what color pillows for red couch
Kristina Davis

Hey! Permit me to congratulate you on your latest purchase. A beautiful fiery, red couch – wow! Knowing what color pillows for red couch are necessary.

That’s one bold choice!

It is indeed difficult to mention any piece of material that would look as bold as red.

You, like many others, are never afraid to make those choices that stand them out.

Choosing a red couch automatically sets that piece of furniture at the center of visual attention as the color is notorious for its vibrant nature.

And as no one ever said, “with the making of a bold choice comes great responsibility to keep getting the choices right”.

It becomes very important to choose colors that would go hand in hand with this bold choice of yours so it doesn’t turn out an eyesore subsequently.

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Don’t worry, be happy, follow me and you will certainly leave with great tips and an answer to what color throw pillows for red couch.

What color pillows for the red couch? The simple answer is white, beige, red, blue, green, etc.

Basic Rules to Guide Your Choice

basics pillow choice

Red can be likened to that Aunty who always wants things done her way or no other way – call it assertive.

What color pillows for a red couch is usually a big problem for many lovers of red.

Fret not old friend, there are some not so subtle ways to bend its assertiveness.

Here are some rules to guide your choice when choosing throw pillow colors for your red couch:

  • Be careful to choose colors with just the right color temperature
  • The one three rule
  • Make efforts to match the texture
  • Rules can be broken
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Be Careful to Choose Colors with Just the Right Color Temperature

right color pillow

Where there is a contrast, especially a sharp one between cool colors and a warm color such as red, the only thing birthed from such a union would be visual discomfort.

The One Three Rule

Nothing technical here my friend, I coined this frame myself moments ago.

It simply means choosing one color and three different patterns of the same color, this can be in solids, floral patterns, geometrics, buffalo checks, ticking stripes, or dotted – the possibilities are endless.

The key here is to strive to find balance and have fun with it.

Make Efforts to Match the Texture

Whilst you try your hands at mixing colors and different patterns, remember that the texture is just as important.

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You are permitted to explore with smooth, rough, soft, or fuzzy textures.

So, get creative with the touch and feel but take care not to overdo yourself as the texture can as well be felt with the eyes, get it wrong, and watch your eyes keep malice with you.

Rules Can Be Broken

break the rules

The most beautiful aspect of the design is its liberal nature, there are ‘no do it my way or no other way’ sort of aunties here.

Those rules can be broken but in breaking such rules, ensure the results are outstanding or you will get nothing but the ‘I told you so’ look.

Remember it’s okay to not get it right on the first go.

Let’s Talk Colors – What Color Pillows for Red Couch?

pillow colors red couch

No more dilly-dallying, let’s get to the business of the day, which is, what color of throw pillows goes with the red couch? Drum roll and off we trot.

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Color Red

Yes, red. The venom is the major ingredient in the antidote. Choosing a red couch in the first place is indeed bold, but going all red? Outstanding.

The monochromatic effect this would have is outstanding and visually stimulating and compelling; it exudes nothing short of passion (a red hot passion that the color is usually associated with)

White Color

Talk about a relationship that always works, a leaf cut out from the books of Beyonce and Jay Z.

The color white always works with red and vice versa, they beautify each other as one exudes fierceness, passion, and a sexy chicky aura, and the other flawlessness, and simplicity.

This duo will always make and produce an awesome pairing.

beige color

Beige is a warm color that is usually considered conservative yet welcoming. Its attributes are sure to change depending on the color it is working with.

When paired with one as bold as red, it functions to tone down the intensity of the color.

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Its calm and relaxing angles throw off nothing but a welcome feeling to all, drawing them in to feel comfortable on the couch.


Blue can be considered to be one of the one-size-fits-all of the color worlds as it goes well with basically every other color especially those with vibrant hues such as red.

This is evident as it is one of the most commonly used combos. If you opt for darker shades of blue, it has the potential dynamics to steal the show.

However, do not be afraid to try out lighter shades.


green pillow

This combination is not too popular but will look good on a red couch even though they are both vibrant and bold.

You will be sure to get something unique with the earthly tone that green brings when paired with your red couch.

Fact: This combination will work best in a room where emerald or gray reigns – this means you can hack this combination by throwing these colors to the walls or textiles in the room or even using the color green for the same.


the yellow pillow

Looking to achieve something that feels cozy, and at the same time modern? Just try yellow, you are welcome.

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The color has its way of creating a very warm mood in a room. It is just enough that both colors (red and yellow) have this vibrancy that complements each other well – some power couple vibes.


Talk about sophistication, elegance, and power then think black.

Throwing these two strong colors together will bring about a clash of vibrancy, power, and sophistication that can only be beautiful to behold.

A black throw pillow with a red couch is indeed an attractive combination.


gold pillow

A union of a gold throw pillow and a red couch will produce only opulence and royalty that exudes an expensive, antique outlook.


Pink? Yes, pink; both colors are vibrant and mostly individualistic hence they do not seem or look much of the perfect combination.

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However, do not be averse to experimentation, these two will give off something funky and playful yet tender.


A combination of gray with red will be nothing short of enigmatic but exudes modernity. The calm, neutral feel of gray works to dilute the saturation of the red couch.

By now, the question; of what color pillows for the red couch should’ve been answered.

However, be warned that getting the right color to complement your bright, bold choice may prove tricky as its shades are notorious for being ambiguous and saturating.

It is important to find a balance that will accentuate the luxuriousness of the red hue while softening it at the same time in a manner that gives rest to the eyes.

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Final Takeaway

red couch

You may have finally settled on a color of throw pillows to accompany your red couch and may be wondering how many throw pillows go on there.

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Let me introduce you to the power of odd numbers. Per thumb rules, it is considered the best number.

Three is commonly used which gives just enough space to breathe without feeling cluttered by pillows.

Choosing a color of a throw pillow for a red couch can feel like embarking on a quest, with so many twists, turns and indecisions too.

However, do not regret the hours spent picking through different colors, it promises to be fun and enlightening.

We agreed red is bold and you are indeed bold for picking it.

Getting the perfect match to go with your choice may be embedded in what sort of vibes you want to give off.

Do you fancy the playful look or do you want to give off a powerful, regal feel, or do you just need something cozy? There’s plenty of room aplenty to express yourself.

What is important is that you now know what color of pillows goes with a red couch. Give me a thumbs up, will you?