can you put a foam mattress on a box spring
Kristina Davis

Can you put a foam mattress on a box spring?  Even though you may save money and space by placing your mattress directly on the floor, mattresses are designed to be used with bed bases.

But, is a box spring necessary? And can a memory foam mattress go on a box spring? Apparently, it seems quite possible, but are there any consequences?

The truth is that you can put a foam mattress on a box spring in some situations, but it is recommended not to do so to avoid discomfort. 

Using Box Spring for Foam Mattress

box spring

A box spring is basically a bed base made of wood and covered in springs.

It is quite popular, protects your mattress, and allows you to make the most of its features over the years.

But, the question is, “Is a box spring the right base for your foam mattress?”

Modern mattresses, such as those made of foam or memory foam, have replaced the traditional box spring as the bed’s foundation.

Foam mattresses are OK on their own, and the box spring is usually too rigid to support them. 

The Better Option

If you have an innerspring mattress that needs to be flipped often to ensure even wear on both sides, a box spring mattress and bed frame make the ideal foundation.

Fact: Buying a box spring is a cheap addition to a new innerspring mattress and an existing bed frame. 

Using Memory Foam on Box Spring

memory foam

If you put it directly on top of a box spring, you should expect your new memory foam mattress to droop after only a few years.

In addition, most manufacturers will not honor their mattress warranty if you use a box spring with your memory foam bed.

Fact: Keep in mind that your box spring is not covered under warranty if it causes your mattress to sag or break. 

Can You Put a Foam Mattress on a Box Spring?

putting a foam mattress

It is not about whether you can put a foam mattress on a box spring, but it should be more about whether you should do it or not.

Foam mattresses should not be placed directly on top of a box spring for a number of reasons.

Although at first glance this may appear to be the best option, there are a few drawbacks to consider. 

The Right Way to Place Foam Mattresses

placing foam mattress the right way

Foam mattresses should first and foremost be placed on a flat, stable platform. This is because they adapt to the wearer’s shape and strengthen in key areas.

Putting a foam mattress on a box spring creates an uneven surface that can cause the mattress to droop and cause discomfort or even pain to the sleeper.

Box springs are commonly used to hold conventional innerspring mattresses. These mattresses need the box spring to keep their form and stop drooping.

But, a box spring is not necessary for a foam mattress and may even harm it.

This is due to the fact that the materials used to construct foam mattresses make them far more malleable and adaptable than their springier counterparts. 

An Important Consideration

It is possible that the springs in a box spring will wear down a foam mattress over time if it is used with a box spring. This might cause long-term damage to the mattress and reduce its useful life

Other Reasons to Avoid Putting a Foam Mattress on a Box Spring

don't put foam mattress

Although nothing stops you from putting your foam mattress on a box spring, know that it is not the right thing to do.

Here are a few reasons why: 

Compromised Feel

Putting a foam mattress on a box spring is not suggested because it can change the feel of the mattress.

Foam mattresses, as previously noted, are meant to be placed on a flat, stable surface.

A foam mattress on a box spring can lose some of its firmness since the springs will force the mattress to sink in those spots.

Some people, like those with back issues, need a firmer mattress for medical reasons, so this might be a real issue for them. 

Reduced Temperature Regulation

low temperature while sleeping

Placing a foam mattress on a box spring can alter both the firmness and the temperature regulation of the mattress.

Foam mattresses are preferred by many because they are more comfortable to sleep on. At least that is the case when compared to their innerspring counterparts due to their temperature-regulating properties.

When a foam mattress is placed on top of a box spring, air can become trapped between the two, resulting in heat retention and an uncomfortable sleeping environment.

Those who already tend to overheat during sleep may find this even more problematic. 

Reduced Motion Isolation

low motion of bed

The motion isolation a foam mattress offers can also be diminished if placed directly on a box spring.

Foam mattresses are well-known for their capacity to absorb movement and halt its propagation throughout the bed’s surface.

Mattresses made of foam are superior to those made of other materials because of their ability to dampen movement and prevent it from spreading to other sleepers.

However, the springs in a box spring might cause more motion transfer than a solid base. This leads to sleep disruptions and interruptions when used with a foam mattress. 

Voided Warranty

void warranty

What’s more, the warranty on a foam mattress may be voided if used with a box spring.

The guarantee of many foam mattresses becomes null and void if the mattress is not utilized with the manufacturer-recommended base.

Several manufacturers of foam mattresses do not cover damages or early sagging if a box spring is used with the mattress. 

How to Identify the Need for a Box Spring?

foam mattress

It is recommended that a box spring be used beneath a mattress with inner springs.

A box spring can help your innerspring mattress last longer by taking some of the weight off of it when you jump into bed.

However, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses are all susceptible to damage when placed on box springs. 

An Important Consideration

You can skip the box spring altogether if the bed’s frame or base has at least six slats.

A box spring may be able to supplement the support provided by your current foundation if the mattress has five slats or fewer.

Slots that are too wide apart can cause the memory foam mattress to droop, reducing its support and perhaps shortening its lifespan.

Fact: For improved performance, memory foam mattresses need to be set up on solid, spring-free bases.   

Quick Box Spring Alternatives to Try for Foam Mattress

bed frame

You can choose from a number of different solutions when searching for the optimal base for a memory foam mattress.

The bed you choose should be able to hold up a memory foam mattress. In order to determine how much room you will have under the bed, it is a good idea to measure its depth.

And this will help you make a choice. 

Platform Beds

Platform beds may work with your foam mattress. The conventional headboard and footboard are not present in the contemporary design of a platform bed.

Since they often consist of little more than a solid or slatted base resting on legs made of wood or metal, they are quite affordable.

For better airflow and moisture dissipation, we advise installing slats, but only if their thickness is around 0.75 inches and no more than 2.75 inches apart. 

Panel Beds

panel beds

Panel bed is another name for the conventional bed frame that features a headboard and footboard. The box spring is typically concealed by the side panels of the bed.

Insufficient wooden slats may exist in older panels. Supporting your memory foam mattress might require you to buy slats or plywood from a hardware store. 

Adjustable Base

adjustable base bed

Depending on your individual demands, an adjustable bed frame may be the missing piece to a restful night’s sleep.

The ability to raise or lower your bed’s head and/or foot has a wide range of practical applications. Mattresses made of memory foam are the greatest option for an adjustable bed.

A premium memory foam mattress will provide outstanding comfort and support in any setting on your adjustable bed thanks to its pliability.

Fact: Just elevating the head of your mattress can aid in the prevention of snoring and sleep apnea by keeping the airway open.   


Can you put a foam mattress on a box spring? Placing a foam mattress on a box spring is conceivable, but it is not recommended due to the possibility of pain and shorter mattress life.

The comfort, temperature regulation, and motion isolation of contemporary foam mattresses may be compromised when used on a box spring.

Platform beds, panel beds, and adjustable bed frames are all solutions that can provide the necessary support and comfort.