how to identify milo baughman furniture
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Well lucky you! In this article, I’ll be teaching you how to identify Milo Baughman furniture.

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As a vintage furniture enthusiast or basically someone just looking to find good quality furniture.

You’ve probably stumbled upon a remarkable antique furniture piece and wondered if it’s Milo Baughman?

Milo Baughman was one of the leading furniture designers of the mid-20th century. With beautiful and aesthetically pleasing designs, his works were mostly depicted, possessing a  certain “Modern Carlifinian” style.

When searching for Milo Baughman vintage furniture, be sure to check for encasing metal bar frames around the lounge chair or sofa.

To kick off this article on identifying Milo Baughman furniture, a brief introduction to Milo Baughman furniture would be required.

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So, Who is Milo Baughman?

who is milo baughman

So we obviously know he was a furniture designer, but not just any furniture designer. Milo Baughman was a design prodigy.

At a very young age of 13, Milo Baughman was asked by his parents to design the exterior and interior of their then newly built home.

Doing a remarkable job, young Milo became interested in all things design.

Believing that great furniture should always look good from behind as much as it does from the front, Milo Baughman-style furniture is still being produced today by Thayer Coggin.

Milo Baughman furniture became popular in the late 1940 and early 1950s after he had established Milo Baughman Inc. A lot of great things happened for Milo Baughman in the year 1953.

Fact: One of such great things was his 50-year relationship with furniture giant Thayer Coggin Inc.

Who Did Milo Baughman Design For?

milo baughman clients

Up until his death in 2003, Milo Baughman did a couple of splendid designs for a couple of notable furniture companies of the mid- 20th century.

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Some of which include;

  • Glenn of California.
  • Mode Furniture.
  • Murray Furniture of Winchendon.
  • Pacific Iron.
  • Directional
  • George Kovacs
  • Drexel
  • Arch Gordon
  • Thayer Coggin

Of all the partnerships Milo Boughman had been involved in, the one with Thayer Coggin was his most notable.

The Milo Baughman and Thayer Coggin partnership

baughman and coggin partnership

Back in 1953, Thayer Coggin and Milo Baughman began a partnership that was going to last for as long as 50 years.

With the combination of Thayer Coggin’s building ingenuity and  Milo Baughman’s aesthetic designs, the two created truly iconic pieces that would shape Mid Century American furnishings.

During his time at Thayer Coggin Inc, Milo was given free rule to develop his streamlined and sensuous designs that are now being called ‘modern design classics’

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Milo Baughman Signature Designs

signature designs of baughman

Some of the truly remarkable pieces done by Milo Baughman during his time at Thayer Coggins include;

The Archie Lounge and Ottoman

This beautiful piece was created by Milo Baughman in 1965. This Mid-Century Vintage Lounge chair features a beautifully tailored upholstery and exposed wooden walnut frame that provides a blend of comfort and modern style.

The Chunky Milo

I personally like the name ‘Chunky Milo’. Originally designed in 1972, The Chunky Milo is another top favorite from the Milo Baughman Collection.

It features thick, dack bronze frames, luxury poly blend down seating, and padded arms.

Boldido Ottoman and Chair

bolidido ottoman

This beautiful piece was done in the year 1987. This piece was Milo’s interpretation of a womb chair.

The Boldido lounge chair does feature a highly intricately upholstered frame, an impressively tailored silhouette from all angles, and a polished stainless steel frame.

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Convenient inner armrests, contoured headrests, and this gently curved lounger tilted slightly towards the seat provide comfort and timeless appeal.

The Papa Roxy

Originally created by Milo Baughman in the year 1965, The papa Roxy swivels and reclining bath chairs are modern classics.

Featuring a  unique swivel mechanism and built-in lumbar support, the Papa Roxy is a comfortable and timeless lounge chair.

Various bases options such as brushed bronze (#1453113B), polished stainless steel, fully upholstered (#1453113), satin brass (#1453113SB), TC wood-finished maple (#1453113W), or all TC walnut finishes are available.

Finishing (#1453113WAL) All settings have a version of Papa Roxy.

The Back to Kansas Sectional

kansas sectional

Another wonderful design by Miro Bowman, the Back to Kansas Modular Sectional Sofa is a timeless, modern icon.

The Fred

The Fred’s chaise longue chair was one of the first design suggestions for Thayer Coggin when Milo Baughman and he first met in 1953.

It is a visionary mid-century modern classic. This very unique chaise lounge chair features a thin profile upholstered frame and a wedge-shaped steel leg base.

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The Sit Tight Sectional

sit tight sofa

This is another unique and beautiful piece created by Milo Baughman in the year 1982, the Sit Tight sofa is a contemporary curvy classic.

The soft, rounded shape of the sit tight offers both stylish elegance and delicate comfort.

With a 7.5-inch embedded base fully decorated with a snug seat and back made of brushed bronze or high-density foam, polished stainless steel, and fiber wrap.

‘The Sit Tight’ is impressive in any interior. Creates an artistic form

The Armless Z chair

Featuring an innovative Z-shaped base that gives a feeling of weightlessness, the Milo Baughman Z Lounger is a luxury eye-catcher.

Our Z Lounge Chair does feature a button-less luxurious tufted upholstery that is supported by either a brushed bronze base or a polished stainless steel base.

How to Identify Milo Baughman Furniture

identifying baughman furniture

So, from all these sofa designs listed above, you can tell that Milo Baughman’s Furniture style follows a truly classic but modern design that would still be relevant in modern-day and future days to come.

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Milo Baughman often said that good furniture should look great when viewed from both the front and the back.

The Milo Baughman trademark is a flat metal frame that usually surrounds sofas and lounge chairs.

Baughman’s swivel chair, which is often placed on a round brass pedestal, is also quite iconic.

As for his upholstery designs, Baughman’s luxury sofas, most especially his luxury sectionals, were synonymous with the lounge life of the Rat Pack in Hollywood in the 1970s  and are still valued for their comfort today.

Finally, in addition to glass and Metal, Milo Baughman’s tables, sideboards, and consoles made of burl wood are also very popular.

How to Identify Baughman’s Vintage Furniture

identying vintage creations

When Identifying Milo Baughman furniture vintage pieces, you might run into a little difficulty.

This is mainly because a lot of replicas were made of Milo Baughman furniture back in the day.

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Well, it helps to understand the professional background of Milo Baughman. Milo Baughman designed a lot of furniture for Thayer Coggin 

His work with Thayer Coggin lasted 50 years, so it’s safe to assume that a lot of Iconic pieces were designed there.

Tip: As a start, It would help to visit the Thayer Coggin website and peruse their furniture collection.

Milo Baughman also designed quality furniture pieces for other Furniture companies, Including the work done for Glenn and Pacific that earned him his title as the founder of the “California Modern” style.

Milo Baughman furniture can also be found in the homes of regularly published design Influencers from Martyn Lawrence to Nate Berkus.

So, browsing through your favorite design shelter publications will definitely expand your knowledge of vintage Milo Baughman.

So, How Much Does a Milo Baughman Furniture Cost?

how much is baughman furniture

Well, you’ve done your research on Milo Baughman furniture and are probably looking to own vintage Milo Baughman furniture.

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So how much does a Milo Baughman Furniture cost? Honestly, it all depends, it depends on the size, the type, time period, and most importantly, who’s selling. 

But getting a Milo Baughman furniture from Thayer Coggin today ranges between $350 to $43000.


Upon learning the guide on how to identify Milo Baughman furniture you already know what you should be looking for that particular piece that completes your living space, Milo Baughman furniture comes to mind.

With its beautiful classic-modern feel and aesthetics that suit your home or offices perfectly, it’s no surprise that the demand for Milo Baughman vintage furniture is quite high.

Hopefully, this article teaches you all you need to know when looking for authentic Milo Baughman furniture, quick and easy.

Remember to familiarize yourself with previous furniture designs made by Milo Baughman to get an edge when perusing furniture catalogs.

You can also check out our previous articles, you might learn something. For now, thanks for reading, have a great time!