Can You Store A Mattress On Its Side
Kristina Davis

Can you store a mattress on its side? Well, sometimes you can and on some occasions, it is not advised 

There are so many factors to consider when answering such a question. For example, the type of mattress, the duration of the storage, and the likes. 

Whether or not you can store a mattress on its side depends solely on the type of mattress. 

So yes, you can store a mattress on its side only if it is a latex mattress or memory foam. Any other type of mattress would be damaged if stored on its side.

Types Of Mattress

To understand how to store a mattress, it is important to know the types of mattresses there are and what they are made of.

Here are the most common types of mattresses. 

Memory Foam Mattress

memory foam bed mattress

You save the best for last but in this case, the best would be mentioned first. Yes, you heard me right, a memory foam mattress is one of the best mattresses there is.

In my opinion, it is the only best mattress in the world of mattresses. 

When talking about comfort, the memory foam mattress is our guy. It is made up of polyurethane foam. 

So rather than compressing under a body, it softens and molds around the weight.

It responds to the heat and pressure of a body by folding and slowly comes back to its original shape when the pressure is removed. 

The memory foam mattress is made of only foam with no strings whatsoever. This makes it the best choice for couples.

It also provides comfort and maximum support to the body.

The only downside is that it might be too soft for some people or sometimes too warm

Tip: Cooling gels or gel beads can be infused into the beds for warm sleepers

Latex Mattress

latex mattress cross section

A latex mattress is said to be a mattress composed entirely of latex rubber. They have a medium amount of contouring and excellent bounce and durability.

Latex mattresses are incredibly comfortable, responsive, and breathable. They are also incredibly reliable and long-lasting. 

They aim to provide a firm and long-lasting sleeping surface.

To achieve this aim, a latex mattress is made from a combination of springs or reflex foam with latex foam.

Air Mattress

inflated air mattress

Just as the name implies, it is a bed filled with air. The support center of an air chamber is used to construct airbeds.

Air mattresses provide comfort, support, and convenience whenever needed. It can be used for camping, vacationing, guests, or sleepovers.

With an electric or manual pump, air mattresses are simple to inflate and deflate. 

Tip: The major drawback is that it is vulnerable to puncture and degrades quickly.

Innerspring Mattress

innerspring mattress with visible coil

One of the earliest and most widely used innovations in the mattress market is the innerspring mattress.

Metal coils or springs are used as the primary structural support in innerspring mattresses.

Although the springs do provide some support, innerspring frequently struggle to release pressure. The mattress has less motion separation and is more bouncy.

 A good amount of comfort options are provided by this mattress type. And this is also accessible at practically all affordable pricing to fit any budget.

Hybrid Mattress

hybrid mattress cross section

In hybrid mattresses, memory foam is used in addition to the traditional advantages of an innerspring coil support structure.

This will offer better assistance and promote more cozy options. A more recent segment in the mattress market is hybrid mattresses. 

Note: The fact that the hybrid mattress is new to the market makes it the least trusted of all the mattresses 

How To Store A Mattress

Now that we are well aware of the types of mattresses, we can proceed to understand how to store them properly. 

A mattress is a huge investment and can last for years if taken care of properly.

To be able to establish that, we have to familiarize ourselves with the do’s and don’ts of storing a mattress 

Do’s And Don’ts of Storing Mattress

don'ts in mattress storage


1. Don’t Store Anything On Top Of The Mattress

This is one of the most important things to take note of.

Do not, under any circumstances, store anything on the mattress. Placing something on the mattress is sure to ruin it. 

2. Don’t Store In A Wet Area

Storing in a damp area can cause damage to the mattress. It would soften it and give room for bacterial growth and mold

3. Don’t Roll The Mattress

Most people roll the mattress because it makes it seem easier to carry.

The thing they don’t know is that rolling the mattress would ruin the inner configuration of the mattress.

It can also injure the person doing the rolling cause it is liable to bounce back with force.

4. Don’t Store The Mattress Outside 

Storing the mattress outside would mean exposing it to rain, sunlight, and extreme temperature. This could cause the growth of bacteria.

Invariably, it could also make the mattress lose its shape due to over-exposure to heat.

do's in mattress storage


1. Clean The Mattress Before Storage

Before storing the mattress, you need to clean it properly.  Make sure every stain is removed before storing.

You never know how long the mattress would be in storage, and having dirt inside would aid the growth of bacteria and molds.

2. Cover The Mattress

Cover the mattress with a plastic bag or a mattress cover to protect it from dust.

Tip: Don't use thick plastic bags 

3. Keep The Mattress Flat

Keeping the mattress flat helps maintain the structure of the mattress while in storage.

4. Keep In A Ventilated Room

The mattress needs to receive fresh air now and then while in storage.

A ventilated room would provide the required aeration a stored mattress could need.

Storing the Mattress

storing the mattress

With all the information acquired, it would be easy to store a mattress since we are well aware of the dos and don’ts.

Step #1: Prepare The Mattress For Storage

This includes the removal of the mattress from the bed frame.

Also after that cleaning for any possible dirt before proceeding to cover it with a plastic or mattress bag.

Step #2: Clear The Space

Clear the space in which the mattress would be stored. It could be a room, but I would mostly advise people to store it in a garage.

A garage would provide proper ventilation for the mattress and also be out of reach for tampering.

Not to mention that the temperature would be best suited for the mattress.

Step #3: Move The Mattress

You have to be very careful when moving the mattress. Don’t roll it up or bend it the wrong way.

Make sure to carry the mattress straight from the room to the storage.

The mattress must be laid flat on or against the wall. After being placed in the storage, make sure nothing is stored on it. 

Tip: Only latex and memory foam mattresses should be laid on their side.

Can You Store A Mattress On Its Side

can you store a mattress on its side

Back to the initial question of this article, “can a mattress be stored on its side?”

With all that has been said so far, it is safe to say that you can store a mattress on its side. 

Like I said earlier, as long as all the information above is used, you can store a mattress on its side for as long as you want.

But then, how long can you store a mattress

Fortunately for you, as long as all the above instructions are followed, you can store your mattress as long as you want.


As mentioned above, the mattress is a huge investment for the household. And knowing how to properly store a mattress can come in handy.

Like they say, “knowledge is power”. 

With such knowledge, we can answer any question concerning a mattress, especially the most rising one, “can you store a mattress on its side“.  

I hope this article has been of good help to you and was able to answer all your questions. Thank you for your time and patience.