how long should bedroom curtains be
Kristina Davis

Curtains have the power to bring the room together, but how long should bedroom curtains be?

It's no secret that by putting the right window treatment in place, you can transform any room from dull into something exciting and inviting.

In this article, you’ll learn how long your bedroom curtain should be.

Additionally, you’ll learn the different length recommendations for different types of bedroom windows and things to consider.

For bedrooms leaving 3 inches to 5 inches on the floor is fine. You don’t want them to be too long or short, but finding an ideal length can be difficult.

Although conventional wisdom dictates that short windows require short curtains, in reality, it’s not always quite so black and white.

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Creating Illusions with Bedroom Curtains

creating illusions

You can create the illusion of a taller window if you hang your curtains above the frame. Hanging a rod six inches above the frame will give it a larger feel.

Be careful not to go overboard with this—hanging a rod a foot and a half above the frame might look awkward and strange.

Curtain length is something that can be very subjective and dependent on your personal preference as well as the features of your room.

You can use these rules for standard curtain lengths, but you can also step outside the box and do what suits you best.

Note: Ultimately, it is up to you how you place your curtains—however; they look best in your space and work best in your space.

Creating a Relaxed Environment with Bedroom Curtains

creating relaxing environment

Your bedroom should have the most relaxing environment in your home. One way to create a relaxing feel is to have large windows.

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To create an airy feeling, hang the curtains from ceiling molding, extending the drapery rods beyond the window frames.

To give tall windows an elegant look, hang long draperies below ceiling molding. Then install a cornice or valance above the draperies.

They will add height to your window wall and set off the draperies while providing a softening effect. By exposing more glass and less window frame, the window seems wider. 

A contrasting shutter placed horizontally can enhance this visual impact even further. 

If you want to break up a large space, so it doesn’t appear overwhelming, hang several curtain panels across the window.

Privacy in the Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom privacy, heavy curtains can be a nightmare. That’s why we suggest using voile curtains.

They’re lightweight, stylish, and allow lots of sunlight into your home.

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for privacy

They’re great at restricting the view, but they tend to block the sun from entering your space.

This is great for smaller bedrooms that need to feel open and spacious.

If you want the best of both worlds, we suggest using voile curtains with black-out roller blinds.

You can gain a lot of control over your lighting and privacy levels.

Type of Bedroom Curtain Length

Here are some tips to guide you on how long should curtains be in bedroom:


Let your bedroom curtains hang loose and relax on a rod after leaving a break of 1″ to 2″.

This will give you a perfectly suitable look for rooms where you need complete relaxation, like the bedroom.

You can easily sweep under these curtains by moving them out of the way when you have to vacuum or sweep under.

They’ll look good just about anywhere, but especially in your bedroom or the family room where you want a more simple design.

Fact: A great thing about this style is that it makes vacuuming easier because you don't have to worry about lifting them first.


curtain grazing

Grazing curtains fall to the floor. When it comes to finding curtains that graze the floor, measure from your curtain rod to the floor and let your tailor know how long you want them.

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You’ll create a sophisticated atmosphere while still showing off your baseboards with this look.

Your bedroom curtain’s hemline is intended to fall just to the floor. This elegant look can be achieved by measuring the distance from your bedroom curtain rod to the floor.

Be sure to have a tailor perform this delicate work.


Puddling is when curtains extend 6 inches onto the floor, creating a puddle of fabric.

It’s a super formal look that can be beautiful in the right setting.

And it’s best for curtains made from luxe fabrics like velvet and super reminiscent of old-fashioned European homes. But it does require special care.

you’ll need to rearrange the bedroom curtains every time you vacuum or sweep and wash them more frequently than other styles since they’ll be all up on the floor.

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cafe curtains

“Café curtains” are the half-curtains on top of a window. They usually reach the top of the frame, perfect for keeping things simple and letting in some light.

You’ll find this style of window coverings in bathrooms and kitchens and on windows worldwide.

The style they add to your room is “rustic,” which means country-style, with plants and knickknacks everywhere.

Floating Curtains

When bedroom curtain hems fall just above the floor, they are the easiest to achieve and maintain.

This is easier to measure, but it will also help you keep your curtains clean by simply sweeping and vacuuming.

the floating curtains

Remember that you want your curtain hems to be about three-eighths of an inch to one-half inch above your carpet or floors.

If you plan on opening and closing your bedroom curtains a lot, think about choosing a floating length to cut down on any extra work!

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You want to have your curtains dragging on the floor every time you open them.

Note: By having a floating length, all you need to do is open the windows and enjoy!

Ready-Made Bedroom Curtains

Ready-made bedroom curtains can be bought in standard lengths and made to order by a tailor.

Some brands also offer specialty curtain sizes.

When buying ready-made bedroom curtains, it’s best to measure the window before buying the curtains, so you know the right length.

curtain ready made

You can find ready-made curtains in 45-inch, 54-inch, 63-inch, 84-inch, 90-inch, 96-inch, 108-inch, and 120-inch lengths – but other brands offer different options.

If you want to use a different length, go here to see how to measure your window and determine the length of curtain rod you’ll need.

How to Measure Curtain Length

It’s important to know how to take measurements to know how long should bedroom curtains be.

The obvious hints on length are to have bedroom curtains go over the window.

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You can get creative with the lengths, though.

measure curtain length

Sometimes people measure from ceiling to floor, rod to sill or apron, or even sleeves on a window seat.

If you want to be precise with the right size – go ahead and take measurements.

For sill and apron length curtains, measure the distance from the rod to the window sill or window apron.

Tip: Measuring the distance from the floor up to your curtain rod is enough for regular bedroom curtains. Add the length you need for your curtain style, and you're set!

Why your Bedroom Curtains Shouldn’t Touch the Floor

why shouldnt touch the floor

If your curtains reach the floor, cleaning them is a piece of cake. It’s the same thing for the people who wash them. Their length makes it harder to open and close windows.

Their extra length makes it difficult to open and close windows, making it even more challenging to swing them.

For both homeowners and washer persons, removing them will be a challenge

If they brush across the ground while opening or closing a window, your drapes may become dirty.

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When your curtains come down, they will gather dust and will be more difficult to clean if you want them slung over your shoulders, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

Final Thought

So, these are the stuff to consider when figuring out how long should bedroom curtains be.

Bedroom curtains are like jewelry for your home. You can use them to make your bedroom space look more luxurious and expensive, regardless of its size.

You can also use them for their practical purposes: heating and cooling costs, lighting control, privacy protection from the sun or outside view… the list goes on!

Generally, keep them three to five inches from the floor. We must get the size right. The best way to do this is to measure from the top of the curtain rod to the floor.