what cushions go with beige sofa
Kristina Davis

If you’ve recently bought a beige sofa for your new home, you probably wonder what cushions go with beige sofa.

Finding great cushions and pillows to decorate your new living room will make the space feel more put together and like your home.

You can pair almost anything with a beige couch, no matter what style or color scheme you’re going for.

Here are some of the best cushions to accentuate your beige sofa to give you some better ideas on what will look beautiful only on your new couch.

Since beige sofas are neutral in color, you can pair almost any type of cushion with them. From vibrant colors to patterns, you can't go wrong with pairing them with a beige sofa.

What Cushions Go With Beige Sofa?

cushions on beige sofa

Beige actually works great with almost any color, but richer colors often look better than pastels or gray tones. Let’s review what color cushions go with beige sofas best.

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Blue Throw Pillows

Various shades of blue will go perfectly with a beige sofa. If you’re thinking of adding some shades of blue to your couch, calming blues are a great option.

You can mix and match with pastel blues or deep cool blues to add a subtle color to your living room.

Calming blue throw pillows will make your couch feel inviting to anyone who stops by for a visit and will greet you when you get home from work or elsewhere.

Black Cushions

use a black cushion

A modern and minimalistic option for your beige couch is to go with black cushions. It may seem a little dark, but it looks fabulous on a lighter couch.

The easiest and most straightforward way to use black pillows on your beige sofa is to go with solid black.

You can choose any material you like, but velvet always makes a statement.

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Depending on your couch’s fabric, you may decide to go with a classic material that mimics the texture of the sofa.

Black and White Patterned Pillows

If you love the idea of black throw pillows on your couch but aren’t sure you like them without other colors, going with black and white cushions is a great compromise.

You can go with two solid black and two solid white pillows or opt for pillows with patterns.

Tip: The patterns will help create a modern aesthetic in your room and on your couch.

Pillows With Gold Accents

gold accent

There’s something about gold accents that really make a room pop and look elegant.

Gold looks stunning with beige, so why not add some gold pillows or pillows with gold accents to your beige couch?

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One of the most beautiful ways to style a couch this way is to use white pillows with gold splatters.

If you only want a little bit of gold on your couch, you can choose solid white cushions and two pillows with gold accents.

Some beige couches look a little grayer than others.

If that sounds like yours, gray pillows with gold accents are another way to add elegance to your sofa and living room.

Floral Cushions

a floral cushion

You can find couch cushions with subtle floral prints. There are several different floral designs to choose from, but you can choose whatever one you want since you have a neutral-colored couch.

Floral cushions look wonderful on beige sofas, and they look even better when you pair them with a subtle throw pillow in a color that you can find on the floral cushion.

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Textured Throw Pillows

Textured throw pillows are stunning on beige couches. No matter the texture, it adds dimension to your otherwise simple couch.

Tip: They look fabulous, but they feel great to touch when you're lounging on your sofa.

Deep Earth Tone Pillows

different tones of  earth color

Earth tones pair beautifully with beige couches. An Earth tone is any color that resembles shades of nature.

Deep earth tone pillows are great because they add some warmth to your living space and couch.

You can go with dark brown pillows or mix and match with various shades of brown to make your couch have dimension.

Hot Pink Pillows

It’s no secret that you can pair virtually any color with a beige couch. Hot pink pillows are a great way to add a feminine touch to your couch.

Tip: You can go with solid hot pink pillows or opt for pillows that have hot pink accents throughout.

Peach Cushions

peach colored cushions

For the spring and summertime, peach is a great color. Adding peach cushions to your beige couch adds a much-needed pop of color to your sofa without going overboard.

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Pastel peaches are ideal for this color couch, but you can also choose a vibrant option.

A great way to style peach cushions on a beige sofa is to pair pastel and bold peach pillows to make the cushions less monochromatic.

Geometric Throw Pillows

Some people think that beige is a dull color. One of the best ways to think of beige sofas is like they’re a blank canvas.

Adding geometric throw pillows to the couch is a way to create something beautiful and add a slight twinge of elegance.

geometric style cushions

The modern lines make the couch stand out.

You can go with neutral-toned pillows if you want something more subtle or brightly colored geometric patterns if you have an accent color in the room you’re placing the couch in.

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Leather Pillows

When pairing pillows with couches, most people only go with colors and forget to think about fabric.

If you want something a little unique that most people don’t do, leather pillows are the way to go.

You don’t have to have a leather beige couch to use leather pillows.

Even if you have a cloth couch, leather pillows can add something classic and exciting to your sofa.

Tip: The best part about leather pillows is that you can choose any color you want.

Burgundy and Maroon Cushions

burgundy and maroon cushions

Burgundy and maroon are two deep colors that look great on beige couches.

They add some warmth to the sofa and make a statement when you walk into the room.

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The colors are very similar with a red base, but their slight difference of having a purple or brown addition makes them different enough to add some contrast.

Bright Yellow Pillows

Yellow is yet another stunning color that will make your beige couch go from simple to welcoming.

Adding yellow throw pillows to your couch adds some sunshine to your home and can brighten up the room.

If you lack natural light in your living room or wherever you’re placing your couch, adding yellow pillows is a great way to bring warmth and brightness to the space.

Cream or Neutral Colored Pillows

cream cushions

Just because you have a beige couch doesn’t mean you have to choose bright cushions.

If you’ve never considered adding cream or light neutral colored pillows to your couch, you should.

These colors give off a minimalist aesthetic without sacrificing the ambiance of the room your couch is in.

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Holiday Throw Pillows

For the individuals who love going all out when decorating for various holidays, you’ll see several holiday or seasonal throw pillows at stores and online.

holiday throw pillow

Since you have a beige sofa, you can buy all the specific holiday throw pillows your heart desires.

For Valentine’s day, you can get heart pillows.

For those who celebrate Easter, pastels and pillows with bunnies and eggs will match perfectly.

Any holiday pillows will work!

Final Thoughts

What cushions go with a beige sofa? Pretty much everything! If you love to switch up the color scheme in their home, going with a beige sofa is a great option.

This neutral color allows you to pair almost any color or pattern cushion without worrying about matching.

You can go with calming blue pillows, gold accents, bold colors, or anything in between.

Regardless of your personal preference, you can’t go wrong with any of the above ideas for your beige couch.