smell of burning wood in house
Kristina Davis

The smell of burning wood in house sometimes has its good sides but more often than not, it is undesirable.

I mean not everyone wants their household smelling like burning wood all the time. 

After burning wood, the smoke particles infiltrate almost everything in the house, leaving the smell of burning wood behind.

Getting rid of the smell of burning wood in the house can be hard sometimes. 

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This is why this article would be dedicated to getting rid of that smell and leaving your house smelling like well, not burning wood. 

There are several ways to get rid of the smell of burning wood from using scented cleaning products to ventilations. Read along to know more ways how to!

How To Remove Smell Of Burning Wood In House

how to remove smell burning wood

The smell of burning wood, thankfully, is not smoke, which I might add would be very dangerous if that were the case.

As I said earlier, It is the smell that lingers on surfaces and household items after being exposed to burning wood or smoke. 

It could be because of a wood fire close to your house or something else. Either way, the smell of burning wood tends to cling to things and linger. 

The smell could last for about 2 weeks to months if not gotten rid of on time.

So here are the methods used in getting rid of the burning wood smell in your house.

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Method 1: Ventilation

The first method to consider before doing anything extreme is to allow ventilation in the house.

Let fresh air come in, and let the smell of burning wood go out. 

It is best to open the windows in the morning and evening to allow a cool breeze in. 

proper ventilation

The afternoon air might be hot, making the house hot, which would in turn, enhance the smell of burning wood. The ventilation method might not be as effective. 

This is because it wouldn’t fully eliminate the smell but it would reduce the smell of burning wood in the house considerably.

Method 2: Scented Candles And Air Fresheners

Using an air freshener and burning scented candles is also another easy way to get rid of the smell of burning wood in your household. 

You can make use of any scented candle of your choice, placing them in the corners of your house. 

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Air fresheners or aerosols fragrances should be placed in a place that has constant air flow like your windows for diffusion purposes.

Though it might not get rid of the full smell. It only masks the smell of burning wood for a while before the scent wears off. 

scented candles

After some time, the smell of burning wood resurfaces but it wouldn’t as strong as it was before.

Tip: Don't place the candles close to the windows or they would snuff out easily.

Method 3: Baking Soda And Vinegar 

This is a more intense approach to getting rid of smells in general.

And if there is one thing we have established, it is that the burning wood smell is intense and needs an intense approach.

Here are the steps involved.

Step #1: Make A Paste

The first thing to do is make a paste of baking soda and vinegar.

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Both should be in equal amounts when making the paste, so the ratio of baking soda to vinegar should be 1:1.

baking soda vinegar
Tip: If you are not a fan of the smell the paste produces, you can add some perfume oil to mask it.

Step #2: Apply And Wait

After successfully making the paste, you can then proceed to apply the paste on the floors, washable furniture, and walls.

Apply it to every other place you think you can apply. 

After the application, you are to wait for about thirty minutes to an hour to allow the paste to really set in.

Step #3: Wash Off

The washing part can be a little messy at times, so, I would advise you to make use of a soft cloth dipped in water.

If possible, use soap water to wipe rather than using a sponge to wash it off.

wash off the mixture
Tip: Be exceptionally careful with the walls and furniture when using the paste.

Step #4: Rinse And Dry

In case you decided to make use of a sponge, then you rinse off.

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If you make use of a cloth, all you have to do is use another cloth dipped in ordinary water to clean the washed surfaces. 

Then you dry it off with a dry cloth irrespective of the fact that you used a cloth or a sponge.

Method #4: Antiseptic And Scented Cleaning Product

This method is the most efficient of them all. It not only gets rid of the smell of burning wood, but it also leaves your house clean and disinfected. 

cleaning products

This method involves you cleaning every exposed and washable surface like you would normally do.

But this cleaning would be done with a scented cleaning agent and antiseptics.

Here are the steps involved in this method.

Step #1: Get Your Equipment Ready

You need a spray bottle, gloves for safety, and your cleaning agents.

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In case you don’t have scented cleaning agents, you can make use of perfume oils of your choice to mix with the soap. 

After you have all that you need, your antiseptic should be in a spray bottle.

You should also have a solution of soap and water and probably a few drops of perfume oil or air fresheners.

Step #2: Spray And Wash The Surfaces

For surfaces that are not washable, you make use of the antiseptic in the spray bottle to spray it.

spray and wash

For a washable surface, you use soap and water solution to wash those surfaces. You can make use of a sponge or foam when washing.

Step #3: Rinse And Repeat

In the places you washed, you would have to rinse and dry it.

But for the place sprayed with antiseptic, they would probably dry on their own but you can still make use of a dry cloth to clean it.

 After all this, I’m sure you would notice a considerable change in the smell of your house.

Note: If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can always repeat the process until you get your desired result.

How To Prevent Getting Burning Wood Smell In House

prevent burning wood smell

If you stay in places where wood fires are a frequent occurrence, then getting rid of the smell isn’t just enough. 

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They say prevention is better than cure, and that is a concept I hold dear to my heart.

It is pretty easy to prevent getting the smell of burning wood in your household compared to actually getting rid of it. 

Here are easy things to do to prevent getting the smell of burning wood in your household.

  • Always use scented cleaning products when cleaning your house.
  • Use antiseptic to clean your surfaces because they have a longer-lasting effect of keeping odors away.
  • Don’t open your windows during a wood fire if there is ever one happening around you.
Tip: All the ways listed might not always be effective but it is worth the try.
electric issues

Sometimes, the wood burning smell in house could be a result of electrical issues in the house.

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It could also be from the fireplace having excess soot. Both cases would require a professional to check.


The smell of burning wood in house can be choking and undesirable most of the time. Hence, being equipped with the knowledge of getting rid of it goes a long way. 

The methods listed above can be used to get rid of not just the smell of burning wood but also any undesirable smell in the house. 

We have finally gotten to the end of this article and we are now equipped with knowledge that I hope you put to good use.

I hope this article has been helpful. Thank you very much for your time and patience. Stay safe!