can i have a tesla without a garage
Kristina Davis

If you’re aspiring to own an electric vehicle but live in a condo or apartment building, you’re probably wondering can I have a Tesla without a garage?

This is a question that also bugs those who don't have any garage skills or lack the necessary equipment to install a charger.

Owning a Tesla without a garage can get complicated if the management of the apartment complex or condo you’re living in won’t allow you to install a charger on the premises.

The simple answer is YES. You can own a Tesla without a garage. It won’t be a breeze like the garage owners, but it’s doable, with a few caveats that we will get into in this article.

EV Chargers, Landlords, and State Laws

ev chargers landlords and the state law

The biggest headache for most electric vehicle owners who don’t have garages is the inability to charge.

Many property managers and landlords are on board to improve their spaces for increased longevity, but some may not be so open.

Before you give up, you could try negotiating with those in charge to install a Tesla charging system.

The plan was specifically made to solve the problem of owning a Tesla without a garage.

Tesla created an outdoor and wall-mounted charging system that is weather resistant and can be hooked up to the side of your apartment.

Extension cords from outlets can also reach the wall-mounted charging system.

Electric Vehicle Incentives

When negotiating with your landlord, mention any financial incentives that may make installation an attractive way to save money.

Some states offer grants and tax benefits for installing chargers.

Local electric utility companies may also provide rebates. Please do your research on the financial opportunities in your state.

It will increase your chances of getting the charger installed at no cost.

Charger Installation Without Landlord Approval

the charger installation

If you want to install chargers without the landlord’s approval, you will look at state and local laws.

California, Hawaii, and Colorado have passed legislation that says apartments cannot refuse installation requests.

But even if your state hasn’t done this, there may be local laws that are in your favour.

If your building manager does not support electric vehicles, you can use either lobby for change or look for creative solutions.

There shouldn’t be a problem buying a Tesla without a garage as these can be right for Tesla owners worldwide.

If you live in a co-op, apartment complex, or two-family house, it is essential to bring up something about installing an electric charger.

Note:  Such conversations should be had with the cooperative owners or landlords of these types of residential buildings.

Extension Cords

use extension chord

With an extension cord, you can charge your Tesla outside of your living space, which is convenient for those with complex building managers.

However, doing so carries a risk as the power supply line is vulnerable to faults and damage.

The average household outlet provides 120 volts which will also lead to slower charging times, should you choose that option.

Most electric vehicles can charge themselves with an outlet, a wall unit, or one of these public stations.

Tesla has done a great job of implementing superchargers all around the US, which can charge your car in 20-30 minutes.

Get a Tesla with A Reliable Range

Another way to solve the problem of how to charge Tesla without a garage is to get a Tesla with a good enough range that won’t need frequent charging.

While looking for such a Tesla, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are worthy contenders.

Newer Tesla Models Have Better Range.

new tesla

With the company’s new Model X and S release, you should not worry about running out of miles while motoring through your city.

You could get by with a once-a-week charge at a Tesla supercharger.

Realistically, most city dwellers usually drive around 150 miles per week, which would still be available to me if you purchased the minimum battery size in Tesla’s entry-level Model 3.

If you live in an apartment, battery size is essential when buying your car.

Note: There are many models of Tesla Motors, some of which are more suitable than others. If you don't have a garage, always look for one that lasts anywhere from 250–520 miles per charge.

Use EV Charger Apps to Locate Nearby Charging Stations

One of the best ways to find Tesla Superchargers is by using PlugShare, which shows you the closest chargers and public wall outlets.

You can use these two tools in tandem to save time and efficiently navigate your trip.


use optiwatt

If your landlord is unsure how to install chargers, suggest they use Optiwatt to assign monthly charges to individual tenants for charging at home.

This mobile-friendly tool uses exact utility rates when calculating Tesla’s energy usage and costs with data from the past.

Landlords are likely to find this information valuable if they want to know there is a free tool available that helps track energy spending across different cars, even when charging on the same meter.

Note: In addition to automated notification of charging stations for your electric car, you can download several apps that map them out, even when your phone is not in the vehicle.

Have Your Employer Install a Supercharger at Work

employer install supercharge at work

If you’re wondering can I have a Tesla without a garage, your workplace might be the solution.

Everybody knows electric vehicles are the future, and employers are also aware of this.

First, ask your employer or office building manager if it is possible to install chargers for multiple workers in the parking lot.

You might be surprised and pleased with their response.

Tesla has created a resource list to help you with approval and installation.

Tax Incentives

If your company has Tesla or other EV vehicles, They might even be able to take advantage of tax incentives.

Depending on such arrangements, Tesla may do charger installations for free. Using the one Supercharger at your work premises as a base will also be helpful.

This will offer a quick charge that you can go to in the early morning or later in the day before leaving for home.

To further cut down on electric charging time, you either need to wake up earlier when you can charge throughout the day or charge at the end of the day.

The frequency of your charges depends on how much you drive daily and how far your EV's battery can go without charging.

Plan for Charging in Advance

plan for charging

Owning an EV requires you to be a good planner. You don’t want to run out of charge and don’t have a garage.

Therefore, always plan for charging in advance before going to your apartment. Don’t put it off, or you may have to deal with several inconveniences.

Planning will help you figure out if you’ll need to charge at work, on your way home, and when you’re running errands.

Answering the question can I have a Tesla without a garage also requires that you review your day to help you be aware of your range.

It will be a sure way to avoid frustration caused by forgetting to charge your car. Have some practice to make sure you’re prepared for the day.

Note:  If you need to drive out of town and know you'll be on the road for a long time, it would be best if you have a fully charged car. You won't be in a tough spot if life throws you any curve balls.

Random Short Charges in Between Your Errands

short charges

Many car companies have been producing electric vehicles, but the lack of readily available charging stations made people not want to buy them.

Things have since changed, which is a relief.

Tesla has avoided these issues and is leading the way by enabling seamless integration for the user by providing efficient electric vehicles to those in need.

Apart from keeping the charge for longer, nowadays there are charging stations everywhere.

Charge at the mall, set at the convenience store, random building, or somewhere along your trip.

You can charge for a few minutes in-between your errands to ensure your vehicle doesn't run out of charge.

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Final Thought

So can I have a Tesla without a garage? You absolutely can.

If you live in an apartment building, owning a Tesla may have seemed a little out of reach before, but not anymore.

With the infrastructural systems provided by the government, impressive efforts made by EV companies, and sound planning practices on your part, you can have a Tesla without a garage with no inconveniences.