can you put wax paper in the microwave
Kristina Davis

Can you put wax paper in the microwave ? Are they safe?

Wax paper is among the “staples” in the kitchen, and it is a non-stick and water-resistant paper, thanks to its coating of food-grade soybean or paraffin wax.

It can be used as a food wrap when storing leftovers or when preparing food. You can also use wax paper for kneading dough and for making your favorite pies. 

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So, let us explore if you can put wax paper in your oven.

Wax Paper in Microwave

You might be wondering, is it safe to be included among the dishes you will put in the microwave?

Sure, the wax paper does not contain any metal contents, and it soaks in the contents of leftovers, so why not?

If you are hungry and feel like microwaving a dish with wax paper on or in it, make sure to check twice before heating that dish.

The reason is: wax paper can melt and cause a fire if you put it at high heat or heat it for too long inside the microwave.

Even though the wax paper is non-stick and water-resistant, it is not heat-resistant.

It also contains some of the properties of paper, so it might still burn from high temperatures, and the burnt parts can affect your food inside the microwave.

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But this does not mean that you cannot put wax paper in the microwave anymore.

This guide will discuss the things you need to know before putting dishes with wax paper in the microwave.

Can you put wax paper in the microwave: Is it Safe?

If ever your inquisitive nature got the best of you and you want to experiment with wax papers, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before putting such papers in the microwave:

What USDA Says?

According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), wax paper is safe to be put in the microwave.

So, you do not have to worry about not being able to microwave your dishes with wax paper on or in it. 

Melting Point

Keep in mind, however, that the melting point of wax paper is about 160 Fahrenheit.

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So, make sure to set your microwave’s temperature below the melting point, and to not exceed at least 3 minutes of heating time. 

For Dishes Which Require High Heat

For dishes with sauces or glazes, which require high levels of heat or long periods of heating, you have to take out the wax paper before putting such dishes into the microwave. 

Go for Short Reheat

Another option you can do to such dishes, without removing the wax paper, reheat the dish in the microwave repeatedly for short periods of time using low temperatures.

For Oily Dishes

For fatty or oily dishes, which can induce heat quicker, you should not put wax paper along with the dish when you heat it in the microwave. 

Overall, before you put any dishes with wax paper in the microwave, always consider how to prevent the wax from melting and seeping into your dish.

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Also make sure that your food will not contain any burnt paper parts.

And the best way to do so is by not overheating it in the microwave.

Even if you sprinkle water into the wax paper, or put multiple layers of wax paper on top of your food, the wax will still melt, and the paper is still likely to burn.

Can You Put Wax Paper In The Oven: A Big Question For Bakers

The answer is simply: No!

Compared to the microwave, an oven has a much higher temperature range.

The transfer of heat is also much slower compared to the microwave.

So this means that baked dishes take much longer to cook compared to reheated dishes on the microwave.

This is bad news for wax papers that are used to line up pans of pastry dishes because it would mean longer exposure to a hotter environment.

Wax Paper Will Burn In The Oven

There are papers that are made to be used for dishes baked in ovens, but wax papers are not among them.

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In fact, wax paper is an ingredient for disaster if you put it into your oven, even for a short period of time.

Oven temperatures can reach up to 250 Fahrenheit within seconds, which is way beyond the melting point of wax papers.

The wax cannot withstand the heat of the oven, and once the wax has been completely melted, the paper would soon be burnt.

Even if you completely cover the wax paper with cake batter, for example, there is still a high chance that the wax paper would burn faster than your pastry.

The wax paper will also burn easily even if you add water in between the paper and the dough or the batter of the pastry that you want to bake.

Will it Destroy Your Food And Your Oven?

Once the wax paper has been destroyed, your food would have a high chance of being spoiled.

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Imagine the frustration you would feel from carefully preparing your pastry’s dough or batter, only to find it destroyed thanks to the wax paper that you used as a liner on the baking pan.

Aside from your food, putting wax paper inside the oven can also cause harm to your oven itself, and obviously, to yourself.

The wax paper can start a fire inside your oven, and if left unchecked, your oven might explode if you are using a gas version.

If you are using an electric oven, then it might destroy the wirings inside due to intense heat created by the fire inside, which could also result in a fire.

Exploding ovens can spread fire to your home and can endanger not just your life, but your family’s lives too.

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This is too much of a risk to bear when putting wax paper into your oven. Now you certainly do not want that to happen, right?

Is Wax Paper Made For Baking Pastries?

Wax papers are better used in processes where high heat is not required and are not suited for baking pastries.

Instead of using them as liners for baking pans and putting them in your oven, you can instead use them on your sifters.

You can do this when adding ingredients to your pastry dish, or when you are preparing your pastry’s dough or batter.

You can even use wax papers to funnel ingredients into a mixing bowl.

Aside from pastries, you can also use wax papers as wrappers for frozen food.

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If you want to create sausages from ground meat, for example, the wax paper can easily shape the meat and keep them intact while you put them in your freezers. 

Always Check Before Heating Any Dishes With Wax Paper

Whether it is in a microwave or in an oven, one simple fact remains: wax paper cannot handle high heat.

If you want to heat dishes with wax paper in a microwave, make sure not to overheat it and to stay within the limits of a wax paper.  

If you need to use paper for dishes that you would cook against high temperatures, then you should use those with high heat resistance.

For example, use parchment paper for dishes you want to cook en papillote, and baking paper for your pastry dishes.

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