how to clean your room properly
Kristina Davis

How to clean your room properly to make it look great? Are you looking for a practical guide on this?

Just imagine coming home after a long and tiring day to find your bedroom all dirty and messy.

Wouldn’t that be a total nightmare?

Stay calm and don’t panic because we are here to provide you the best and complete guide on properly cleaning your room to achieve that relaxing and hygienic ambiance, we all aim for.

If your goal is to make your bedroom spotless clean, then this is the right place for you!

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This article will explain how to clean your room step by step, so go forth and read on below!

How to Clean Your Room Properly

It might feel like a daunting task to clean your room, but it is a faster and simpler job than you could ever imagine!

Here is an overview of how to clean your room step by step for you to have an idea of which materials to prepare and what steps we will perform:

1. Motivate Yourself

It’s essential to keep yourself motivated throughout the cleaning process to avoid the feeling of laziness or tiredness to creep in.

Having a fun cleaning program plan and a straightforward checklist can indeed have a positive effect.

2. Deep Clean and Organize Your Room

The first big task always seems to be the hardest.

In this step, prepare all your cleaning materials such as brooms, mops, trash bags, cleaning solvents, and many more.

It is also advisable to wear gloves and a surgical mask to avoid inhaling specks of dust and dirt.

3. Dust and Wipe Surfaces

This is the final step in the cleaning process.

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You need to prepare your rugs, cloth, and feather-dusters since we will be dealing with furniture surfaces and windows.

Once you have done this task, your room is all set!  

Now that you have seen the overview of the process, we will now explain them further.

Let’s begin the cleaning process!

Part 1: How to Get Motivated To Clean Your Room

how to get motivated to clean your room

# Choose an Upbeat Song

The best way to get motivated to clean your room is music!

Before you start, choose an upbeat song or album that would totally make you move your feet.

We all tend to be more productive when we listen to our favorite songs, especially for cleaning purposes.

Tip: If you don’t know any upbeat music, you can check out Spotify or Apple Music. They offer thousands of great songs that might catch your interest.

# Set a Reward for Yourself

Do you know what makes a chore less tiring? Rewards!

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If you set a reward for yourself to finish cleaning your room, you’d be inspired to finish the job and do your best.


If you are wondering how to get a teenager to clean their room, you can also use this method to motivate them.

Once you reward them after they have accomplished their task, they’ll surely clean their rooms more often.

# Play Games

If you need an extra push of motivation, turn cleaning into a game.

Make the process fun by playing a game. See how many objects you can set aside for 15 minutes and then aim to exceed your high score.

Setting a timer and seeing how quickly you could clean your bedroom is another option.

Be imaginative and make games of your own!

# Cleaning Your Room Checklist

Making a checklist is a great guide that can help you see what you have and haven’t accomplished when clearing up a major mess.

A “Cleaning Your Room Checklist” is a perfect way of giving yourself a sense of success and development.

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Determine what you want to arrange and clean, then rank it from the least important to the top important.

Try to be as thorough as possible so that nothing is missed.

Part 2: How to Deep Cleaning and Organizing Your Room

how to deep clean and organize your room

# Start Making Your Bed

Making and arranging your bed generally makes your room look a lot better and gives you a sense of accomplishment in kick-starting you’re cleaning.

Begin by transferring everything from your bed into a stack in the corner of your room.

Take your blankets and sheets, slip them in, straighten your linens, and arrange your pillows on top of your bunk

If your sheets are not new, place them in your washing basket and place new sheets on your bed.

This will surely make your bed feel fresh and clean!

# Organize Your Clothes and Things


There is no need to be embarrassed when your clothes are a mess.

We have all been there, and we are here to help you make your room spotlessly clean, so take note of these steps:

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 1. Arrange all the clothing garments that you have on the ground.

 2. Collect each clothing item and determine whether it is clean or not.

3. If the piece is clean, fold it and put it in your closet or hang it in your cabinet. Place the dirty ones in a washing basket.


Washing a clean garment twice is still better than wearing a dirty one.

Treat things on the floor as filthy until you are confident that they are clean.

Rest Things

Now that we are done with the clothes let’s head on to your things!

Everyday life can keep us busy, and we forget to arrange our things properly but no need to worry.

Simply follow these steps, and your room will be clean in no time:

Put your scattered things back in place and bring up everything that’s found on the floor.

That way, you can walk freely without tripping over an object.

Pick up the big things, like textbooks and cushions, switch to the smaller stuff, like crayons and other paperwork and neatly place them in their rightful area.

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If you do not have a specific place to put a certain item, you may put them in a box in the meantime.

# Take Out the Trash and Dirty Dishes

Nothing beats watching a great movie on a comfortable bed with a plate of your favorite food, but what happens when you leave dishes and trash in your room?

Well, it can seriously bring dirt and even pests to your bedroom, so it is crucial to take dishes and trash out.

How to do it:

  • Grab your garbage bag and begin picking up the trash. If you have a trash can, dispose of its insides as well.
  • Don’t forget to check the bottom of your bed for any hidden wrappers or papers.
  • Once you have checked and thrown out everything, head on to the dirty dishes.
  • Grab the dishes, bowls, and cups and put them in the kitchen sink. In case of foul odor, spray some air freshener in your room to get rid of the bad smell.

Part 3: How to Dust and Wipe Surfaces

dusting room

# Dust and Wipe Your Furniture

If you don’t clean your room regularly, dust and dirt may accumulate on your furniture, and that can lead to sickness and even skin problems.

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If you don’t want to cough your head off from all the debris, it is crucial to dust your furniture from time to time.

  • Grab your feather duster, but if you don’t have one in hand, you may use a microfiber cloth.
  • Ensure that all fans and air conditioners are off for the dust not to scattered
  • Start dusting your cabinets, dressers, tables, etc. until you’ve covered everything
  • If there is no more dust left, you may wipe your furniture with a clean cloth to give it a finishing touch!

# Vacuum the Floor

After doing all the tasks, the last thing left is to vacuum the floor, especially the bottom of your bed, since this area can accumulate a lot of dust and is somehow frequently overlooked.

Shift the furniture if needed so that you can conveniently vacuum underneath it. Drive your vacuum around the whole floor until the floor looks shiny clean.

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If the vacuum does not work well, evaluate if the vacuum pack or canister is filled and, if needed, change it.

Regularly clean your floor and consider vacuuming more if you wear slippers inside to take out any dust and debris.


Learning how to clean your room properly is genuinely a lesson and skill that is valuable to many homeowners considering that we typically spend a lot of time in our bedroom.

If you have a messy bedroom, it can lead to sickness and skin problems which would take a negatively toll on your life and career.

Invest your time and effort in cleaning and organizing your room, and you will be surprised by the positive impact on your mind and body.

Now, that is ultimately wonderful!

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