steel wool so that you can clean up any excess frosting that was left behind.

Think of this tool as a buffing agent. Be gentle, you don’t want to ruin your glass in the process.

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Step #6: Use a Clean Cloth

Time to take a clean and soft cloth to wipe the window or glass down for the final step.

Make sure you don’t use something that could scratch the surface; the fabric should be made from cotton.

Frequently Asked Questions

faqs cleaning frosted glass

Here are the responses to the most commonly asked questions on how to remove frosted paint from glass:

Do Various Colors Of Frosted Glass Spray Paint Come Off?

Yes, even if the frosted spray paint is a different color, you can remove it. The only problem that you may run into is that it could stain the window a bit because of the textured glass.

The glass is porous now and may be more difficult to get out of the crevices.

Can You Remove Frosted Glass Spray Paint With Paint Remover?

Unfortunately, paint remover does little to lift dried paint, especially on a porous material. It is better to use a paint thinner or a hot and soapy solution.

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Do I Need Additional Tools To Remove Paint From The Manufacturer’s Frosted Glass?

Yes, you will likely need a razor blade in addition to a solution such as hot soapy water, vinegar, and water, or soaking the glass with a mixture that softens the paint before scraping it off.

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Final Thoughts

No matter why you’re ready for a change to your frosted glass, it’s critical to use the right products and tools that won’t damage the surface.

If you get tired of worn-looking glass or want to change it up, follow these steps to learn how to remove paint from frosted glass.

Remember that the manufacturer’s frosted glass is porous and will be more difficult to tackle than traditional glass with a film or spray paint.

Nonetheless, with a little elbow grease and the correct solutions to soften the paint, you’ll be able to remove it from the glass.