down pillow smells after washing
Kristina Davis

Are you tired of down pillow smells after washing? Don’t worry because we’ve got the trick to get rid of these foul odors. Below, we’ll tell you the number one reason why your down pillow smells bad after a good wash.

We’ll also give you a step-by-step tutorial on what to do when this happens.

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So, if you’re ready to get rid of that foul odor from your down pillow, then make sure to continue reading.

The Reason Down Pillow Smells After Washing

Many homeowners resort to placing pillows in their bedroom or living area to make them more welcoming and comfortable. One attractive choice for this is down pillows.

Compared to the usual feather or cotton pillow, down is made from the under-feathers of ducks and goose. Because of this, they retain their softness and fluffiness over the years.

But for that to happen, you’ll need to give them a good wash at least twice a year.

Now, don’t worry because laundering your down pillow is easy. However, it may sometimes release a farmyard or poop smell after. It can also host mildew, mold, or even dust mites when washed improperly.

So, knowing the main culprit for these foul odors may save you from all the hassle later on. Here’s why your down pillow smells unpleasant after washing.

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Why Does It Smell Bad?

The main reason why your down pillow smells bad after washing is that its feather stuffing aren’t completely dry yet. When this happens, they may release farmyard or poop smells in your room.

But besides this main culprit, there are other minor reasons why your down pillow may be smelly. We’ll give you a short rundown of these things below.

Body Fluids

Sweat and saliva can slip through your casing and eventually stay in contact with your pillow stuffing. Our body oils may also stick to our pillow.

Because of these fluids, your down pillow remains damp and emits unpleasant smells. It can also turn yellow because of these things.

Natural Oil

Down stuffing contains remnant oils from its feathers. So, when exposed to prolonged heat or moisture, it may release unpleasant odors.

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This is usually the case for duck feather fillings because of their higher oil concentration.

Remove My Pillow Smells After Washing

remove my pillow smells after washing

Several people choose not to wash their pillows because they may lose their fluffiness. But this is not the case for your down pillow.

You can wash them over and over again without worrying about their consequences. They also fit in most washing machines, so cleaning them is easy.

However, you still need to be aware of the right approach to get them rinsed and dried. Otherwise, your down pillow will release foul odors.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to wash and maintain their softness.

Step 1 – Repair your Pillow

The first step is to examine your down for damages. Remove its pillowcase and protector first and check for loose stitching or rips. If there are any, sew the seams immediately.

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Otherwise, the tears may get bigger and cause the feather stuffing to come out once placed in the washing machine.

Step 2 – Place Pillows into your Washing Machine

After repairing your pillow, place it vertically into your top-loading or front-loading machine. We also recommend washing two to four down pillows together, depending on your appliance’s size and space.

But if you don’t have a spare down pillow, you can always use other types of pillows instead. Just refrain from washing latex or memory foam because they may become lumpy.

Alternatively, you can also use towels to balance them inside your washing machine.

Step 3 – Add Liquid Detergent

For the next step, we suggest adding liquid soap to your machine. Don’t use powdered detergent because it may leave some residue on your pillows.

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On top of this, make sure not to put too much soap because you may have a more difficult time rinsing them later.

If you want to whiten your pillows, you can also add non-chlorine bleach to your washing machine. But if you don’t have the time to buy one in the store, you can use vinegar and baking soda instead.

We also don’t suggest adding fabric softener because it may reduce the fluffiness of your down pillows.

Step 4 – Start your Washing Machine

Once you’ve prepared everything, it’s now time to give your down pillows a good wash. To do this, bring your top-loading or front-loading machine into a gentle cycle and set its temperature to warm. After that, turn on your washing machine.

Step 5 – Rinse your Pillows Again

After your first wash cycle, make sure to rinse your down pillows again. Just add another rinse cycle to your top-loading or front-loading machine.

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Make sure to do this because this step will ensure that all your liquid soap is gone.

Step 6 – Dry your Pillow

Lastly, you’ll need to dry your down pillows thoroughly before you can start using them again. Remember that if they aren’t dry, they’ll release awful smells and may even host mildew or molds.

Fortunately, there are two easy methods for drying your pillows. You can either choose to place them in a dryer or have them air-dried instead.

Regardless of what approach you pick, here’s how to do them the right way.

Through Air Drying

Air drying is a natural and effective yet time-consuming approach to get your pillows dry. However, we recommend doing this method if you’re scared of putting them back in the laundry again.

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Just place your down pillows under the sun and leave them outside for around 24 hours. Make sure not to twist or wring them to avoid damages.

Through A Dryer

Alternatively, you can use a dryer with low heat to dry your down pillows. This approach is more efficient than air-drying.

You can also add one to three tennis or dryer balls to quicken the process. On top of that, they also prevent lumps on your pillows.

For this method, place two towels between your pillows and gently press down to remove some moisture. Next, hand fluff them and put them into a dryer. Add the tennis or dryer balls and set your machine to low heat.

Make sure to check your dryer every 15 minutes. You’ll know whether your pillows are dry if they’re soft and warm when pressed.

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If not, hand fluff them again and put them back into the dryer for another 15 minutes.

Final Words

Having down pillows can make any home look stylish and luxurious. Aside from their fluffiness and softness, down pillows are easy to wash and maintain.

All you need is to wash and dry them in your washing machine at low heat.

But at the same time, it can be frustrating is down pillow smells after washing. This guide ensures you fix this issue without much worry.

But remember that they will emit unpleasant smells if the feather stuffings aren’t completely dry.

So before placing them back into your bedroom or living space, make sure to have them dried thoroughly.

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