what can i put in my diffuser besides oil
Kristina Davis

What can I put in My diffuser Besides Oil? Have you ever found yourself staring at your half-emptied bottle of lavender essential oil?

Or perhaps, you desire to know more about your device and the countless fragrance products you can put in it. If you do, then this is undoubtedly the right place for you!

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We all know that diffusers are commonly used all around the world. Whether it’s in a house, an office, a conference room, or even a hotel, we can find diffusers everywhere!

The device may be common, but so are the questions,

Can you put perfume in a diffuser?

Can you use any oil in a diffuser?

We understand all your curiosity, and so, we have made an article that has useful information which would answer all your concerns, so keep on reading!

What Can I Put in My Diffuser Besides Oil?

It can be a bit frustrating when you’re in the middle of reading a book and relaxing when suddenly, you run out of essential oil and have no time to hop in your car and drive off to buy one.

Luckily, there are other products you can use to put in your diffuser other than just essential oils but remember; you need to be careful when using this!

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Here is the list of the products we can use:

  • E-Liquids      
  • Lemon Juice
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Fragrance and Perfumes

Now that you have an overview of the materials we are going to use. Let’s begin a much more detailed guide!

1. Using an E-Liquid

electronic cigarette

This is the liquid that powers you vape or, as we call it, Electronic Cigarette. It’s what gives your Electronic Cigarette flavoring and nicotine.

It produces the mist you exhale, just like the process when it comes to traditional smoke.

If you or a family member uses e-cigarettes, you may utilize the e-liquid for your diffuser. E-liquids are safe to use as long as the substance contains zero nicotine.

In your room diffuser, double flavored Vape Juice or E-Liquids are a perfect way to experience your flavors.

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  • Make sure your device already has water in it.
  • Grab your favorite 0-nicotine e-liquid.
  • You may choose sweet flavors such as strawberry cheesecake for a pleasant aroma.
  • Put in a few drops of your e-liquid (4 drops will do, but you may add more if you want to)

2. Using Lemon Juice

lemon juice as diffuser oil

This is the Lemon water that comes out from limes or lemons when you squeeze it. Make sure you’re using a fresh one!

If you don’t have any bottle of essential oil, why don’t you use lemon juice instead?

Considering that lemon essential oils come from real lemons, it’s okay to use the oil or natural fruit for common purposes.


  • Cut the lemon in two and place it in a bowl.
  • Squeeze out the lemon juice and add in a few drops to your diffuser’s water
  • Diffuse it into the air and enjoy!
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3. Using Vanilla Extract

can i put vanilla extract in my diffuser

Vanilla extract is mostly produced from vanilla beans immersed in water and ethyl alcohol and appears to have a more distinctive vanilla taste.

Vanilla extract provides unique antioxidants, which are essential for the benefits of anti-aging skin.

These metabolites can soothe wrinkles, repair damaged skin, and potentially lift an otherwise stinky anti-aging facial mask,

So, if you find yourself wanting a vanilla aroma room but don’t have any vanilla oil nearby, you may undoubtedly use vanilla extract!


  • Grab a bottle of vanilla extract.
  • In your diffuser, pour in a few drops of vanilla extract in the water.
  • Take note that vanilla extract contains ethyl alcohol.
  • Once the product evaporates, be sure to wipe out residue if there are any left.
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4. Using Fragrance and Perfume

can you put perfume in a diffuser

Have you ever asked anyone, “Can you put perfume in a diffuser?” If you have, then the answer is yes! But keep in mind that only oil-based perfumes are safe to use.

We all know how vital our perfumes are, especially when it comes to going out with friends, having a dinner party, and many more.

Perfumes and fragrances are ultimately everyday objects, so we can quickly obtain them or find them at a house. If you have perfume with you, then you can definitely use it!


  • Take out your preferred perfume but be sure that it is oil-based and not alcohol.
  • Ensure that your diffuser has water in it.
  • Pour in a few drops of the product (3-5 drops will do)
  • Let the fragrance diffuse into the air and take in that wonderful smell!
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When Should I Clean My Diffuser and How Should I Do It?

We suggest that you frequently clean the diffuser, especially when you decide to use one of the mentioned essential oil alternatives.

If you want to sustain the lifespan of your unit, frequent cleaning is necessary.

If not in service, do not leave water or oil inside the device to prevent accumulation through time; your diffuser’s effectiveness can be reduced by water, mineral, or oil accumulation on the vibrating disk.

With that said, thorough cleaning is needed.   

How to Clean It

A great and natural way to easily clean your device is mixing 1⁄4 cup of vinegar with warm water to remove the potential accumulation.

Let it sit for 3 hours inside the water container. When soaking, do not turn the machine on.

Pour out the water after 3 hours and utilize a cotton swab to gently clean off any loose build-up from the vibratory disk.

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Do not press the disc hard. Rinse the machine and fill it with cold, clean water. Plug the device back in and start the misting process.

Now that you know what products can be used in diffusers, we have included some common concerns about the diffuser to help you know more about it.


Diffusers are an essential material that is used in our lives. They may be small, but they provide us with many benefits, especially when it comes to relaxation, sleep, and repelling insects.

Now that we’ve answered your question “What Can I Put In My Diffuser Besides Oil?” and many more, you are ultimately equipped with the knowledge that will certainly help you maintain and explore your beloved diffusers!

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Can You Use Any Oil in a Diffuser?

Unfortunately, you cannot. To preserve the life of your diffuser, you need to use 100% essential oils. Essential oils come with many benefits that help you both physically and mentally.

Using different oils wouldn’t be beneficial for you, and at the same time, it may damage your diffuser with its chemicals.

Furthermore, avoid putting carrier oils in your diffuser since they are supposed to be for topical purposes and not diffused. Their thick texture can undoubtedly ruin your diffuser.

Can I Put Vanilla Extract in My Diffuser?

As mentioned, yes, you definitely can! But be sure to clean the diffuser once the product has evaporated since residue can remain.