how much weight can a sofa table hold
Kristina Davis

How much weight can a sofa table hold? Sofa tables are also called Console tables.

They serve a variety of purposes in your living room, including holding objects. However, there are weights these tables can hold that cannot exceed a certain limit lest they break.

Sofa tables can hold varied weights depending on a number of factors.

To help you understand the weights these tables can hold, based on various factors, this article takes a deep look at more than just what sofa tables can hold, but while still at it, it makes clear how much weights sofa tables can hold.

We are looking at ensuring you do not break your console table or make it reckless as a result of putting over it more weight than it can hold. 

Follow this article to the end to learn and know how much weight can a sofa table hold.

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Heavy-duty sofa tables can hold up to 300 pounds of weight which is approximately 135 kilograms, Medium weight sofa tables can hold anything of approximately 45 kilograms. Lightweight sofa tables can hold up to 50 pounds which is about 25 kilograms.

Do Sofa Tables Have Weight Limits?

sofa table have weight limits

Amidst determining how much weight a sofa table can hold, it is important that we determine whether they have limits.

This is what stands at the core of our analyses on sofa tables. Like all other home and office furniture, sofa tables have a weight limit.

It is from these limits that we discern what type of items we can place upon them and which ones we cannot.

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Universal standards approved weight limits between 10 to 500 pounds. However, the weight limits of these sofa tables are capable of varying depending on a few elements.

So, Why Do Sofa Tables Have Weight Limits?

The weight a big sofa table can hold is very different from that of a smaller one can.

Other factors such as the shape, the material used and the number of legs define these weight limits.

Say, for example, the material used in relation to the weight limit.

Generally, metallic instruments, carved from copper, silver, or aluminum are way stronger compared to wood.

why does it have weight limit

Similarly, hardwoods are stronger than softwoods. It is therefore upon you to discern which of these materials your sofa table is made from to be able to tell what weight limits it possesses. 

Also, there are heavy-duty console tables in the sofa tables market, these ones come with a reinforced weight limit over the rest.

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Now, since there is no industry benchmark to help you denote the weight limits of the sofa tables.

You can always presume these limits depending on the factors we have highlighted.

Fortunately, in the current age, manufacturers put weight limit tags on them. All along, make sure that you know the weight limits before making a purchase.  

Factors to Consider When Picking the Right Sofa Table

The Size of the Sofa Table

Choose a sofa table that is level with the top of the couch and does not extend past the edges by measuring the height and width of your sofa.

Any item you wish to put on top of the table should be deep enough to fit.

Items like lampshades should not be broader than the table, or they will be conspicuous over the sofa.

Consider the Placement

the placement

A sofa table is most commonly placed directly behind your sofa.

This gives the back of your couch a more appealing appearance and provides a platform for lamps, photographs, or other decorations.

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A table between your sofa and the wall might provide more space behind the couch for electrical outlets and airflow for a radiator or heating vent.

Tip: Sofa tables can also be used as console tables, room dividers, or a dining room sideboard table.

The Role of the Sofa Table

Determine how you intend to use your couch table and select one that meets your requirements.

If you plan to showcase large or heavy things, a solid wood tabletop is a better option compared to a glass tabletop.

When utilized in a dining room or entryway, couch tables with shelves and drawers provide additional storage, but a table between your sofa and the wall can be simpler.

The Style

sofa table style

The style and finish of your couch table should be determined by where it is placed.

If you want to keep the table in the living room, make sure it matches the rest of the furnishings.

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Many couch tables are matched with side tables, coffee tables, stools, storage, or ottomans by default. If you intend to match the style of your furniture exactly.

When placing a table between a couch and a wall, pay special attention to the top.

Tip: Sofa tables with elegant hardware, drawers, and tapered legs that are designed to be displayed as an accent table.

How Much Weight Can A Sofa Table Hold?

Sofa tables have weight limits they can’t hold. This article is clear that sofa tables are more of holding tables since so many items can be put over them.

The amount these tables can hold depends more on their size, the material used to make them, and whether the table is well finished or not.

To help you unravel the mystery of how heavy these tables can get, below is a breakdown of how much weight can a sofa table hold.

Heavy-Duty Sofa Tables

a heavy duty table

Heavy-duty sofa tables are ones made from either steel or hardwoods such as cedar and mahogany.

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They can hold up to 300 pounds of weight which is approximately 135 kilograms.

Medium Weight Sofa Tables

Medium-weight sofa tables can comfortably hold anything short of approximately 45 kilograms.

Lightweight Sofa Tables

Lightweight sofa tables are made from materials of low or poor quality if wooden then it is softwood and if metal then it isn’t as strong as that used in the making of heavy-duty sofa tables,

These lightweight sofa tables can hold up to 50 pounds which is about 25 kilograms and could easily break if any more weights are added.

How Can I Make My Sofa Table Support More Weight?

You may have already acquired a sofa table but aren’t pleased with the weight limits.

At the feel of excess weight, you feel it sound like it will break the next minute.

make support more weight

You may not have a budget for one with more weight limits, the good news is, there is always a way out through everything.

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And with this, you can do something to reinforce your sofa table’s weight limits.

Here is what you will have to do, to increase the maximum load capacity of your sofa table.

Add More Legs to the Table

You are probably going to need a carpenter for this quick activity.

Legs form the support base for your console table, they are the most at risk to break when weight limits exceed what is needed.

Therefore, reinforcement and the addition of more legs work the magic. All along, ensure that the glamour of the table isn’t lost in the process.

Add Pillars under the Table to Support It

add pillars

Other than adding more legs, which would appear to be tedious, then the other option is that you add pillars under the table to reinforce it.

They will help the table accommodate more weight.

Place Objects Orderly on the Sofa Table

The sofa table will break even before you come to think of it when you place items on it anyhow.

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Placing excess items, especially at the center of the table raises its chances of breaking.

Scatter items fairly on the sofa table, to save them from breaking and have them weigh more.

How Much Weight Can A Glass Console Table hold?

how much can glass table hold weight

The weight your glass console table can withstand sits anywhere between 10 to 500 pounds depending on the thickness and quality of the glass.

Thicker glasses support the heavier weights while narrower ones hold the lightest weights.


How much weight can a sofa table hold? Well, this depends on a number of factors, that have been outlined in this article?

How heavy can your sofa table get, we hope that these tips help you utilize your sofa table well and place items with the weight they can accommodate.

Protect your sofa table from breaking today by knowing how much weight it can hold.