can you sleep on an air mattress permanently
Kristina Davis

Can you sleep on an air mattress permanently? Can you only sleep on an inflatable bed while camping, or are they comfortable for longer stays as well?

If you want a good night’s sleep, do they provide the kind of support you are looking for?

To what extent do you expect these benefits to last?

These are all questions people have when they buy their first air mattress.

Indeed, you will end up saving quite a bit of money by choosing an inflatable mattress over a standard one. But does it really make sense?

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Sleeping on an air mattress long-term is not always a great idea because it lacks support, causing back pain, and is also prone to rupturing when used too often. 

The Wonders of Having an Air Mattress in Your Home

wonders of air mattress

Buying an air mattress rather than a traditional one can save you money, but should you?

Interestingly, what seems like a modern-day concept has been around for decades.

Floating beds have been around for a while now, so much so that they are a familiar sight at camping vacations, beaches, public pools, pajama parties, etc.

These mattresses are top-rated among those who are not bothered by the prospect of sleeping on the floor. 

They have also made sleeping in smaller apartments a lot more convenient.

🤔 But are there consequences of sleeping on an air mattress long-term? 

How Long Will Your Air Mattress Last?

long lasting air mattress

Air beds are convenient, lightweight, and save room compared to conventional mattresses.

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There are many health benefits linked with air mattresses, including pressure relief and improved blood flow.

Given their intended short lifespan, you may be curious about the durability of air mattresses.

An air bed has a lifespan of around 2-8 years, depending on how often and how well you use it.

2 8 years lifespan

Your air mattress will have a longer life if you deflate it entirely and store it in its bag when it is not in use.

Make sure to keep the air mattress in a dry, cool place, away from any potential dangers, such as sharp objects.

Tip: Stay off the edge of the air mattress, and do not pile too much stuff on it to keep the seams from bursting. 

Can You Sleep on an Air Mattress Permanently?

sleeping air bed permanently

While there is no real danger in using your air mattress occasionally, you will be better off avoiding it for long-term use.

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Air mattresses have improved considerably over the years and rely on improved technology and high-quality materials.

They are certainly capable of offering great comfort and sleeping satisfaction. But using them permanently is a different story.

Here are a few reasons why it is not a great idea to sleep on an air mattress permanently:

Limited Body Support

limited body assistance

An air mattress is not the best option if you are looking for a supportive sleeping surface.

It may be suitable for an odd night of sleep, but prolonged use could lead to back pain and stiffness.

If your spine is not supported correctly, you will not be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Interestingly, experts are still divided on if sleeping on an air mattress raises the risk of developing back discomfort.

But, airbeds can be found in many different designs, and other types can lead to back pain.

back pain types

You are likely to suffer back pain if you sleep long-term on that substandard $200 air mattress utilizing a solo layer of air tubes.

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It leads to a sinking sensation and insufficient support for bigger individuals. 

It is worth mentioning that experts believe that if you suffer from back pain, you may benefit from sleeping on an air mattress.

Yet again, the type of mattress matters a lot. For this, you need to use multiple vertical tubes, air chambers, and customized firmness.

Just remember that finding such high-quality mattresses would never come cheap. And even if you get them, they won’t replace your regular mattress. 

Rupturing Your Air Mattress

rupturing air mattress

Sleeping on an air mattress for an extended period increases the likelihood of rupturing or bursting it.

If that happens, it will result in rapid deflation or an explosion that could cause panic.

The good thing is that modern-day air mattresses are less likely to burst, especially compared to how things were a decade ago.

But the chances increase if you use your air mattress almost every night.

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use it every night

Keep the following things in mind to lower the risk of rupturing your mattress:

  • Never place your mattress close to any flammable object.
  • Always take special care when storing your air mattress.
  • Get a mattress platform when using it on a rough surface.
Tip: Always keep some airbed patches handy to quickly repair any leak you spot while using your airbed. 

Enhanced Motion Transfer

enhancing motion transfer

There is no need to worry about your safety due to motion transfer on air mattresses.

You will not get much sleep if you share it with someone who tosses and turns all night.

Every time you move, the other will suffer an instantaneous jolt. Because of this, sleeping through the night may be impossible if you are a light sleeper, to begin with.

You might be able to manage it for a few days, but experiencing the same over a long time can cause many problems.

In fact, you might end up dealing with sleep deprivation and other more complicated issues, like insomnia.

Tip: Consider investing in a mattress topper to help make the motion transfer much more manageable. 

Poor Temperature Management

poor temperature managing

Another supposedly harmful aspect of sleeping on an air mattress permanently is erratic temperature regulation.

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Air mattresses are not great at keeping a steady temperature even if the air stays within the chambers.

Of course, it is not something to convince you to ditch your air mattress completely, but it is still an important consideration to have a restful sleep.

These mattresses usually use fabrics like vinyl, polyester, and rubber.

Because of these materials and reduced airflow, your air mattress cannot maintain a constant temperature.

cant maintain constant temperature

It becomes a more serious issue for those who sweat a lot.

People who sweat excessively at night face other issues due to poor temperature regulation.

Some of these problems include hot flashes, fatigue, and sweating.  

Tip: Look for mattress toppers with breathable materials, such as wool, cotton, or gel memory foam, to improve temperature regulation.

Aggravated Skin Conditions

aggravated skin disease

Even if you do not have skin issues, sleeping on an air mattress might be a nuisance, especially if you are forced to do it long-term.

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It can be highly scratchy because it is coated with vinyl or sometimes a different synthetic material.

But things become worse when you already have sensitive skin.

That grinding sensation you experience on an air mattress can cause problems like redness, rashes, and dryness for people with sensitive skin. 

Tips To Make It More Comfortable Sleeping on Air Mattress

making it comfortable

Whether you use your air mattress for a short time or planning to use it for an extended time, remember a few things to feel more comfortable. 

Enhance the Experience

enhancing the experience

Investing in high-quality linens is a terrific way to upgrade the quality of sleep you get on an air mattress.

If you are using your air mattress for an extended period of time, you may want to consider upgrading your bedding to something more plush.

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Buy the highest quality bedding you can afford, including pillows, sheets, and a comforter.

Before getting into bed, spritz the bedding with some linen spray to make it more comfortable.  

Make It Safe for People With Sensitive Skin

Safe for People With Sensitive Skin

When sleeping on an air mattress, it is crucial to use organic, breathable fabrics to make it safer for people with sensitive skin.

To avoid skin irritation, you can always opt for cotton sheets and use breathable materials for pillowcases. 


Can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?

Considering modern-day, highly improved air mattresses, you will undoubtedly enjoy sleeping on these mattresses for a short time.

You cannot use it permanently in place of your regular mattress because of reduced support, poor temperature regulation, and other similar issues.

You can try some hacks to make it comfortable, but it is still not recommended to sleep on it long-term.