is it bad to sleep on a bed without sheets
Kristina Davis

One day this question kept going off in my head like an alarm; Is it bad to sleep on a bed without sheets? For a long time, that didn’t bother me.

However, it would, later on, cross my mind how weird and awkward that was. I sometimes sleep on my mattress bare, without bothering to lay the bedsheets.

I have been to places and hotel rooms and viewed the real estate markets and houses with amazing interior decor.

I learned that bedsheets add extra flavor to your bedroom, and it is proper for anyone to have bedsheets on their mattress.

Some of us are totally comfortable and enjoy sleeping on our mattresses without having to spread the bedsheets. But for the common good, sleeping on bedsheets is amazing. It makes your bed more comfortable and warm.

Why Sleep on a Bed Without Sheets?

sleep without bedsheet

Why do you think it is bad to sleep on a bed without sheets? Do you enjoy a good night’s sleep with your bed sheets on or not? I am sure there are mixed reactions to that.

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This article takes you through the reasons why it is bad to sleep on a bed without bedsheets.

Before we get to that, why would anyone want to sleep on a bare mattress? We are not criticizing this move. The reasons are valid, anything can happen.

Here are reasons why people tend to sleep on beds without bedsheets.


Covering your mattress with a bed sheet may feel a hell lot harder when you’re tired from a long day’s work.

On most occasions, I jumped to my bed without having to make the sheets.

I would be so tired to even get my shoes out of my feet and would sleep with my legs hanging outside the bed.

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cause of fatigue

Fatigue is common in everyone. We have so many activities to undertake during the day and when we get to our homes, all we want to do is have a meal and sleep.

To have the brain relax and cool off together.


It is true that being so lazy to undertake this task can lead to anyone sleeping on a bare mattress. Laziness could be a result of fatigue. 

Also, when the sheets are so dirty,  lazy people tend to dump them in the basin and fail to wash them all together.

Having a single pair of bed sheets also makes most people opt for the bare mattress when the pair is dirty.

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a culture

We have made it a tradition in recent days to sleep on a mattress without the bedsheets. It is some sort of fashion or style.

Most people have learned this from their friends or from T. V.  Copying this practice becomes a habit and we end up making it a normal thing to do. 

This however may be reasons that may warrant people to sleep on a mattress without bedsheets. 

The reasons could be right but the effects are detrimental.

Sleeping on a bare mattress exposes anyone to a series of infections.  You may not also enjoy your sleep if the mattress is made out of fabric that tickles the skin.

Why Is It Bad To Sleep On A Bed Without Sheets?

why is it bad to sleep


Although mattresses today come packed with super covers, the comfort these covers provide is unmatched by that of bedsheets. 

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Bedsheets have been designed to make you sleep soundly like a child. Most bed sheets have been made from fabrics that guarantee you a good night’s warmth.

They are soft and cozy and you do not want your sleep to be disrupted in the middle of the night because of an uncomfortable mattress.

You enjoy your sleep to the maximum, have good dreams, and are not tickled nor prickled. 

Then apart from having a mattress of the perfect density and size, these are factors that contribute to how comfortable your sleep shall be.

Makes Your Mattress Lifespan Shorter

makes lifespan shorter

Your good high-density mattress should last at least 5-10years.

You may be wondering; is it bad to sleep on a mattress without sheets? Well, sleeping on a bare mattress sentimentally shortens its life span.

While sleeping, the human body releases a lot of dirt and sheds dead cells and bacteria that thrive in the mattress if not regularly washed. 

This bacteria eats up your mattress putting its life on the verge of wearing out.


We all sweat during the night, we may even jump to our beds with relatively dirty clothes. 

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In doing so, the mattress is stained, and washing a mattress isn’t a walk in the park.

In the case of bed sheets, it is easier and more economical to wash stained ones as compared to the mattress. 

prone to stains

Sleeping on a bare mattress without the bedsheets, therefore, exposes it to serious stains.

Nonetheless, we may not regularly wash the mattress covers as we may with bedsheets.  Left this way, the stains accumulate hence making the mattress ugly and dirty. 

Leads to Skin Problems

Mattresses are produced by companies that use chemicals in the processes of manufacture.  I doubt they are washed or fumigated before being released to the market. 

Bed sheets provide a layer of cover between the mattress and your body. When you choose not to value the bedsheets, you expose your skin to serious problems.

Tip: Our bodies sweat during the night. This sweat left in the mattress unwashed and undried starts to harbor bacteria. You may start to have itchy skin and rashes all over your body.

Sex Is Less Pleasurable on a Bare Mattress

sex less pleasurable

Sex happens and there is nothing to hide. For sex to be pleasurable, the environment dictates, from a quiet room, and cool and clean bodies to the beds.

Now having sex on a bare mattress doesn’t just go down well with me. With all of us.  Also, during sex, our bodies release fluids and we sweat in the process. Yes, we sweat.

These fluids if they get to the mattress make it uncomfortable. 

Personally, I’ve had to turn and toss my mattress upside down to conceal the fluids. Little did I know that embracing bed sheets would save me the shame of “our” own body fluids.

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Bed sheets are easier to remove, wash or replace as compared to the mattress. 

You would need to plan for that well, undress the mattress, buy lots of soap and use lots of water to wash your mattress or the heavy covers.

In case the sunlight is down, then that would take days to dry it.

Note: Bedsheets have been around since time immemorial. They have been dated to the 15nth century.

The Bad Stench from the Mattress

mattress bad stench

Mattresses may have a stench that is not easy to notice. Until when you sleep on it bare, and your nose is exposed and close to it. 

The bad stench from mattresses may be a result of the sweat we release, body odors, jelly applied on the skin, and the chemicals used in the manufacture of these mattresses. 

The bad stench emanating from the mattress will keep you up all night.  There won’t be comfortable, and you will keep turning without sleep.

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Folks, Is it Bad to sleep on a bed without sheets?  Or you still are comfortable with the bare mattress, nobody ever sleeps soundly on a bare mattress, neither me nor you.

I would, later on, find out why I badly needed bed sheets for my mattress.

Since then, I have been having a good night’s sleep, never had skin rashes or itchy skin, my mattress hasn’t shown any signs of wearing out and all this makes me so happy.

Taking a break from a day of busy schedules should transcend to a cozy bedroom.

The lights should be dim or turned off, the environment clean, clean bedding, and most importantly, the bedsheets.

I wouldn’t imagine ever going to bed again without bedsheets, that would be a night in hell.