how to wash curtains with metal rings
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Understanding how to wash curtains with metal rings can be done in a few simple steps.

However, washing these curtains may become a nightmare if you do not do the right thing.

Apart from being bulky and huge, curtains with metal rings can get dirty faster than you would expect.

Washing curtains with metal rings shouldn’t be the death of you. You can wash them sparkling clean without straining them in a very short moment.

Whether it is through the machine washer or hand washing. At the end of the day, like all other garments, they get dirty and should be washed.

To wash curtains with metal rings, you will have to consider between handwashing them or Machine washing. Both styles work, but you have to be careful with how you do it. 

With hand washing, you might injure your fingers since the rings are metallic, or even fail to entirely clean them to perfection.

Easy Steps On How To Wash  Curtains with Metal Rings

easy steps

These curtains are heavy with occasionally large rings. You will have to consider between handwashing them or Machine washing.

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Both styles work, but you have to be careful with how you do it. With hand washing, you might injure your fingers since the rings are metallic, or even fail to entirely clean them to perfection.

And while using the machine washer, these rings might spoil the machine. Do not fret, this article will see you through.

None of this is going to happen once you adopt our guidelines in washing the metal ringed curtains.

In this blog post, we will look at the two cleaning options at your disposal. The handwashing method and the machine washing.

Tip: Both of them can have lucrative results.

So we dive in and see…

Washing Curtains with Metal Rings in the Machine Washer

wash using machine washer

The Washing machine is the quickest, safest, and most efficient method to wash curtains with metal rings.

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Regardless of the fabric, unless advised against, the machine washer is capable of cleaning your curtains to perfection compared to hand washing.

But there are tips, conditions, and protocols you must follow to ensure you get the best results without tampering with the fabric and color of the curtains.

Remember, you are in limbo on what to do with the metal rings. But that shouldn't worry you. 

That’s why we are here. To lead you through these things.

Precautions for Cleaning Curtains with Metal Rings

precautions when cleaning

Step #1: Remove the Metal rings

These curtains might well be disturbing, looking at them, the metal rings, also known as Grommets appear to be irremovable, but they are.

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Immersing them into the washer with the grommets in place puts the machine at risk of damage. Especially when the machine is smaller.

You will first remove the rings, and that isn’t as hard as it might appear to be.

Tip: You will need to be careful so as not to tear the curtain.

Here is what you will be required to do:

Tip 1: Detach the Curtain from the Ring

detach metal rings

Using the flat surface of a screwdriver, put it where the rings hold the curtain, and carefully raise the screwdriver to detach the curtain from the rings.

Do this following the circumference of the grommet so that all of it is raised equally.

Tip 2: Take off the Curtain

Once the metal ring has been detached from the curtain, use your hand to pluck it out from its space.

Keep the rings where you can easily locate them. Ensure to do this carefully so you don’t scatter things in your room using the curtain ring

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Step #2: Wash the Curtains

washing curtains

Once you have removed the Grommets, open up the washing machine and fill it with a washing detergent of your preference. It shouldn’t be one with adverse effects.

Set the machine to settings that are friendly to the fabric of your curtains.

30 degrees of temperature are the safest for any type of curtain fabric.

You can also look at the curtains for the required temperatures for machine washing.

Tip: Run your machine to clean them for about five minutes. Rinse them and dry them.

Hand Washing Curtains with Metal rings

handwashing curtains

Hand washing curtains with metal rings tend to be an uphill task, especially that with hand washing you won’t need to unplug the grommets.

The fabric of these curtains is usually heavy and this might well drain you.

But that is not supposed to discourage you, for it to work, especially when you are not within reach of a washing machine.

These curtains will accumulate lots of water in their fabric and thus you may need to have more.

  • Add a washing soap to warm water in quantities that are enough for your designated curtain.
  • Supplement with shampoo if available.
  • Soak the curtains and leave them for half an hour.
  • Wash the fabric carefully while identifying all spots with dirt and stroke them repeatedly until all of it is gone.
  • Then rinse the curtain in warm water.
Tip: While rinsing, you will need extra support to wrinkle the curtains well.

Drying Curtains With Metal Rings

drying curtains

As in washing, there are also two options for drying your curtains once they are washed.

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You have the option of using the dryer and airing it out in the sun.

Both work well depending on which one is available or favored to you.

Although, while sun drying, do not expose it to severe sun rays since that may spoil the fabric of the curtains.

Tips for Cleaning Curtains with Metal Rings

Once you notice that dirt has accumulated on your curtains, first thing, move with speed to have them cleaned.

Unless they are on windows in places booming with activities and environments with a lot of dust such as industrial areas.

Most curtains can remain clean for months on end.

Usually, curtains are only exposed to dirt and dust from inside the room especially whilst you are cleaning or sweeping.

Tip: To maintain the good condition of your metal ringed curtains, here are a few guiding tips.

Wash Regularly

wash this egularly

It is easy for anyone to forget the presence of curtains on the window.

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They are silent household items and you interact with them less than any other thing in your room.

The lesser the interaction, the lesser the potential for them to become dirty, and the more they are forgotten.

However, you do not have to always wait for the dirt to accumulate and show before you wash your curtains.

That shouldn’t be a one-off thing, rather you should make it a tradition to wash them regularly, on a basis of your own.

That could be once every two weeks or monthly.

Sun Damage

Sun-drying your metal ringed curtains is nice, but that can be detrimental too.

Exposure of curtains to a lot of sunlight could damage their fabric and cause them to lose their original color.

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You can dry them both in regulated sunlight, between shades, or do it in the dryer.

Special Fabrics

a special fabric

Most or some of the curtains with metal rings have special heavy fabric.

These are fairly dirt repellant and might save you the regular washing.

All you are going to do is brush them softly from time to time with a soft piece of cloth or towel immersed in hot water and rinsed exhaustively.

Use mild washing detergent and in lesser amounts with this type of fabric and leave them to dry in cooler environments.

Dry Cleaning

dry clean

You may need to dry cleaning your curtains with metal rings even though they might be made of a washable fabric.

Whenever you are in doubt, before you seek specialist advice, recline to dry cleaning them since that has no impact on them.

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You have reached the end and learned how to wash curtains with metal rings. Make sure to remember all those information! Here’s a recap:

Can we wash the curtains in the washing machine? Of course, that can be done.  However, how to wash curtains with metal rings differs a bit from how we do with those that are plain.

In this blog post, you have received guidance on how that should be approached for the best results.

Curtains with metal rings are good-looking, they add décor to your living space and are admirable. 

But when we get to washing them, we might get a little more tired due to their size and the inbuilt heavy grommets.

Folks, these grommets are removable, the curtains are washable in the washing machine and dryable in the dryer. Hand washing is an option too.

What is stopping you today from washing your curtains with metal rings?