can you dry colors and darks together
Kristina Davis

Can you dry colors and darks together? Unlike drying your clothes, bedsheets, or any garments out in the sun, drying colors in the dryer can become a little more challenging.

This is popular among newbies to the use of the dryer.

Washing is one thing and drying another. You should be fully aware that while washing, you can’t do the colors and darks together.

But with drying, this is where most people draw the line.

Drying your clothes and how you do it has a great impact on what they become. It may appear normal to dry all types of clothes. 

However, there are underlying risks. In just one dash, you will regret the entire washing and drying.

Do not dry colors; white, and darks together. It is best to separate these two groups. Start with the colored ones which are mostly bright before proceeding to the dark ones.

It Begins with the Washing..

begins with washing

Now, before you get to dry your laundry, it starts with washing. Similarly, before you even get to the washing, there is a selection to make.

Washing and drying clothes can be a tough affair if you do not have relevant knowledge of the washing process.

In the end, you may destroy the fabric of your clothes, the color, or the machine.

Tip: Clean your washing machine regularly.

So, before you get to wash your clothes, follow these guidelines:


Before immersing your clothes in the washing or drying machine, you are going to have to separate them.

Isolate all the dark clothes from the bright ones, and heavy fabric from light.

Then separate those that can be washed with a soap detergent or bleach from those that cannot.

the separation

Separation of clothes is vital, especially for white-colored clothes. Dark-colored clothes are predisposed to leaking their color while being washed.

It is therefore essential that they are washed differently from white ones so that they do not spread their color to the white ones.

In the Washing Machine

Once you have sorted your clothes on the basis of color, It is time to use the washing machine.

With it, you should choose the right washing cycle each time for the groups of clothes you have already separated.

Washing cycles are the speeds with which the washing machine tumbles and tosses the clothes while cleaning them.

The best way to pick on a washing cycle is by checking on your clothes to determine which one is the most applicable and advisable by the cloth manufacturer.

Tip: Do not overcrowd the machine with loads of clothes. Overloading could make clothes not cleaner than your expectations.

Setting the Water Temperature

setting temperature

The choice of your washing temperature can bring a difference in the quality of washing if you pick the right setting for your clothes.

If you choose to use hot water, for example, it does more than cleaning by killing germs. Unfortunately, hot water has the tendency of causing clothes to shrink severely.

It is alright to use the hot water setting for whites, beddings, towels, and other sturdy fabrics.

For delicate clothes that may bleed of their colors such as the dark ones, and all clothes that aren’t extremely dirty, cold water is the best option.

Tip: Add a washing detergent that best suits the class of clothes you are washing. Be keen on the amounts of detergents you are adding, depending on the prescriptions of your washing machine.

Why Do The Dark Clothes Bleed On The Color Ones?       

That was about washing your clothes, selection in accordance to color and fabric, and how you should use the washing machine.

Once the washing machine has done its part, it is the turn of the dryer to come in and do its job.

Most people do not care about how their clothes dry.

why dark clothes bleeds

Once they are out of the washing machine, we tend to mix them again. Devoid of the fact they are still dripping with water.

Mixing clothes at this stage before drying is what makes the dark ones bleed on the white ones.

You do not want to come to this, especially to get your best bright clothes dripped on with black jeans or a cream T-shirt.

To avoid this unnecessary bleeding, here are the tips to guide you in drying your clothes once you take them out of that machine washer.

Tip: So can you dry colors and darks together? Well, the short answer is NO!

While Using the Drying Machine

Like the machine washer, using the drying machine can be simple or turn your entire washing activity into a nightmare.

The drying machine is a very important household appliance. You get your clothes to dry in the nick of time unlike airing them out in the sun.

So, this is a little preparation to guide you to use the drying machine.

These tips will ensure that you do preserve and protect your clothes from messes that may befall them inside the dryer.

While Loading the Dryer

loading dryer

Before using the dryer, of course, you are going to load it with clothes.

But before you load the dryer, sort out the clothes or better still maintain the order with which you used the machine washer.

Then, straighten out the clothes since the washer tends to tangle them by tossing and turning them during washing.

Leaving the clothes untangled could lead to them not drying well.

Check the Drying Instructions on the Clothes

Most clothes and other household fabrics such as curtains and bedsheets have a tag attached to them by the manufacturer. This tag recommends the ways in which the fabric should be dried.

It is good that you follow the instructions on the fabric. If you are warned against drying them in the dryer, then put them out to dry.

Do not overload the dryer with several clothes, split them up so that they do aerate and dry properly.

Put delicate clothes in a drying bag before putting them in the dryer, or better still dry them in the sun.

Choose the right dryer setting on your machine in relation to the type of fabric and amount of laundry immersed in it.

Tip: Check that the laundry is dry once you turn off the machine.

Can You Dry Whites and Darks Together?

dry white and dark together

Occasionally, we tend to ask; can you dry darks and whites together? But that should not be the case.

The same way we avoid mixing them while washing, it is the same we should dread drying dark-colored and white clothes and garments together.

While it might look absolutely okay to do so, it silently kills your fabric. Once you have washed your clothes in the washing machine, you may be tempted to dry them together.

Little do you know that from the washer, most clothes and household fabrics are still dripping with water.

Mixing them in the dryer automatically leads to the dark ones bleeding on the coloreds.

Note: By all means, do not dry colors; white, and darks together. It is best to separate these two groups. Start with the colored ones which are mostly bright before proceeding to the dark ones.

Colors and Darks Defined

And so, what are colors and darks?

We may be color blind to most of these fabrics in our household, below is a breakdown of colored and dark.

the colors and dark refined

These are clothes with bright colors, they include. White, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, and magenta.

These colors are highly noticeable due to the attention they command. Bright yellow and white are the brightest colors.


Dark colors are also referred to as shades. They include, black, dark blue, navy, dark green, deep red, deep purple, charcoal, and dark brown.


Can you dry colors and darks together? After reading this blog post, you learn that you can, as in washing only dry colors and darks together at your own risk.

So long as these two shades of color are still wet, when they come into contact, the dark ones are most probably going to bleed on the colored ones.

Folks, the Ultimate Answer is No. You cannot, you should not, you should never dry colors darks together.