how to protect velvet sofa
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Knowing how to protect velvet sofa is an ideal way to get started after acquiring a new sofa.

Has it ever crossed your mind that you ought to protect your velvet sofa if it is to last longer? That can be done in very simple ways.

Velvet Sofas as the name suggests are made from velvet, a fabric originally made from silk or cotton with thick but short piles. Also, velvet can be made from soft animals’ skin such as the antlers of a deer.

How you protect your velvet sofa determines how long it stays in good shape. There are several ways to do so.

If you are looking forward to protecting your velvet couch, then this is the best place to draw the data you need before venturing into velvet couch protection.

To protect a velvet sofa, you need to dog-proof or cat-proof it using covers made of tough fabric. It is best to protect it by keeping at bay all stains and washing them off as soon as they occur to avoid them sticking to the fabric.

How You Could Be Ruining Your Velvet Sofa

how could ruin velvet sofa

I mean it when I say I have never valued any furniture in my home as much as I do for Velvet sofas. In fact, my kids are jealous of them.

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They feel they receive so much attention from me. But hey! don’t judge me, I got them at a fortune.

One day they will remember me and look at the velvet couch and say; mummy loved you, girls! Then maybe that way, they will still value them as I did.

Huh! I am not thinking about passing anyway.

Of all the furniture in my house, I look up to my velvet sofas a lot. I understand how long I expect them to live and I won’t let anything ruin them.

I have even told my heavy daughters to not just sit in the same spot every day. They don’t get it! They even afford to sleep on it. These girls want the velvet couch to wear out prematurely.

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That annoys me.

Below are some practices that may ruin your velvet sofa:

Jumping On to It

jumping on sofa

I know, the velvet sofa can be cozy, but jumping onto it is an insult to it.

See, you are way heavy, even when you are not, you could break the wooden frames.

Now, when you break the frames, you get squeaks and less supportiveness from the couch, and then you lose it.

Sleeping On to It

I cannot underscore the fact that sofas may become very humble resting places once it becomes a tradition.

But unlike beds, they have not been built to take on the full weight of the entire body, so if you sleep on the velvet, you put its lifespan on the line.

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It might be fine if we are relaxing just for a while, but if you want to sleep, then move to the bed. The velvet sofa may not be the best place to sleep.

Sitting at the Same Spot

sit on same spot

That would be me, however much I have complained of my daughters doing the same.

I can’t help sitting at the same spot, especially when I am watching Tv,  although it provides me a clear and restful view, it kills the velvet slowly.

Other habits that may be reducing the life span of the couch are as follows.

  • Failing to clean it.
  • Using the wrong cleaner
  • Forgetting to vacuum the sofa.

Top Expert Tips That Will Make Your Velvet Sofa Last Longer

top experts tip

How would you protect your velvet sofa?

How to protect velvet sofa from cats, and how to protect velvet sofa from dogs has been a topic of serious concern in velvet protection.

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But again, it has been seriously neglected.

You must be in dire ambition and desire to see yours last for years, fifteen, twenty, or a lot more. There is hope for it.

And the only way to hope for the protection is if you follow the tips we provide you in this article. There aren’t many, and neither are they difficult.

And so below are the surest ways that will help your velvet sofa last longer.

Tip #1: Keep Cats and Dogs at Bay

Cats and dogs love the cozy life, they sleep for most of their time, and the velvet in your home might well be the most attractive point for their nap.

But that shouldn’t be let become the destructive agent of your velvet sofa.

If they in any way contribute to the damage of your velvet, then time is the night that you stopped them.

Should We Restrict Our Pets from the Velvet Sofa?
restrict pet from velvet sofa

But again, some of us might be obsessed with our pets, we may want them all around us, to be free on the couches and the beds.

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In our homes, pets are treated as our equals, with a lot of protection and love for them.

That is amazing. However, that doesn’t have to let them interfere with the velvet sofa.

Them lying on it is totally okay, but while at it, train your cats or dogs to respect your velvet, they should not shake off their fur nor bruise the velvet with their claws.

But if they aren’t trainable, then avoid them on the velvet as much as you can.

Tip: A little protection for the velvet couch should be enacted.
Ways you can protect your velvet sofa from pet damage
  1. Dog proofing or cat proofing your velvet sofa by using covers with tough fabric.
  2. Train the dogs and cats to not bruise the velvets.
  3. Have tapes that pick up fur.

Tip #2: Clean All Stains as Soon as They Occur

clean up all stains

Stain build-up on a velvet sofa may become tough to clean if left unattended for a long time, even though velvet comprises stain repellents.

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It is best to protect it by washing the stains off as soon as they stain to avoid them sticking to the fabric.

Stains can occur from spills, dirty clothes, and legs, or even dirty dogs and cats.

If you desire the velvet to last longer, then ignorance shouldn’t be your habit. Do not wait to take action on the stain while it is still light.

Move-in with a vacuum cleaner, or instead, use an absorbent towel to remove all the stains. Then leave it to completely dry before going back to using your sofa.

Tip #3: Be on the Lookout for Velvet Fading

Have you ever thought of how fading could affect your velvet sofa? It hardly crosses our minds that fading poses a great danger to the life of the velvet.

Could be because it is located in your living room where rays from the sun, through the window reach off for a couple of hours in the day.

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velvet fading

Or, you are using strong detergents with bleaching and fading impact on the velvet.

So, if you are looking for how to protect the velvet and see it last a lot longer, then your efforts will save the situation.

That will be easy, all you are required to do is move the velvet away from the sun or use a cover while there are sun rays.

In the event that the main reason the color fades is the washing powder you use. Reconsider your opinions and use a slightly friendlier option.

Tip #4: Go Slow on the Velvet Sofa

By going slow to it, we mean that you need to abandon all mannerisms that may cause physical damage to the sofa.

From it breaking to becoming squeaky, avoid sleeping on it, jumping on it, and sitting in the same position always.

Tip #5: Clean It Regularly

regular cleaning

Nothing keeps your velvet sofa last longer than cleaning it regularly.

While cleaning, you come into contact with all hidden areas, reveal any problems with the sofa, and deploy mechanisms to take it back to normalcy.

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Cleaning it pays well, all the dirt that may become bad stains is scrubbed off. The Vacuum cleaner is the most reliable way to clean your velvet sofa.


Being able to know how to protect velvet sofa is an easy and useful undertaking for the good of your velvet.

This article has provided you with tips that will see your velvet sofa last longer than you would imagine.

The main cause of damage to velvet is you, and your pets. But, we know pets are sociable animals, and they may be all over us.

Use the techniques in this article to keep them at bay so that they do not spoil the velvet.

And to you, mannerisms shouldn’t be the death of your velvet, desist from sitting at one point, sleeping on the couch, or jumping onto it.

Clean it regularly, using the desirable methods. To more years of your velvet sofas folks.