what can i put behind a reclining sofa
Kristina Davis

What can I put behind a reclining sofa is a question that bothers everyone looking to make a couch more comfortable. Reclining Sofas are designed to lean back so as to offer resting postures and comfort in a sloppy posture.

No way should a reclining sofa be put against the wall. It would be best if you allowed some extension for it to be able to lean back properly minus hitting against the wall, other furniture, or objects.

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Because you came to the right place, this blog post will present to you a number of things you can put behind a reclining couch to make it more comfortable.

But first, how do these recliners work?

You can put a stool, table, bookshelf, bench, music system, television set, poufs, shelves, end table, display cabinet, and bean bag behind a reclining sofa.

How Do Recliners Work?

how the recliners work

The occupant of many recliners operates them manually.

Pushing on the armrests while leaning back against the backrest is a common way to modify the recliner’s position, this is one of the best-selling couches on the market.

The person then adjusts the form and extends the footrest with their body weight. Some recliners include a lever for this, while others are completely manual.

Power recliners, as the name implies, enable you to recline by utilizing electric motors to modify the position of a chair at the touch of a button beneath it.

What to Put Behind A Reclining Sofa?

Now, what do you put behind the space left between the Recliner and the wall?

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Read along to find out what to put behind a reclining sofa.

Tip: A motorized recliner requires no physical effort to operate, making it ideal for the elderly or anyone with physical limitations or disabilities.

1. Stools

the stools

Stools are the top priority of what to put behind a reclining sofa. Stools to be installed behind it should be short and lovely ones.

They help to add more beauty to the living room and can be used as display areas for house decorations.

These stools can also be used when you have guests for a cup of coffee, as footstools for hanging and balancing your legs, or for Children can use as seats.

Tip: Footstools set behind the reclining sofa make the living room luxurious and comfy.

2. Benches

Since reclining sofas can never be set against the wall, there shall always be some space left between them and the wall. A bench is an excellent option to fill the gap left.

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Benches placed behind the reclining couch should be taller compared to it. Hence they can be used to display ornaments, photos, and flowers visibly behind the sofa.

This way, visitors’ attention shall be drawn away from the space behind the couch and fixated on what the bench behind has at the display.

3. A Table

try a table

Lovely tables can benefit from being put behind a reclining sofa. The table should as well be taller than the couch.

Tables help fill up the gap while providing more room and space to put other relics and objects you may want to display in the living room.

Remember to leave some little space between the table and sofa set and the table and wall.

As we’re trying to solve the puzzle ‘what can I put behind a reclining sofa’, let’s jump on the next which is the bookshelf.

4. Bookshelf

For the office or even your living room, a bookshelf is an excellent idea for what to put behind a reclining sofa.

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Bookshelves entice visitors while letting you collect the books of your liking into your living room.

It perfectly blends with style and storage.

When put behind the reclining couch, bookshelves speak of a sense of order and organization and provide your visitors with what to keep themselves busy as you embark in the kitchen to prepare a meal.

Tip: You need to ensure that the shelves are of the right size, and you collect only relevant books on the shelf, such as those children can read.

5. Music System

For music lovers, placing the system behind the reclining couch is the perfect way for you to fill up the gap behind it.

add music system

Also, this brings the system closer to where to sit, and you can play low volumes as you recline and enjoy the life in your living room.

Tip: The sub speakers need to be taller to be seen behind the sofa.

6. Television Set

Now you should be wondering and asking how you will be able to watch the television from this position. You may be thinking of the right place to place your television set.

Worry not because behind the reclining couch is one of the best places anyone can put the television.

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The reclining couch can always be adjusted to suit your watching positions. Nonetheless, it primarily provides space for you to sit back and relax while using your phone or laptop.

Tip: You can always use other seats present in the living room when you want to watch some TV.

7. Poufs

stack of poufs

Poufs are a good way to fill the space behind the reclining couch. They are low cushioned seats with no back, mainly used as footstools.

Place two to three of them behind it to save on the lurking space.

Tip: Arranging them in a row can give your living room a lovely outfit and add to it some décor.

8. Shelves

You may have to add shelves to the wall as well to remove the ambiguity of the space behind the reclining sofa.

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Shelves to be put behind the reclining sofa must not be too big, but instead, they should be much prettier and lovely.

add shelves

Shelves should be flat, rigid, and rectangular to enable you to support, store or display objects in the residence.

Objects to be displayed on the shelves must be keenly selected.

You may not have to display items such as medicines, kitchen utensils, or any other irrelevant ones behind the reclining sofa.

9. Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs have no problem being placed behind the reclining sofa.

Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, and Franco Teodoro invented the Sacco chair, often known as a bean bag chair, or just a beanbag (“Sacco” is Italian for “bag, sack”).

It is a huge cloth bag filled with polystyrene beans. Because the form of the object is determined by the user, the product is an example of an anatomic chair.

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These chairs bring about so much nostalgia for you and your kids. Consequently, your kids may use them to play hide and seek to owe to their squishy nature.

Tip: Long bean bags with a size almost to the one of your reclining couch are the most appropriate.

10. End Tables

add end table

Unlike usual tables, end tables are relatively more minor, typically placed beside a chair or the reclining couch.

End tables provide you with a convenient space for holding books, placing beverages and drinks, or adding more lighting lamps to your room.

End tables are vastly suitable when you are out of options on what you can put behind your reclining sofa.

Tip: End tables relatively accommodate the space left between the reclining sofa and the wall to hide any unwanted view of the living room.

11. Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are another great thing you can put behind the reclining sofa to improve the visual of your living room.

add display cabinets

Display cabinets are best if you really want to show off some of the luxurious things you have got in your living room.

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However, you do not have to stack the display cabinet with so many things. Instead, put those you believe will attract your visitors’ attention on display.


The puzzle of what can I put behind a reclining sofa has been met with eleven best options.

The choice of any of the many above falls back to you. Reclining sofa sets add value, comfort, and décor to your living room.

As a rule of the thumb, they should never be placed against the wall.

That means you will always need to go an extra mile to find something else to fit between the space that remains between the reclining sofa and the wall.