how to clean basement concrete floors
Kristina Davis

Are you looking for how to clean basement concrete floors? Sure you do, you came to the right place.

We value your concrete floors and when we get feedback from you,  we would love to hear that it is now sparkling clean. 

There are things that never grow old nor out of fashion, concrete floors are.

Recently, there has been a major increase in flooring solutions,  companies are putting up a show of various solutions, from vinyl to laminate, to tiles and wooden.

Concrete floors have been around for some time now and are going nowhere, regardless of the show.

They still are valuable, they are simple, durable, and cost-effective. And their shine must be maintained through proper care and maintenance.

In this article, we have gathered you sure fire ways on how to clean basement concrete floors.

Cleaning basement concrete floors could be done in a number of ways. You can use a pressure washer, dry cement, or a bleaching agent.

Best Cleaner For Basement Cement Floors

best basement cleaners

Now,  unlike all other flooring solutions, cement floors are harder,  their stains might be irritant and a lot of scrubbing might be involved.

That is why, as you plan to clean it, you must look around for the best cleaners for basement cement floors.

Opt for cleaning agents that will deal with the dirt without much effort from you.

So, what are these best cleaners for basement cement floors?

These are:

  • Muriatic Acid
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia

How to Clean Basement Concrete Floors

how to clean concrete floor

In this article, we only present to you three sure ways that have proven results.

Your basement concrete floors must glisten and either of these methods will help you achieve it.

Follow the simple and short cleaning procedures while working with any of these methods for cleaning basement floors. 

Method 1: Dry Cement

bucket of dry cement

Do you know about dry cement? Perhaps you do.

Now,  dry cement for patching and anchoring is a significant method for cleaning your concrete floors.

It is an easy method that doesn’t call for soaking up the floor in water.

Tip: You only need to assemble a broom, a dry cement can and a brush then follow the steps.

Steps To Follow In This Method

  1. Always begin by sweeping the floor to eject any debris and dirt.
  2. Spread dry cement on the area with the stain 
  3. With your brush, rub the area cautiously,  taking the brush in swirls 
  4. Repeat the process until all the dirt or ugly spots are gone. 
  5. Wait for a while before sweeping the area you worked on clean.  
Tip: Do not mix the cement with water while doing this.
pros cons dry cement

Pros of This Method

Dry cement is a non-toxic substance for cleaning ugly patches off your floor.

This is a tried, tested, and proven best method.

Dry cement is also cheap and readily available in shops near you and from other online vendors. 

Cons of This Method

You might end up spending a lot of dry cement if you are to clean a larger area. It also creates a lot of dust while working with it.

Method 2: Use Of Bleach

use bleach

Bleaching agents are a super way to clean your floors.

That is especially if your basement concrete floor appears to be musty and smelly with mildew and molds.

It appears to be growing old when it should still be sparkling,  worry not, using a bleaching agent will fix that in the following simple steps.

In this method, begin only after you have assembled the following tools.

These are a broom, a bucket of lukewarm water, a brush mop, a bleaching agent, and protective gear.

Steps To Follow

  1. Before you start, always ensure the area is well ventilated, so open all windows and doors.
  2.  Sweep over the floor gently but carefully until all the debris and dirt have been picked. 
  3. Deposit the debris in a dustbin and come back to the next step.
  4. Depending on the area of the floor you want to wash, read the instructions for use on the bleaching container for guidance on how to mix it with the warm water.
  5. Use protective gear like masks and gloves while dealing with bleaching agents, also cover your eyes well.
  6. Using the brush or dust mop,  apply the agent to the floor,  passionately.
  7. Let the bleaching solution rest for about ten minutes before coming in again to rinse the floor.
  8. Let the floor dry well, then close up any ventilation. Is it sparkling?
bleach pros and cons

Pros of This Method

The bleaching agents’ method can be quite cheaper as compared to other cleaning methods together with removing dirt from the toughest spots.

Also it is an antibacterial in itself that helps kill bacteria from your floor. 

Cons of This Methods

However, this method also has a drawback or two.

One, in the event you do not have all the protective gear needed for its use,  then you can’t risk using it uncovered.

Note: These agents tend to be stronger and will bleach any other item if kept in close contact.

Method 3: Ammonia

ammonia solution

Ammonia is also another chemical that works magic in cleaning your basement concrete floors.

Just like in using those bleaching agents, start by gathering all tools you need for the cleaning.

These are –

  • A broom,
  • An ammonia solution, 
  • A bucket,
  • Soapy detergent,
  • Warm water, and
  • Protective gears.

Steps To Follow

Once you have assembled all these tools and are set to go, below are the steps to follow.

  1. Ensure the space is well ventilated.
  2. Sweep the floor to clear off all debris and dust.
  3. In the washing bucket, proportionately mix the ammonia, the soapy detergent, and warm water.
  4. Get in your protective gear. Ensure your nose and eyes are well covered.
  5. Mop the area with the ammonia solution while scrubbing to remove any patches.
  6. Leave the solution to rest for 5-10 minutes.
  7. Rinse the area with clean water,  twice.
ammonia pros and cons

Pros of This Method

Ammonia is a cheap solution to purchase from the shops. Also,  it is a chemical that will keep house pests and rodents in your home at bay. 

Cons of This Method

Ammonia is a chemical compound, toxic enough to cause respiratory defects.

If you are not well covered, then you might get irritated, especially when it reacts with your eyes.

So What’s the Best Way to Clean Your Concrete Basement Floor?

Of the ways we have mentioned which one would you opt for while cleaning your concrete basement floors? 

Your decision-making skills must come to play here. While different people would have a spot for either of these solutions, pick one that suits you well.

Try the use of a bleaching agent, ammonia, or dry cement.

Did I make that more complicated? All these methods have perfect results.

Tip: Pick on any depending on what is available, your tastes or preferences, or intuition.


Do you now see how to clean basement concrete floors as an easy affair? It shouldn’t take you a lot of effort if you use any of these methods while closely abiding by the steps.

While dealing with ammonia or a bleaching agent,  always ensure you have some kind of protective gear covering your nose and eyes.

The goal is to ensure that your concrete basement floors are shiny like they once were.

Although everything grows old and concrete basement floors too will, your regular cleaning and maintenance will define if they will still look attractive years after installation.

The ball is now in your court , that basement concrete floor needs your attention, give to it and see the difference.

Do not forget to use the methods on how to clean basement concrete and the steps in this article while at it.

Meanwhile,  all the best.