how to clean dog pee from hardwood floors
Kristina Davis

If ever you don’t have the slightest of ideas on how to clean dog pee from hardwood floors, I got you!

Being a dog lover, not knowing how to properly get rid of these types of secretes is one of my “pet peeves.”

So, let me give you a thorough breakdown of what you need to do to ultimately get rid of dog pee from your hardwood floors.

To remove dog pee from hardwood floors, blot some of the puddles using a clean cloth, then wipe it with a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide and dish soap or an intended cleaner.

Pat it dry, and then sprinkle baking soda to complete the process.

Are Hardwood Floors Sensitive?

hard wood floor

You might be wondering why hardwood floors are known to be a headache when it comes to cleaning.

The straight and simple answer to that is that hardwood floors are vulnerable to moisture.

When they absorb moisture, they expand further to their capacities, and then eventually, they will warp.

This alone is enough proof that cleaning spillages and accidents like dog pee from hardwood floors are not as simple as you think.

Does Dog Urine Damage Hardwood Floors?

damage the hardwood floor

Apart from its foul, annoying odor, letting dog urine sit on your hardwood floors can damage it.

The urine can seep through the polyurethane coating of your hardwood floor, which can lead to irreversible damage.

For this reason alone, you’ll find that it is just right to get on and get rid of the urine ASAP.

What to Use to Clean Dog Urine From Hardwood Floors?

what to use to clean

Before going on and discussing the process, let me first give you a breakdown of what you will need – and no, you wouldn’t be able to mop it regularly like what you do on tiles and concrete floors.

Let me give you a run-through of the best products you can use for the comprehensive cleaning of your hardwood floors.

Warm Water

Water is something you’ll need to completely clean up your hardwood floors.

Typically, warm water is what experts and I recommend for this because it can help break up emulsified dirt and dog pee.


After warm water, vinegar comes next to your list of ingredients and products for cleaning dog pee from your hardwood floor.

The high acidity level can easily break the stubborn buildup of scum, as well as dirt. It’s not a good-quality disinfectant, though.

Hydrogen Peroxide

the hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is the product that compensates for vinegar and water when it comes to disinfection.

This antiseptic is perfect for killing germs, viruses, and bacteria. Compared to rubbing alcohol, though, it needs about 5 minutes to do its job properly.

Dish Soap

Another product or ingredient in cleaning dog pee from your hardwood floors is dish soap.

Dish soap is a gentle type of cleaner that is perfect for any type of wood. It’s not too harsh, which is perfect for cleaning your hardwood.

Baking Soda

use baking soda

Out of all these natural products and ingredients, baking soda is the best and most ideal for deodorizing.

It can easily get rid of the odor caused by the urine of your pet.

Baking soda is so effective that it’s even used to deodorize drainages, sinks, as well as other types of areas that have bad or foul odors.

All-Around Cleaner

Lastly, all-around cleaners. Now, this is something you might have to invest in simply because we don’t always have it.

And I’m not just talking about the cleaners you use for regular or typical mopping and sweeping, I’m talking about cleaners that have disinfecting properties, as well as those that have deodorizing properties, too.

Now that we know these, it’s about time to understand the entire process of how you can rid your hardwood floors of dog pee puddles, stains, and odors.

How to Clean Dog Pee From Hardwood Floors?

clean the dog pee on hardwood floor

Cleaning pet urine off your floors is not rocket science – what makes it harder and more complex is the fact that you’re dealing with hardwood floors.

So, here’s how to remove dog pee from hardwood floors comprehensively.

Step #1: Prepare What You Need

Preparation is key – even if you have little knowledge about the process, coming in prepared will be your best weapon for it.

Before starting the procedure, make sure that you have the following:

  • Gloves for hand protection
  • All products and equipment you’ll use
  • Tissue papers for drying

Step #2: Remove Puddling

remove a puddling

When you have all of those things in check, the next thing you have to do is to remove the excess liquids or the puddle in the area.

The best way to remove the puddling is by using paper towels or tissue paper. And no, you don’t have to wipe it.

Simply place a few strips of tissue paper on the puddle, and then let it dry on its own.

Continue doing this until you’re able to put a layer of tissue paper or paper towel and it won’t have any spec of wetness.

Step #3: Wipe It Off With Warm Water

wipe with warm water

When it’s all dried up, the next thing to do is wipe it off using warm water.

Rinsing it before you perform the cleaning process is important because you’ll be able to somehow prime the spot or the area that had the dog pee.

This can take out the initial stickiness of the urine, as well as the pungent odor.

It wouldn’t be able to remove the odor completely, but it can neutralize the stink in the particular area.

For this step, it’s imperative that you use warm or hot water.

The steam from hot water can help in the neutralization of the smell and odor; cold water wouldn’t do you any good.

Step #4: Deep Clean the Area

deep clean

After rinsing the area off with warm water, it’s now time to cleanse the area fully.

For this step, though, I’m going to leave you with the option or the product you can use.

These are what I’ve used in over 2 decades of taking care of dogs or any other domestic animal.

  • Over-the-counter all-around cleaning solutions
  • Hydrogen peroxide + dish soap
  • 3 tablespoons of vinegar + 500 ml water + grapefruit oil
  • Enzymatic cleaner + essential oil

All you have to do is to mix the solution with about 2 cups of water, and then use it for cleaning the area.

Don’t mop it like how you mop regular tiles and floors because, with hardwood, liquid can seep into the coating of hardwood. 

Just damp it with the solution of your choice, and wipe the spots that had the urine carefully.

Step #5: Disinfect the Urine Spot

disinfect spot

When done, disinfect the urine spot by using about 70% rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Leave it at that for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Similar to the cleaning solution, avoid oversaturating your hardwood floors with disinfectants.

Step #6: Deodorize

Lastly, you now need to deodorize the area.

I know that the first 5 steps could have already deodorized it but applying baking soda can give you the extra 10% assurance (from the already 100% you have).

Doing it, the smell or the odor of animal urine would not linger.

deodorize floor

All you have to do is to sprinkle about a cup of baking soda at the location of the urine.

Spread it out evenly and avoid putting pressure when you do so for your hardwood floors to remain safe and secure.

Once the baking soda has successfully sucked up the foul smell and odor, what you want to do next is remove the excess baking soda by sweeping it or vacuuming it.

Personally, I would go for the latter because it will suck up everything, even dust, and dirt that could have built up while you’re doing the entire cleaning process.

That’s just about it!

That is how you can properly clean and remove dog pee from your hardwood flooring.

Final Thoughts

I’ll be honest, when I first started owning a dog as an adult, I didn’t exactly know how to clean dog pee from hardwood floors.

I thought that I just needed to wipe it down and then dry it.

Over time, I realized that the smell and even the overall occasion will be difficult for me and my family not only because it’s health-hazardous, but also because I found it uncomfortable to live inside a space that hasn’t properly been cleaned and disinfected.