how to cool down a room with two fans
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In this blog post, we will guide you on how to cool down a room with two fans with so much ease.

However, has it crossed your mind that cooling down your room with two fans might save you the hot air threatening your peace?

If it has, then you might be hustling for ways to cool down a room with two fans.

I like the sense of your timing and selection of where to draw data. This is because you came to the right place at the right time!

Hang in there and stand a chance to learn how to abolish all the hot air from your space with clever yet simple tricks.

There are countless ways with which you can cool down a room with two fans.  It begins with the positioning and the setting to playing other little tricks.

How To Cool Down A Room With Two Fans

cool down room with two fans

Once it crosses your mind that you should use two fans to cool down your room, do not dispel that clever idea but instead conceptualize it and drive it to fruition.

I bet you did not choose to use two fans for the sake of it or as a showoff.

Even if it was, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. Two fans are a great way to cool off a very large room with very minimal ventilation.

Also, it could be with one air conditioner that doesn’t match up to it. Then a second shall be brought in to help the initial.

Steps To Cool Down a Room With Two Fans

steps to cool down

This obviously tells us that this article is not about knowing how to cool rooms with fans but rather how do you cool a room with two fans successfully.

It is quite simple, and you are in luck as we have real guidelines highlighted below to guide you on how to cool down a room with two fans.

Step #1: Organize Your Fan

In case there is a source of cooler air closer to the one with hot air, then, organize both fans in such a way that they all draw that cool air into the stuffy room.

Step #2: Increase The Level of Humidity

Use wet towels on windows for the fans to blow over to increase the levels of humidity in the room.

If the air is as well hotter outside, then trick the oscillation of air by getting one fan to draw in the air while the other draws it out.

Step #3: Circulate The Air

Make sure that you are not the one interested in how the air conditioning makes you feel rather than whether the whole room is air-conditioned.

While using two fans speeds up the rate of air conditioning, you might be tempted to stop when you feel your body cool.

Feeling the effect of the fan doesn’t mean that the entire room has been air-conditioned, therefore, keep on circulating cool air.

Once the air inside is cooler than the one outside, then you should turn off your fans.

What Is The Trick Behind This?

the trick behind

At the end of the day, the main trick on how to cool down a room with two fans is basically by having one fan propel the cooler air from the outside into the room.

While doing this, the other dispenses the warmer air to the outside.

If you are using two different fans bestowed with different capabilities, then it is much better.

Always make sure that the larger one with the greater power and speed takes up the output of cooler air into the outside atmosphere. 

Then the smaller and slower one should take up the input of cooler air.

How To Position Two Fans Used In Cooling One Room

Now that we know and understand how two fans can be used in cooling one room, how do we place them?

The fans are not just placed anywhere, they should be placed with respect to the duty they will be serving.

how to position

Both the one that will be taking hot air out of the room and that which shall be taking cooler air into the room must be located tactically.

Do you have an idea of how that is going to be done? Then this is how it should be done.

For The Fan That Takes The Warm Air Out

Remember, we said that the fan charged with fanning all the hot air away from the room must be the one bigger than its counterpart.

Although equally important, this fan plays a key role in expelling all unwanted air that causes discomfort and its location speaks volumes. Where would you locate yours?

Now, the fan blowing warm air out must be placed at the window.

Not just that, it should be placed facing out of the window so as to dispel all the hot stuffy air away from the room.

Tip: Keep all windows, doors, and crevices shut in the daytime if you reside in places with hot sun, to reduce the intake of hot air into your house.

Open the windows in the evening wide ajar when the sun has fully gone down and the air is cooler.

For the Fan Charged With Circulating Cool Air

charged with circulating air

As the fan facing outside the window pulls out all hot air, the fan that should be making you cool should by then be at its best.

However, that is also determined by how best it is located. Fans have a way of making us feel cool and comfortable.

As they oscillate, they speed up the evaporation of sweat from our skins which rewards us with a cooling sensation.

This is the cooling effect that is sought from the second fan.

When placed at the center of the room, at a raised section, or in a corner that enables it to supply the cooler air in the entire room, then you would notice a stunning cooling effect.

Tip: Beware that fans generate heat as they oscillate, therefore if they are running over a power supply that is in the same room as you.

Then it will be contributing to the hot air although that is almost unnoticeable.

What Would Happen If Two Fans Are Placed While Pointing Each Other?

two fans pointing each other...

First, this would be uncalled for. If you are using two fans in one room with the hope of cooling down the room, then such shenanigans shouldn’t be practiced.

Follow the directions that are desirable in placing the fans and that can never be while facing each other.

Now, if you really placed them facing each other, they would form a toroid.

This is a result of colliding air currents that will repel any friction in that area and hold back any light objects suspended in the air.

However, no matter what, two fans that are being used to cool down a room should never be placed while facing each other.

How Do Two Fans In a Room Work?

two fans in a room work

This blog post has expanded intensively on how two fans used in the same room function.

That is, one located at the window blows out all the hot air while the other centrally located inside the room circulates the cool air.

What Should Be The Distance Between Two Fans?

The shortest distance between two fans in one room should be 2 meters.

Similarly, the fan shouldn’t be so close to the ceiling or the walls. These distances are meant to promote the flow of air.

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This blog post has narrated how to cool down a room using two fans, which turns out to be so easy.

Our bodies are meant to respond to changes in temperature drastically, we will sweat when it is too hot and freeze when it is too cold. 

For a standard room, there must be a systematic flow of air that is cool and friendly. Shall you now use two fans to cool down your room correctly?