can you use an air mattress as a regular bed
Kristina Davis

Can you use an air mattress as a regular bed? An air mattress can be a great option for a good night’s sleep, especially when you go camping or in crowded places.

The air mattress is inflated with air to bulge and support you through the night. Most air mattresses can hold pressure for longer periods than you would imagine.

Air mattresses are cozy, you sleep on one and don’t want to wake up the next morning. Sleep can never get sweeter than when it's on an air mattress.

Do not fret, this blog post has you covered. If you want to make your air mattress a regular bed, dive into the discussion.

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You may become concerned if you can use an air mattress as a regular bed. Yes, you can use an air mattress as regularly and often as you want to.

An Air Mattress As A Regular Bed

air mattress as regular bed

How do air mattresses function? In theory, it is simple to think that an air mattress is just one bag inflated with air.

This bag of air is what we can sleep on to enjoy and move around effortlessly. But there’s more to the air mattress than meets the eye.

It is good to think of it as an inflated mattress, that’s basic. But basic helps in making understanding simpler.

Tip: Modern air mattresses have inbuilt electric pumps for inflating them whenever they run low on pressure.

Are Air Mattresses Comfortable?

An air mattress is a special type made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly abbreviated and known as PVC.

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is air mattress comfortable

And in the recent past, advanced air mattresses are made from special elastic rubber and urethane which is way better, elastic, and comfortable than regular plastics.

Note: These mattresses use air to support their shape, and that is why they are referred to as Air mattresses.

Can You Use An Air Mattress As A Regular Bed?

Because of the comfort and impression of the airbag, you may want to take your naps or nights on the air mattress regularly.

But then, can you use an air mattress regularly?

The Basic and most straightforward answer is YES. Yes, you can use an air mattress as regularly and often as you want.

use air mattress like regular bed

But there aren’t as many benefits that come with using regularly that are known. 

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However, studies have linked the air mattress to be a good clinical asset for patients with blood pressure.

It is also linked to backbone alignments, sleep quality, comfort, and the impression it creates.

Similarly, the air mattress is a good backup, it is portable if you are on an itinerary and want to move around with your own beddings, and it can be unbelievably cost-effective.

Note: As much as the regular usage of the air mattress is concerned, you can use it on as many nights and occasions as you want, so long as that makes you happy.

Drawbacks of Using An Air Mattress As A Regular Bed

Although it is cool to use the air mattress regularly, and it comes with unmatched comfort, the air mattress has its own drawbacks.

This can turn your experience with it into a nightmare.

Now, imagine, at the peak of your sleep, somewhere in the middle of the night, you notice that your air mattress is quickly deflating.

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drawbacks of using air mattress

That can be very disappointing.

Equally, even the coolest people may not be comfortable with the air mattress, with all its comfort.

Anyway, the fact is you can still use it regularly. These drawbacks should not derail you.

Factors to Look Out for While Choosing an Air Mattress for Use as a Regular Bed

Upon the decision and resolution that you want to spend your nights regularly on the air mattress, there are things you must consider if you are to keep up with this practice.

Although there are no known side effects of the air mattress, there are things you must look out for in your quest to make the air mattress your regular sleep partner.

The factors to consider while choosing an air mattress to be used as a regular mattress include:

Sleeping Posture

sleeping posture

Your sleeping posture is decisive on the kind of air mattress you should settle for.

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Although we may all not have a specific sleeping pattern, the size fits of an air mattress should be an aspect while settling for one.

You can best determine your sleeping style by your most preferential posture. Most prefer sleeping on their backs facing the roof while others sleep on their sides.

For side sleepers, mattresses that contour their bodies while keeping their spines aligned without hurting their sides work best.

Those who sleep on their backs need an air mattress that firmly supports and raises their backs and heads.

Mattress Performance

It is an investment you are taking into the air mattress and you need all the best results.

The air mattress should be worthwhile, and durable, and all the spare parts should be readily available.

the mattress performance

It shouldn’t be quick to deflate if you intend to be using it regularly. A good mattress should be able to last at least ten to fifteen years.

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Warranties on air mattresses make a special factor you should be looking out for while hassling or one from the market.

The warranty on an air mattress allows you to return it to the manufacturer or seller in the event that it develops complications.

Look out for the best air mattresses with the best warranty deals.

A deal of more than two years on a warranty is a lucrative one and which you should be considered in the selection of an air mattress.


the noise

Before paying for an air mattress, check to ascertain if it is producing any noise when you lie down on it. Try to switch positions and see the responses.

Air mattresses can be comfortable but noisy and squeaky as you turn to change sleeping postures, such events can become very offensive and give you sleepless nights.

Such squeaky air mattresses are not worth your time and money.

Tip: Try the next brand and see if any noises are with it.

Tips on Using the Air Mattress as a Regular Bed

Now, can I use an air mattress as a regular bed?

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These tips are what you need in the event you plan to be using your air mattress quite often.

tips on using air mattress

You can turn it into your everyday bed, but before you do.

Take these tips into account.

  • Always use your air mattress with a  complimentary non-air mattress, to make your sleep more comfortable.
  • Ensure the air mattress doesn’t get punctured, do this by placing it on soft surfaces with no stones or sticks.
  • Raise the mattress a few feets from the ground.
  • Design a headboard in front of the air mattress to improve its outlook, so that it resembles a real bed.
  • Inflate the air bed more frequently.

Getting Good Deals on an Air Mattress to Be Used as a Regular Bed

There comes times in between the year when the prices of air mattresses are amazingly low and affordable.

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getting good deals

These are the times when you get the best deals, the best discounts, and the best warranty. These periods of the year are mostly public holidays.

Could be on labor day, cyber Monday, Christmas day, independence day, black Friday, or New years day.

Note: It takes a little patience to wait for these dates so that you carry the best mattress for regular use at home.


Can you use an air mattress as a regular bed? Of course, you can, there is nothing wrong with making the air mattress your regular bed.

But before you do, consider the tips and facts this article has furnished you with. You do not want your air mattress to deflate in the middle of the night or when sleep is at its peak.

To a great air mattress experience folks.