do you need two nightstands
Kristina Davis

Do you need two nightstands? Indeed, that’s a question that has caused a lot of controversies. 

Some believe that the design rule is to have two nightstands. Another group may strongly believe that one nightstand is perfect for your bedroom. 

Now, the big question is, which is agreeable?

There are a few important decorating principles you must consider, keep reading to grab all the details!

The fact is that there is no sealed and hard rule imposing anyone to have two nightstands. It all depends on individual style, taste, and most especially your storage needs. 

Decorating Rules – How Many Nightstands In A Bedroom Are Needed

nightstand bedroom decor

As earlier mentioned, there are decorating principles that you must not overlook while making your decision. 

These principles will help you determine whether you need a nightstand, or maybe you need two nightstands, one or even more. 

These are:

  • Space Management
  • Scale maintenance
  • Achieving a Symmetrical view
If you must give your room that professional, stylish look, then you must consider those principles above. 

But before we go proper into discussing them, let us look at a few important things.

Do You Need A Nightstand?

do you need nightstand

I think this is a good place to start before we go further into deciding whether you need two or one.

Nightstands are cool accompaniments that can help you enjoy your bedroom space. 

From a practical viewpoint, they are used for storage. 

They help you to easily reach out for your water bottles for midnight drinks.

And they can hold your smartphone so you don’t have to keep it on the bed while you sleep. 

Equally important is the fact that they can serve as your lamp holder if you are a midnight reader.

Now, you may want to answer the question, “Do You Need a Nightstand?

If you care less about the above-mentioned you might not need one. 

Or, if your bedroom space is equally tiny for a nightstand to fit in, then you may not need one.

Do You Need Two Nightstands? 

nightstand with personal stuff

Two nightstands are needed where you are sharing your bed with someone.

Maybe you are married, you wouldn’t have your partner rolling over you to reach for a bottle of water. 

So, to make it easier and more convenient, you’d need two nightstands.

But what if it’s just you, no partner, would it be necessary to have two nightstands? 

Well, to discuss this, we need to go back to the decorating principles we must not overlook.

These include achieving symmetry, space management, and scale maintenance.

Note: Most people desire to go with having two nightstands in their bedroom because of the symmetry design it helps them to achieve and also the storage space it gives to them.

Achieving A Symmetrical View

achieve symmetrical view

Who wouldn’t love a satisfying arrangement of a balanced distribution of materials?

The symmetry arrangement achieved by the use of two nightstands is something that gives our room an aesthetic view. 

So, what’s your drive? Achieving a symmetrical view? 

Then go for it if the other decorating principles are also well-considered.

Space Management

Even while seeking a symmetrical view, we shouldn’t ignore the two other principles of which one is space management. 

Imagine your tiny-looking room is already clustered with other things, and you are planning on adding two nightstands because of the love of symmetrical view. 

It wouldn’t make sense, people. 

Even though we know that another nightstand can serve as storage, you will have to literally tiptoe to access your room. 

The main thing is creating enough space in your room so it won’t give you a suffocating feeling. 

Tip: Don't squeeze out life from your room, consider the space while determining the number of nightstands you need.

Scale Maintenance

design scale maintenance

I’m sure you don’t want to commit a design blunder and wouldn’t want your room looking off. 

So you may want to stop the thought of managing your space by using a smaller nightstand when you have a large bed. 

Because you’ll not be maintaining scale when you do such.

It’s a design blunder for your nightstand to be too big or too small compared to the size of your bed. 

Tip: Principally, your nightstand should be about the same height as your bed.

The Usefulness Of Two Nightstands

One may be asking “how many nightstands should you have?”.

The fact remains that there are a lot of benefits attached to having two nightstands.

Additional Storage

nightstand storage

As earlier mentioned, the primary purpose of a nightstand is storage space.

It doesn’t look tidy when you have clusters of stuff all over the room. 

Things you need handy as your charger, diary, pen, or water can, can be kept on your nightstand for easy reach.

Having two means more important items to take in.

Tip: You can keep important documents you wouldn't want to misplace in a nightstand that has a lock. 

Symmetrical View

A look of balance! It has a way of connecting to your mind and gives you a level of comfort and easiness

Your room is one of the spaces you visit more often. So you might want to give it the best that will make you desire to be with it always.

More Convenient

more convenient

You wouldn’t have to roll over your partner to reach any midnight need.

Certainly, it does save you from the stress of getting on your feet before your need is met. 

Having two nightstands when you are sharing your bed is highly advised.

Also, you might have different needs from your partner. And this makes it vital to have your nightstand.

Justifications On Why You Might Need Just One Nightstand

Yeah, there seem to be more benefits attached to having two nightstands.

Yet there are places where having two nightstands would be practically unnecessary. On such occasions, it will be more like a burden. 

These cases include:

An Unspacious Room

unspacious room

If you already have a tiny small room, don’t bother having two nightstands to avoid making your room feel squeezed. 

Make your room as spacious as possible for easy movement. And have the right vibe when you step into it. 

More advisable, you can choose to push the bed to the wall while you place the nightstand on the other end.

That way, the room would be more spacious and organized.

Or maybe your room is spacious, but you don’t just fancy the idea of having two nightstands.

You can just go for one night stand, it's no rule to have two nightstands.

Self-occupied Room

What is really the need for two nightstands when it’s just you?

If one nightstand serves you well, then there wouldn’t be a need to purchase another nightstand. 

Well, unless you care so much about having a symmetrical look. But, frankly, that may look a bit odd.

Can One Use An End Table As A Nightstand?

end table

Yes, but you must be cautious since end tables are quite shorter than nightstands.

Remember what we said about creating a design blunder? 

So you must check the height to make sure it’s not too low compared to the height of your bed

Also, remember that that means less storage space but if you don’t mind, then you can go ahead and use your end table as a repurposed nightstand.


I’m quite sure we have dealt with your question,  “do you need two nightstands“. The fact is following your interest while keeping to the decorating principles we listed. 

What do you want? If it’s keeping the decorating principles, then you go ahead with it.

There is no fixed rule on how many nightstands your room must have.

Having two nightstands as severally emphasized will give you a symmetrical look. It’s recommended but not compulsory. 

Follow the above principle when considering whether you need two nightstands.

You will end up having the best bedroom that relaxes your mind. 

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