Why does my house smell like cigarette smoke
Kristina Davis

Cigarette smoke is known to be one of the worst smells in the world, so it’s not a surprise why many concerned people ask…

Why does my house smell like cigarette smoke?”

When it comes to odor that depicts cigarette smoke, it typically makes your home smell like an ashtray.

This could be exceptionally bothersome and hazardous to your health.

If you are experiencing this situation and don’t know how to get rid of it, you need to read this blog post!

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We will discuss the possible reason your house is smelling like tobacco and give you some tips on how to keep it out.

Why Does My House Smell Like Cigarette Smoke?

Cigarette smoke is one of the strongest odors you can ever smell in this world, which is why it’s pretty easy to notice if your home has this scent.

The smell lingers on your clothes, furniture, and walls of the house, making it one of the most challenging scents to get rid of.

This is why you need to take action right away the moment you notice your house smells like this, as it could be pretty challenging to get rid of the scent in the future.

However, before we dive into removing cigarette smoke, it’s vital to know the reason why it happens in the first place so you can stop it from happening again.

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Reason 1: Someone Is Secretly Smoking Inside The House

Among the most common reasons why your home might smell like cigarette smoke is when someone smokes inside the house.

This can be a significant problem if it’s constantly happening, as secondhand smoke is just as bad for you and everyone else around to inhale.

It’s essential to find out who is secretly smoking inside the house and take action as soon as possible so that all of your family members are safe!

And take note, even if the person is not constantly smoking, the scent of cigarettes can still penetrate deep into the furniture and walls of the house.

As a result, it becomes a persistent problem that can be quite hard to get rid of.

Reason 2: Damaged Gas-Based Water Heaters

Water heaters are excellent at giving us a warm bath and a hot shower throughout the year…

But did you know that they can also cause your home to smell like cigarette smoke?

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The reason why broken gas-based water heaters smell like smoke is that they release chemicals and toxins into the air.

These chemicals and toxins can make your home smell like an ashtray.

If you’ve got a gas-based water heater at your home, it’s essential to have it serviced regularly so that you don’t run into this problem again in the future.

Reason 3: Your Furnace Is Broken

If you’re trying to figure out why there’s a foul odor in your house and have checked all other possible sources, then the chances are that it could be a broken furnace.

A broken furnace releases chemicals and carbon monoxide into the environment, which in turn makes your home smell like smoke.

It’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible before you start experiencing any health problems because of this awful scent!

Section Summary

In this section, we have learned many things that we’re confident will help you figure out why your home smells like cigarette smoke.

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We are now aware that there are many possible reasons for this issue. The main reasons why your home may be smelling like cigarettes are because:

  • Someone is secretly smoking inside.
  • There’s something wrong with your water heater.
  • You’ve got a broken furnace.

However, if only a specific room is smelling like cigarettes and none of these stated reasons seem to be the culprit…

Then you’ll need to read on below to know more!

Why Does Cigarette Smoke Remain Even After Cleaning The Area?

Nothing ever beats the annoyance we get when we clean our rooms, only to discover it still smells like smoke.

Unfortunately, however, it’s pretty common for a specific space in your home to smell this way when third-hand cigarette smoke is present.

A third-hand cigarette is a strong smoke that lingers on the walls, mirrors, and surfaces of your home for an extended period of time even after cleaning.

It's important to keep in mind that third-hand cigarette smoke is just as dangerous as second or first hand.

Since third-hand cigarette smoke contains all sorts of chemicals which are found in cigarettes’ tar, such as ammonia, nicotine, and arsenic, it’s very toxic for people.

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Your room may be smelling like smoke because of this, which usually comes from:

  • People smoking near or outside your bedroom.
  • The smoke seeping into your bedroom through cracks.
  • Your pet’s fur can smell after being with smokers.
  • Previous occupants of your room were heavy smokers.

Regardless of the reason why your room is smelling like an awful ashtray, be sure to get rid of the cause immediately, as well as the lingering smell.

New Acquired Learnings

So far, we have learned that third-hand smoking may be the reason why your room is experiencing a funky smell.

We also learned why third-hand smoking is dangerous, and the ways you could have acquired the nasty odor.

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Now that you know the reasons behind your smelly house and room, it’s finally time to learn the best ways to get rid of it!

Read on below to know more.

Best Ways to Stop The Smell of Cigarette Smoke

A remaining cigarette smell in the home is quite a common occurrence.

Luckily, there are many ways you can use to get rid of it as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you don’t have to deal with it any longer.

Some methods involve using everyday items, while others require more effort than usual, like renting an industrial fan or professional cleaning services.

Regardless of what option you choose, be sure to take these methods into consideration:

Method #1: Remember to ventilate all rooms of your home regularly. This will allow cool and fresh air to seep through, removing the foul odor effectively.

Method #2: When possible, take out all surfaces that may be contaminated with smoke stains and odor and wash them down or use cleaning solutions to get rid of any residue left behind.

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Method #3: Use products like Febreze to eliminate odors instead of just masking it with an air freshener for your home to smell great again!

Method #4: Use bleach and lemon juice to scrub your carpets, floors, and other surfaces where the smoke has left a stain or bad smell.

Method #5: Clean your HVAC air filters and ducts to eliminate odors and prevent smoke from coming back into your home.

However, if these tips don't work and your smokey home is still bothering you, consider contacting a professional cleaning service.

Life-Saving Hacks

As a homeowner, it is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for our family.

Now that we’ve shown you the best ways to get rid of third-hand smoke, this is one job you won’t have to stress about any longer.

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If your house is not as smelly as it used to be, congratulations!

If the smell of cigarettes still lingers in a room or two, then quickly head out and perform the mentioned hacks to make it smell fresh again.

But of course, before we end this fantastic reading journey, let’s now have our…

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The Final Saying

Thanks to this blog post and all the information given, your question “Why does my house smell like cigarette smoke?‘ has finally been answered.

Gone are the days when you have to worry about this problem!

You’re now equipped with the knowledge on the reason for this smell, how to keep it out and what you can do if you are currently experiencing it.

We’re confident you’ll be able to keep your home smelling like your favorite scent again in no time, so go ahead and follow these tips.