how to transport tablecloths without wrinkling
Kristina Davis

When getting ready for a party outside, it is natural to wonder how to transport tablecloths without wrinkling.

You are all excited about your next party but at the last moment, you notice that your stored tablecloths are all covered with wrinkles.

This can be a major hassle when you are in a hurry and do not have time to iron or steam your tablecloths.

Some tablecloth fabrics make it exceptionally challenging to remove wrinkles, and it can be more of an issue with round tablecloths. 

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So, how to transport round tablecloths without wrinkling? Let’s find out about the most effective wrinkle-free solutions. 

How To Transport Tablecloths Without Wrinkling?

transport table cloths without wrinkling

Since tablecloths are the first thing guests touch when dining, they should be as soft and wrinkle-free as possible. 

It can be frustrating to find wrinkled tablecloths in the midst of last-minute preparations, but you can avoid it through proper handling and storage. 

Beautifully laid tablecloths bring out the best in silverware, centerpieces, and dinnerware. 

But, do not let those wrinkles come in the way, which is when you have to think about storing them properly.

Tip: Be sure to wash and iron your tablecloths to prevent stains and wrinkles when storing them for a long time. 

How Do You Store And Transport Tablecloths Without Wrinkling?

Whether you want to transport your tablecloth to a different location or you simply want to store it for an extended time, you have to follow a proper technique.

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Here is how to proceed: 

Begin By Washing Your Tablecloth

wash with heat

The first thing you should do after using your tablecloths is to wash and dry them. 

You may have to use a different technique to wash depending on the material of your tablecloth.

However, a few modern washers now provide a permanent press setting that actually works quite well. 

When combined with a slow spin cycle, this heat setting can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases while also preventing their formation.

It is reasonable to expect that many washing machines will offer a permanent-press setting that achieves the same results.

But, some models may not support it too, so you have to be mindful of it. 

What To Consider?

Cleaning these materials requires no special care or attention, and they may be washed together with your regular loads.

But you should not wash them with the kids’ soccer outfits or anything else that is not 100% cotton.

material type

When doing laundry, it is best to group items made of the same material together.

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For example, to prevent damage to the embroidery or lace edging, wash your table linens separately from the rest of your laundry.

You should also remember to run the usual cycle with hot water followed by a cold rinse for the best results.

Tip: Be sure to keep the top of your table linen folded inward before storage to help protect its color. 

Make Sure To Dry It Properly

When the washing machine completes the cycle, immediately move your tablecloth to the dryer.

The tablecloths should be quickly retrieved from the dryer once the cycle is complete. 

dry it properly

More creases will form on the tablecloths if you leave them in the washing machine or dryer for too long.

Be sure to change the washing machine and dryer settings if your tablecloth is composed of a potentially shrinkable fabric.

Tip: Using a cardboard tube to store your tablecloth is a great idea but opt for acid-free cardboard to avoid causing any discoloration. 

Wrap It Around A Tube

Following these washing and drying instructions will ensure that your tablecloths remain wrinkle-free while they are stored.

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Now, you have to fold it properly, and that is when you can stick to a rolling method, as it produces significantly more refined outcomes. 

How To Do It?

wrap it around

Get yourself a long cardboard tube that you can use to roll up your tablecloth around first.

All tablecloth shapes, including round tablecloths, can benefit from this method.

Cardboard tubes of the heavy-duty variety are commonly used to store papers, textiles, and plastics.

You may get these circular tubes from a variety of other sources, like hobby shops.

Once you have the tube, you should carefully and slowly wrap your tablecloth around it.

The tablecloth will need to be folded in half or thirds so that it can be rolled up and stored on the cardboard tube.

It may seem a bit tricky but it is not. And once you have rolled it, your tablecloth will surely look sleek and freshly ironed whenever you use it again. 

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Store It Properly

Being able to wrap your tablecloth around a tube is half the battle. You still need to store it in the right place using the correct technique.

store table cloth properly

The good thing with this rolling method is that it allows you to store your tablecloth standing up or down.

You just need to ensure that it does not get squished against another item or material to stay wrinkle-free. 

What Are Your Options For Storing Tablecloths Without Wrinkling?

For starters, you can use a piece of furniture specifically made for storing table linens in your dining area. This is the simplest and most obvious option.

China cabinets with drawers work just fine, and so do buffet tables. 

Both can be found in a wide variety of places, including antique stores, yard sales, estate sales, and vintage and used furniture shops.

Often, the vintage items can be restored to fit in with the rest of your decor.

Tip: It is okay to hang your tablecloths if you need them often but use padded hangers to avoid creases in your table linen. 

What Are Some Other Alternatives For Storing Tablecloths?

storage alternatives

Some less obvious options include a vintage pie safe, which is essentially a dining table with its own built-in storage, a bench with a hinged top, and so on.

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The best pie safes offer multiple levels of storage. Invest in decorative wire or wicker baskets to make use of the shelf space. 

Dresser drawers are also ideal for stowing linen, while the larger drawers may house anything from tablecloths to coasters.

Although the drawers in an armoire are convenient for storing smaller objects, you can use the space intended for hanging garments to store table linens.

chest drawer

Other than these, you can try some other options too.

For instance:

  • A rolled tablecloth, table runner, or placemat can be stashed in each wine cubby.
  • You can use a new shoe bin to store a tablecloth or runner.
  • A discarded baby crib with rails can be used to store tablecloths and runners.
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What’s more, doors are just a waste of storage space. Towel bars and shoe racks are practical places to store tablecloths and napkins. 

Towel racks are ideal for hanging bulky table linens and runners, while shoe racks are perfect for stowing away smaller items like placemats. 

How Do You Transport Round Tablecloth Without Wrinkling?

how to transport round table cloth

You usually need to stick to the same techniques for all sorts of tablecloths. 

But, if you have a round tablecloth, you may want to try a different folding technique for better effects.

For instance:

  1. Spread the cloth out on a smooth, clean table.
  2. Next, fold it in half so that you have a half circle.
  3. To make a long rectangle, fold the tablecloth in half lengthwise.
  4. Now, bring the rounded edge to the flat folded edge. 
  5. Fold the tablecloth lengthwise to create a smaller rectangle.
  6. Now, carefully join the ends of your tablecloth.
  7. Fold the rectangle tablecloth in half lengthwise again.
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The tablecloth can either be left folded over once like this for storage or folded smaller to fit into a more compact container. 


If you want to store your tablecloth in a compact square that will fit in most containers, simply fold it one more time.

fold tablecloths

Also, keep in mind that if you want to store your round tablecloth for a long time, you should refold them after a while. This helps prevent wear and tear in one area.

Tip: Do not stick to plastic when covering your hung tablecloths and go with a pillowcase instead for better protection. 


Learning how to transport tablecloths without wrinkling can make your life easier.

Ideally, you need to wash your tablecloth, dry it, and then store it in a rolled state. 

The rolling method also makes it easier to transport your tablecloths no matter where you are. 

Just keep in mind that different styles and textures in tablecloths warrant greater attention when storing and transporting table linen.