how to keep pillows from falling behind bed
Kristina Davis

Do you want to learn how to keep pillows from falling behind bed? Isn’t it puzzling why this happens even when you’re there?

It’s pretty annoying and discomforting to see one or two of your pillows missing, but I got you!

I tried digging deep into this further and decided to uncover how I can keep this from happening nightly. As it turns out, it was easier and a lot simpler than most of us expected.

You can prevent pillows from falling off behind your bed by ensuring that the bed’s position is just right. Then, install extra material to prevent them from falling off, change to a non-slippery pillowcase, and arrange your mattress properly in accordance with the bedside table and wall.

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Why Do My Pillows Fall Off From My Bed?

why does pillow fall

In researching it further, I found out that it’s not always your fault that the pillows constantly fall behind your bed.

Sometimes, it’s because of how it’s set up and positioned. Here are the most common reasons why your pillows fall from your bed.

Small Bed Size

If you have a small-sized bed that does not fit you well, you could fall off. The same thing applies to whatever things are on your bed like pillows, comforters, and even blankets.

Make sure that your bed is big enough for whoever will be using it, while considering all things that would be used, including pillows, blankets, and comforters.

Bed Positioning and Spacing

position and space

One of the most common reasons why your pillows fall behind the bed is because of their position.

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So, one thing you can do to keep pillows from falling behind bed is to arrange the position of the bed frame against the wall.

I’m not a person who likes to keep the bed touching the wall. Moreover, our bed does not have a headboard, so there’s no extra support atop the bed.

Therefore, I needed to position it strategically so that the pillows wouldn’t fall even if they were extended far out the bed’s edges.

Your Movement While Sleeping

Another common reason why pillows, blankets, and even comforters fall behind the bed is because of how you move while sleeping.

This, together with the magical work of gravity, is enough to make things fall behind and at the side of the bed.

The only solution to this specific cause is, of course, a larger bed.

Slippery Pillowcase

a slippery pillowcase

Yes, slippery pillowcases are a thing. In case you didn’t know, you can purchase pillowcases made from silk and satin, and they can be slippery.

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I recall the first pillowcases I bought for my first-ever house – they were nylon, which is the closest thing to silk.

When it’s too windy, they tend to slide off by themselves because my pillows were that fluffy!

And so, this is also a common reason for your pillows to regularly fall from your bed even without your intervention.

That being said, what can you do to keep your pillows on your bed? What is the best and most reliable solution for it?

How to Keep Pillows From Falling Behind Bed?

While you can do many things to prevent this from happening, I was able to find a one-stop solution.

This is a combination of different methods and processes from people who experienced it in the past.

how to prevent pillow from falling
Note: Follow them carefully, and never worry about your pillows every morning ever again!

Step #1: Check Your Bed Size

First things first – check your bed or mattress. If the mattress does not fit the bed frame well, there will really be some type of gap between them.

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So, naturally, the pillows will slide down at any point while you’re using them.

My bed is a queen, and naturally, it should just fit me and my partner, right? But no, that is not the case. We have 6 pillows, 2 for me and 4 for my partner.

Because of this, even though the size is just right for us, I constantly see pillows falling on the floor.

Tip: Consider the size of the bed, as well as the number of pillows you’re using.

Step #2: Reposition the Bed Properly

reposition bed

The next thing you want to do is to properly reposition the bed, especially if you don’t have a bed frame.

Make sure that the gap between the wall and the frame is not too much that pillows would just drop off on the floor.

According to Houzz UK, it’s fine to place your bed against the wall if, in any case, you don’t need to access the part you’ll stick to the wall.

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If you’re not comfortable with that, allow a space or gap of about 18 cm from the wall.

Moving the Mattress Closer to the Headboard

Should you have a headboard and you’re not comfortable with the space, you can try moving the mattress closer to the top part of the headboard.

This will help close the space and restrict the pillows from falling beneath the frame.

Step #3: Use Extra Material to Prevent the Fall

extra material to prevent fall

Then, what you want to do next is to use another material to prevent your pillows from falling down.

My personal choice for this is to utilize anti-slip mats. They help keep our pillows in the same position even if we move during our sleep!

Apart from that, here are some other things you can use to somehow stop your pillows from falling behind your bed. 

Guard Rails or Bumpers

Typically used for babies and children, guard rails or bumper rails are purposely used to keep children from falling from the bed. However, people use them to guard pillows against falling, too.

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Anti-Slip Mats
use antislip mats

Anti-slip mats work like magic when you position and place them properly just beneath your pillow.

Your pillows won’t be able to move freely because they’ll be suppressed by the mats.

But do take note that it can still slip into a different position from time to time.

Door Snakes

Door snakes are soft tubes made of cloth and are filled with heavy, but soft material.

It’s something you can place near the headboard to keep your pillows from falling.

Place it below the bed sheet so that it doesn’t mess with the aesthetics of your bedroom!

Pillow Straps
the pillow straps

Lastly, you can use pillow straps to keep your pillows firmly in place. This would only be for pillows where you’ll lay your head on, though.

If you sleep on the side and you want a pillow over your leg, pillow straps wouldn’t be advisable.

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I tried this once and I always feel the strap on my head when I lie down, and I’m kind of sensitive about things like that so I didn’t continue using it.

Note: These are among the best things and materials you can use to keep your pillows from falling behind your bed.

Step #4: Change Your Bed Sheets and Pillowcases 

Regardless of whatever you use, if either your pillowcases or bed sheets are slippery, falling would be effortless as they can slide out.

change pillowcase

So, for a long-term, effective, and indefinite solution, change your cases and sheets to something that’s stiffer and more textured.

It doesn’t have to be rough or sandy per se, just enough so the pillowcases and bedsheets don’t slide off.

Step #5: Install a Pillow Wedge

If you have a headboard and the issue is your pillows falling between the gap of the headboard and the mattress, you can install a pillow wedge.

This will keep your pillows from falling down the frame. Other than pillows, this can also salvage your phones, glasses, books, and other things you bring to bed.

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Can I Use Heavy Pillows to Keep Them From Falling Under the Bed?

can use heavy pillows

During my research, I found a couple of heavy, weighted, and flat-bottom pillows that sparked my interest.

I found out that unlike regular cotton and feather pillows, weighted pillows aren’t moved that easily.

One issue I found, though, was that they’re not as fluffy and as cozy as regular pillows.

Yes, they’re heavy and they can’t easily be moved, especially by a sleeping person, but they’re not as comfortable and as fluffy as feather and cotton pillows.

Say Goodbye to Pillows on the Floor in the Morning

Want to learn how to keep pillows from falling behind the bed? Do you loathe waking up with a missing pillow?

Make sure to follow this method and I can guarantee that you won’t stress about how your pillows are scattered on the floor when you wake up!