how to melt perler beads without an iron
Kristina Davis

Curious about how to melt Perler beads without an iron? Well, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’ll give you a rundown of the best alternatives to melting your Perler pellets just in case you don’t find an iron at home.

We’ll also discuss the best substitutes for parchment paper. So, without further delay, here’s how to melt and enjoy your Perler beads with your kids.

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What Are Perler Beads?

Before diving into the basics of melting your Perler pellets, let’s first understand what they are. In essence, they are colorful plastic beads that test your creativity and hand-eye coordination.

It’s an excellent bonding activity, especially if you want to teach your kids about colors and inspire them to think outside the box.

These pellets allow you to make various patterns on a pegboard. Whether it be your favorite animal or TV character, you can form almost any design you’d want.

You can also make key chains, necklaces, and bracelets with this craft material.

How to Melt Perler Beads Without an Iron

You can easily purchase this material in craft stores or even online. Usually, you’ll get them in with a pegboard where you can work on your designs.

However, you’ll need a hot iron to fuse these beads in place once you’re satisfied with your craft.

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On top of that, you’ll want to cover your pegboard with a parchment sheet before ironing them out for at least 15 seconds on each side.

Now, although this method seems easy, there may be cases where you won’t have a pre-heated iron at home. So, would that mean you can’t get creative anymore?

Of course not! There are many other alternatives on how to melt Perler beads without an iron. We’ve listed these methods below.

#1. With a Hot Pan

The most common and easiest way to melt your Perler pellets at home is using a hot pan instead.

This method is similar to using an iron and takes as much time as the former. You’ll also only need a parchment sheet, a stove, and of course, a pan.

To do this method successfully, make sure to place your stove on medium heat. Be careful not to set it too high or too low because you may risk ruining your creation.

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Once your stove is hot enough, place your pan over it and cover your pegboard with parchment paper.

After that, put your heated pan over your design. Don’t press too hard to avoid flattening it. Next, flip the pegboard and repeat the same process to fuse the other side. If you’ve noticed your pan has cooled, place it over your stove again.

#2. With a Toaster or Baking Oven

melt perler beads without an iron

Similarly, you can use a toaster or a baking oven to melt your Perler pellets. Just pre-heat your appliance to a low temperature.

Usually, this ranges around 300°F. Take note that you’ll only need to bake your creation for 10 minutes. On top of that, make sure you’re keeping an eye on your project.

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After pre-heating your toaster or oven, place a parchment sheet and then your pegboard on a baking tray.

Remember that your parchment paper must be underneath your design, or you might burn your pegboard. Also, make sure your beads aren’t melting completely, or else they’ll get ruined.

If you’re using this method, you won’t have to flip your creation anymore. But you can do so if your Perler pellets haven’t melted evenly.

However, you can only do this halfway through your baking time. Otherwise, let your pegboard cool before removing your design.

#3. With a Microwave

If you don’t have a toaster or a baking oven at home, you can try using your microwave. But be careful with this approach because we can’t guarantee the best results.

Microwaves use a different form of heat compared to your standard ovens. Although they’re effective in melting your beads, your design may melt completely and get ruined.

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So, if you’re doing this method, make sure to keep an eye on your Perler beads.

#4. With a Hair Dryer

Apart from drying your hair, you can use your electric hair-dryer to melt your Perler beads.

Just place parchment paper over your creation before heating it. You’ll then need to flip it over to the other side once the pellets have melted.

But when attempting this approach, don’t place your hair-dryer directly over your design. Otherwise, you may blow off your beads from the pegboard.

#5. With a Candle

Another approach to melting your Perler pellets is by using unscented candles. Compared to the previous methods, this technique may take some time and more effort.

For this method, place your unscented candle on a flat surface. Next, put parchment paper and then your pegboard on a baking tray. Remember that the parchment paper has to be underneath your design. After that, hold the tray over the candle.

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As we’ve said, this approach requires more effort on your end because you’ll be moving your pegboard around the stationary flame.

Through this, you can ensure that your beads will heat evenly. We also suggest wearing oven mitts when doing this to prevent getting burned.

#6. With a Lighter

Like the candle approach, you can also use your handy lighter to melt your Perler pellets.

You only need to cover your pegboard with parchment paper. Next, move the flame around your design. Once melted, flip it to the other side and do the same process.

When doing this, make sure to put the flame over the pegboard. Also, don’t let it touch the parchment paper to prevent burning your Perler beads.

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We also recommend checking your pegboard regularly to ensure that the pellets are melting evenly.

How to Iron Perler Beads Without Parchment Paper

There are many ways to melt Perler beads if you don’t have an iron at home. But this also leaves us wondering if there are any substitutes for parchment paper.

Believe it or not, there are alternatives to parchment paper. However, they have their pros and cons. Here are the top substitutes for ironing Perler pellets without parchment paper on hand.

Wax Paper

Wax paper is a possible alternative to parchment paper. The only difference between these two is their coating. Wax has a paraffin coating, making it less heat-resistant to parchment paper.

Because of this, you may get some residue if you use this paper. We also don’t suggest using wax paper in the oven because it might burn inside.

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Tin Foil

Another popular substitute for parchment paper is tin or aluminum foil. Just cover your design with this before ironing out your pegboard.

To melt your Perler beads with an iron, make sure to cover your creation with masking tape.

Next, place your chosen paper and start ironing your pegboard with medium heat. Let your Perler art cool before showing it to the world.

Wrapping It Up!

Making Perler art is an affordable yet exciting activity that you can do with your family. But if you don’t have an iron at home, there’s no need to worry.

There are other alternatives to turn your idea into reality without using this particular appliance.

Apart from this, you can also use wax paper or aluminum foil as substitutes for your parchment paper.

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