what to do if someone parks on your private property
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What to do if someone parks on your private property? We know how frustrating it is when strangers park their cars on your land without asking.

This is true whether the land is part of your own or not. It is a financial drain for a business because these cars take up parking spots that legitimate consumers would otherwise pay for.

And that is when you find people asking, “what can I do if someone parked on my property?”

From asking the person to move their vehicle to call the police and serving a legal notice, you can try a number of things to remove a car from your property. 

The Problem of Removing Parked Cars on Your Property

the problem of removing parked cars

No doubt, it is extremely frustrating to deal with someone who has parked their vehicle on your property.

But, what you can do about it may vary based on your location. In many parts of the world, you cannot do much about it.

 In the UK, some may believe that a call to the police will result in the perpetrators of driveway parking being penalized.

But the reality is different. Unfortunately, many legal loopholes often prevent any meaningful action being taken.

The local government often refuses to help homeowners with someone else’s car parked in their driveway since they do not have the legal power to tow the car away.

When a driver illegally occupies another person’s driveway, the chances of the authorities intervening are slim.

This is due to the fact that the council cannot impose its will on private property or regulate who enters or leaves.

The Difference Between Unauthorized and Illegal Parking

difference of unauthorized and illegal parking

To understand the issue better, you need to know the difference between illegal parking and unauthorized parking.

  • Any parking violations taking place on public land are considered illegal parking offenses.
  • Anything parked on private property without permission is unauthorized parking.

As a result, parking is not considered illegal if someone parks on your driveway without your permission.

In fact, it is regarded as trespassing, which is a civil infraction rather than a criminal one.

Consequently, despite the fact that having an unauthorized car parked on your land is annoying, the police have very little recourse in the matter.

Most of the time, the police will not even get involved. 

An Important Consideration

The driver is breaking the law if they park on the street in front of someone’s driveway and prevent them from using it.

The local authorities may issue a fine if this occurs. Similarly, suppose a property owner feels that a vehicle in their neighborhood has been abandoned.

In that case, the local council must remove the vehicle, regardless of whether it is on public or private property.

Fact: Many people often do not realize that a vehicle was not actually parked on their private land, so confirm with your property line or check the map of your property. 

What to Do If Someone Parks on Your Private Property?

when someone parks on private property

It is annoying and stressful to deal with someone who parks on your private property without authorization.

It could be an honest oversight, but it could also be an intentional violation of your rights to privacy or security.

No matter the root of the problem, sensible action must be taken to solve it.

Here are some steps you might take to handle this situation: 

Act Quickly

The best way to avoid any serious issue is to handle the situation as soon as you see someone parking on your land.

If you can safely approach the person, you can politely request that they remove the car from your property.

Usually, motorists who park illegally on private land will gladly move their vehicles when asked to do so.

Remember, sometimes, the other person may not behave well, so you should not press the issue and understand that your safety comes first. 

✅ Call the Police

try call the police

You might also try threatening the offender by claiming you will call the police, which is often effective.

But, understand that you might really have to do this in case you feel threatened or if the vehicle’s owner refuses to move the vehicle.

The authorities will investigate and decide what steps are necessary next. 

✅ Know Why They Have Parked in the First Place

Sometimes, it is necessary to call the police, but on other occasions, you have other options as well.

And to know what to do, you should learn about the motive of the offender.

For instance, someone might only be bullying you with such an act. In this case, you have no other choice but to involve the authorities.

Similarly, the lease or rental agreement may allow you to have the vehicle removed if the individual who parked it is a renter or a guest.

Tenants and visitors may be asked to park in certain places or to get permission before doing so. 

✅ Send a Legal Notice

send a legal notice

You have the right to request the vehicle’s removal by sending a notice to the owner if it has been parked on your property for quite some time.

If the car is not removed, it will be towed at the time and date specified in the notification, which should be given by certified mail.

Complaining to the appropriate authorities or going to court are two options.

The good thing is that you may be entitled to compensation for losses sustained as a direct result of illegal parking. 

✅ Get a Tow Truck

If the owner refuses to move their vehicle even after you have served them a legal notice, you can hire a tow truck and get it removed by yourself.

Do not try anything on your own and always let a professional towing company handle the removal of the vehicle.

Fact: Talking to a local attorney is a good idea to understand your rights and take the necessary actions to safeguard them.

Ways to Prevent Unauthorized Parking on Your Land

ways to prevent unauthorized parking

Getting a vehicle removed from your private property can become quite complicated, so it is better to be proactive and take steps to prevent it from happening.

Here is what you can do: 

✅ Make Use of Signs

A good idea to prevent unauthorized parking is to place a notice stating that parking in your area is now allowed.

Furthermore, penalties for disobeying the publicized regulation may be imposed if the person is detected breaking the rule.

 Fact: Keep in mind that you cannot damage a vehicle or physically harm someone just because they parked in a restricted area. 

✅ Use Automated Number Plate Recognition

use a anpr camera

Automated License Plate Readers (ANPR) can be useful in parking lots and can assist you in getting rid of annoying parkers.

An automatic number plate reader (ANPR) system can monitor a facility around the clock by recording footage of all vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

Because of this, you will have solid evidence against the drivers of illegal vehicles.

Tip: You can tell if the cars parked there are legitimate and have paid for their spot with the help of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology. 

✅ Try the Self-Ticketing System

Manage your parking lot more efficiently using self-ticketing machines. With self-ticketing, you can generate parking citations and tickets independently of any outside support.

As a result, unauthorized vehicles are less likely to park on your property. In fact, unauthorized parking decreases dramatically as a result.

Fact: A self-ticketing system is simple to setup and can boost revenue and reduce costs from illegal parking.

✅ Work with a Car Park Management Company

work with a car park company

This makes a lot of sense to work with these companies if unauthorized parked cars make it difficult for you to run your business.

These companies can come up with many tools and ideas if you are looking for creative ways to discourage illegal parking on private land and boost revenue.

These businesses offer a variety of parking services, including:

  • The installation of ANPR-integrated CCTVs
  • The creation of parking notices for drivers who breach parking regulations
  • The provision of self-ticketing options.

They guarantee relief from stress by taking on all obligations themselves.

Once you have established a relationship with a reputable parking management company, you will never again have to worry about people parking where they are not supposed to. 

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What to do if someone parks on your private property? Parking issues on private land can be frustrating, but there are ways to deal with them.

You can try things to preserve your rights, whether by asking the individual to move the vehicle, calling the police, sending a notice, or taking legal action.

You can have the car removed from your property and your legal rights protected with the help of a local attorney and the right strategy.