is latex mattress better than spring
Kristina Davis

When shopping for a new mattress, one of the most common questions asked is: “is latex mattress better than spring?” 

It is quite unavoidable for people not to compare and contrast the different types of mattresses to know which is better.

While you read on, I will show you and guide you in selecting the right mattress.

Comparing the necessary factors, it can be said that a latex mattress has a higher winning percentage than an innerspring mattress. But needless to say, spring mattresses have their benefits and ways by which they can be preferable to latex. 

Spring Mattress

spring mattress coil

So what is a spring mattress? A spring mattress is a mattress with a soft cushion top with spring coils inside the mattress. 

The top foam is mostly memory foam. This means that a spring mattress is a combination of memory foam with supporting springs inside.

The innerspring gives the mattress a bouncy feeling which acts as an extra source of support and comfort. 

The spring coils that are used for spring mattresses come in different shapes and sizes, and modes of installation. 

The comfort of the mattress depends on the springs, the size and the mode of installation, and also the overlaying foam used. 

But generally, all spring mattresses have a similar feel. 

The foam of a good innerspring mattress is in such a way that it insulates the spring so well that the user will not feel the spring.

Tip: When they lay on the bed, they don’t feel the iron spring but just the support it gives.

How Does Spring Mattress Feel Like

spring mattress

When you lie down on a spring mattress, you get the feeling of a  sinking and soft effect but with the support of the spring. 

Innerspring gives individual support and is very responsive to movement. 

That is when more than one person is lying on an innerspring mattress. The movement of either person can affect the comfort of the other.

Overall, spring mattresses have a soft sinking, supporting, and bouncy feel. It can be very accommodating and comfortable at first. 

But over time, should the spring and foam continue to wear, the comfort tends to reduce.

Note: The spring can become too bouncy and the foam so soft that you might begin to feel the iron spring when you lay on the bed. 

Latex Mattress

latex mattress with cover

Latex mattress is an organically produced mattress. It is made from the extract of a tree known as the rubber tree. 

Although there are synthetically produced latex mattresses, these are not considered original.

Though they may feel the same way, synthetic-based latex contains certain chemicals. And these chemicals beat the purpose of a latex mattress. 

To be fully organic and free from chemicals that may cause harm, the latex is gotten from the rubber tree. 

It is thereafter processed into thick layers of foam that are piled upon each other to get the full mattress.

The mattress is of utmost comfort but can be quite uncomfortable at first, especially if you have never used a latex mattress.

Latex mattress has a solid surface and at the first trial, feels like a solid uncomfortable surface.

But after a certain period, it gives way and becomes very much comfortable.

Note: It does so whilst still maintaining its solid surface but softer to the body weight and shape.

How Does Latex Mattress Feel?

latex mattress feeling

When you lie down on latex you feel a soft, sinking yet firm support from the mattress. 

That is to say, it takes in your body weight and physique yet gives the right amount of support for your body. 

Giving you the utmost comfortability, the mattress is not too sinking and yet not too hard. 

A latex mattress has one cool feature.

No matter how much pressure is applied to the mattress from your body, the moment you stand up, the mattress springs back to its original form.

Latex Vs Spring Mattress

Below are some comparable factors to consider about latex and innerspring mattresses.



Durability is a very important factor to be considered when selecting your new mattress.

As this would determine how long you would use your mattress before there is a need to change it. 

In the case of a spring mattress, it can last between 10 to 15 years before it begins to degrade and lose form. 

The foam layer of the mattress slowly begins to get softer and falter, exposing the innerspring.

Which is not only unsafe but very discomforting. 

The spring coils also lose their strength. They also get more loose, bouncing and reacting easily even to the slightest movements. 

While a latex mattress can last between 20 to 25 years before it begins to sag.

The latex foam will slowly begin to get softer and softer and will give in more to pressure. 

So that when you lay on it, you sink in easily, in the long run, it can be quite uncomfortable. 

Note: Latex mattress is far more durable and stronger than an innerspring mattress. 


mattress comfort

Comfortability is another deterministic factor when considering which mattress is better than which. 

An innerspring mattress gives a good and considerable level of comfort. 

When newly purchased, a spring mattress gives support to the user. And this soft but firm foam allows the user to get a decent amount of comfort. 

However, a latex mattress is regarded as the most convenient and comfortable mattress.

The mattress might seem uncomfortable, especially if you haven’t used it before, as it tends to have a solid surface.

Eventually, after the break-in period of about 60 days, latex proves to be very convenient and comfortable. 

It gives you all-around support as it balances, accommodates, and levels your body.

Tip: The latex gives you utmost support, while still giving you a softer feel to the skin.

Air Circulation 

mattress air circulation

A latex mattress allows for the flow of air through the mattress. It is far more breathable than spring and any other mattress. 

The nature of the production of the latex is such that there are open cells and pinholes allowing for proper air circulation.

A spring mattress is not so breathable.

Note: The foam used in spring mattresses is mostly memory foam which does not have an open cell structure.


mattress price

In terms of prices, a latex mattress can be very costly.

Due to the nature of their production, the benefits they provide, and the difficulty in finding one. 

Latex mattresses tend to be quite expensive. 

A spring mattress on the other end is easy to find and has very reasonable prices.

A spring mattress can be gotten at almost all mattress stores and come at far less affordable prices.

Tip: Buying a latex mattress gets you a 20 years warranty so long as the damage isn't sold-induced. 


weight of mattress

Another factor to consider is the weight of the mattress. 

This might not seem much of an issue. But it could be as the weight of a mattress can help determine how much you might end up spending on bed foundation. 

Latex mattresses are generally heavier as they come in multiple layers and have a compact interior. 

This means if the right foundation isn’t used for a latex mattress, it will cause the mattress to be unlevelled.

The beddings could break at any moment as well. And they are generally heavier to move around. 

A spring mattress isn’t as heavy as a latex mattress, despite the metallic springs. A spring mattress is easier to lift and move around.

Tip: It is more accommodating with any bed foundation you use for it.

Is Latex Mattress Better Than Spring

latex versus spring

So is latex better than a spring mattress? The simple answer is Yes. 

Generally, latex is regarded as probably the best mattress because of its multiple benefits. 

Aside from the aforementioned factors,  a latex mattress is resistant to dust and mites.

This means you don’t have to be bothered about your mattress attracting and retaining dust. 

A latex also gives utmost support to the body, which is a good feature if you have posture or bone problems. 

As compared to a spring mattress, latex outweighs a spring in terms of comfort, durability, and other benefits. 

Needless to say, spring is still a very efficient and effective mattress. It is a highly sought-after mattress.

Note: It is also very comfortable and gives the necessary support the body needs.


So is a latex mattress better than spring? Overall we can see that latex is better than a spring mattress.

Aside from the cost and weight, it is a good option to go for the latex mattress over a spring mattress. 

I hope this article has been helpful, and now you can decide which mattress is best for you.