why does my intex air mattress keeps deflating
Kristina Davis

Why does my Intex air mattress keeps deflating? You are likely to ask this if you have been forced to sleep on the floor because your air mattress keeps leaking.

No doubt, air mattresses are cozy and comfortable, but they can be a nuisance, considering how often they deflate.

And that too for no apparent reason at all. So, if your Intex air mattress with a built-in pump keeps deflating, know that several factors might be at play here.

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We will discuss these factors and help you avoid future Intex mattress deflation. Remember, while so many things can go wrong, you can often pinpoint some basic issues.

From improper use and excessive room temperature to over-inflation and a minor leak can all make your Intex air mattress deflate often. 

Enjoying the Comfort of Intex Air Mattress

enjoy the comforting feeling

Inflatable mattresses are often crafted from textile-reinforced urethane plastic, PVC, and rubber.

It is possible to change the hardness of your air mattress depending on how much you inflate it.

This allows for the perfect firmness needed to feel comfortable lying in your air bed.

Speaking of comfort, Intex takes it a notch ahead and provides you with the finest bedding options.

Many of their beds come with a headboard and pillow top surface to give them a more traditional look.

headboard and pillow top surface

However, the use of special technology is the reason why you get maximum support, comfort, and durability from Intex air mattresses.

Moreover, the pre-assembled pump makes it easy to pack and take along on trips. 

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Reacting When Things Go Sideways With Intex Mattresses

how to react to things

Just like any other inflatable mattress, Intex mattresses have the potential to collapse overnight.

It can happen for many reasons, from design flaws to temperature fluctuations and body weight.  

What causes problems in your situation might be different, so you will likely go through some trial and error.

But before you start your quest, it is essential to know that no matter how impressive the mattress is, it comes with a specific lifespan. 

How Long Will Your Intex Air Mattress Last?

how long will your air mattress

A mattress you occasionally use can last for years before springing a leak.

Of course, proper maintenance matters, but the frequency of use will play a significant role here.

On the other hand, constant use as a bed will reduce the mattress’s longevity, which is true even if you opt for high-quality Intex mattresses.

In most cases, you may notice your mattress developing a leak after six months of regular use.

That said, high-quality air mattresses have a lifespan of up to 15 years with proper maintenance.

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lifespan of up to 15 years

But, eventually, a leak is almost always unavoidable. And that is why air mattress manufacturers typically recommend replacing the mattress after eight years.

Tip: Teach your kids how to use the mattress because tumbling or wrestling on it will only cause it to deflate quickly.

Why Does My Intex Air Mattress Keeps Deflating for No Reason?

deflate for no reason

How long air mattresses last depends entirely on how well you maintain them. 

Most of them are fashioned out of cheap materials that tear readily when punctured with a sharp object or burst if inflated to high pressure.

Since the air in air mattresses eventually leaks out, maintaining the ideal firmness calls for routine inflation and deflation. 

Here is what may be the reason why your Intex mattress deflates so often:

You Have Just Bought It

you just bought it

Okay, so you have just bought your new Intex mattress and inflated it with its pump.

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Everything looks perfect, and you are anticipating a plush night’s sleep.

But, soon, you realize that your mattress seems to be incapable of holding the air.

You should not worry much about it because it is surprisingly common with new air mattresses. Giving the mattress some time to breathe and relax the fabric is vital.

When you do not give it enough time, it stretches when you sleep on it, giving you a saggy feeling after a while. Nothing too serious, though! 

You Expose It to Extreme Temperatures

expose to extreme temperature

Now, this is something more serious and, if not taken care of, can cause serious harm to your Intex mattress.

Any temperature swings in your bedroom might cause your mattress to lose shape.

The air in your bed condenses as the temperature drops at night, leaving you with a flatter mattress in the morning.

Similarly, you may notice a drop in air pressure in your air mattress if it gets too warm inside your room.

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too warm in your room

Indeed, the pressure reduction is due to the PVC deteriorating if you keep your bedroom at a very warm temperature.

Keep an eye on the room’s temperature as you fill the air mattress, and try to maintain it at that level throughout the night. 

Tip: Be sure to maintain the right firmness because your air mattress will not work as designed and is more likely to develop leaks if the air inside it is low.

You Use It Carelessly

using it carelessly

After a hectic day, it is natural to feel careless when inflating your air bed.

You will find an instruction manual with your Intex mattress, but you may be a bit too tired to follow those pointers.

It is a common practice, but it can certainly keep your mattress from delivering optimal performance.

The instructions are there for a reason, so you should read them, absorb their meaning, and apply them.

Keeping the air pressure in your air mattress constant will help it last longer and make you feel more comfortable. 

You Fail To Handle the Pumping Fiasco

fail to handle the pumping

Ideally, there should be no air loss when you have done filling up your mattress, but that is not the case.

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Whether you use an electric pump or use a manual one, it is almost impossible to remove it without losing some air.

It means there may not be sufficient air pressure inside the mattress after removing the pump.

And when you use it, you are quite likely to notice your mattress becoming saggy through the night. 

You Have Placed It Incorrectly

placing it incorrectly

You are wrong if you think using an air mattress is all about pumping it up and throwing it just anywhere.

To prevent your air mattress from flattening out over time, keep it in a dry, well-ventilated space with lots of room.

If you are mindful of it, you can protect your mattress from small sharp items that can puncture it and create “invisible” pinholes.

Tip: Never place your mattress in a rough area, and keep it away from heaters that can lead to severe temperature fluctuations. 

You Overload the Mattress

overloading the mattress

All air mattresses come with a weight limit, and there is a safety logic behind that.

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Do not be surprised if your mattress loses its shape if you neglect to follow the care guidelines.

You should understand that whether you overloaded it last night or a couple of months ago makes no difference.

Unfortunately, the damage will already be done. And if you have over-inflated your mattress, thinking it will be able to handle more load than intended, you are wrong.

In fact, you increase the risk of having a puncture and do not be surprised if your mattress bursts in the middle of the night. 

You Have a Tear in the Mattress

tear in the mattress

If you are careful about where to place your mattress and how much to inflate, but your mattress still deflates, you might have a leak to fix.

A leak is the most likely culprit for a flat air mattress. Even though this may seem like common sense, sometimes it is hard to pinpoint the spot.

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If your mattress deflates slowly over the night, you might have a pinhole leak.

a pinhole leakage

It is hard to locate, but you can still get it done with soapy water. Simply patch that area, and your problem will be solved.

Tip: Be prepared to discard your mattress if there is no visible leak and it still deflates because it could be due to a seam leak, which is hard to fix.


So, why does my Intex air mattress keeps deflating? You might have understood that it can happen for so many reasons.

If you want your air mattress to stay inflated all night long, you should pay attention to the room temperature first.

Also, stay away from its edges and do not put more weight on it than it can support.

Always fix any leaks you find, and do not overfill your mattress to make it last longer.