how to clean mohawk laminate flooring
Kristina Davis

Knowing how to clean mohawk laminate flooring does not have to be a difficult task.

Ok, you might be wondering what the new rave about Mohawk laminate floor is all about?

Let’s get into the gist then!

Mohawk laminate flooring is made of High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) also called Hardboard.

It gives off the look of actual wood but is actually just an imitation.

However, the laminate top part is what makes this flooring option so durable.

So how does one go about cleaning it? We will find out shortly.

You can clean your mohawk laminate floors with a vacuum cleaner. Also, as much as possible avoid using water to clean these floors.

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How To Clean Mohawk Laminate Flooring?

how clean mohawk laminate flooring

Are you seeking to know the best way to clean your Mohawk laminate floor?

Cleaning Mohawk floors could be a simple task that will leave you happy if you did it the right way.

In fact, you do not need to be so intense with the cleaning options you use. Well, following these simple steps will do wonders.

Let’s get right in.

Step #1. Vacuum Cleaning

It is common knowledge that the mohawk laminate floor is a bit maintenance-free.

While carrying out your routine cleaning, use a dust mop, or a slightly damp mop on the floors. Then you dry with a clean cloth made of cotton.

Thereafter, you will need to use clean water and Mohawk laminate floor cleaner. These cleaners can always be purchased in stores.

Tip: It is advisable to use a soft bristle broom with a vacuum cleaner. Use it with suction only and avoid using a wet mop.

Step #2. Protective Window Coverings

the window coverings

Endeavor to make use of protective window coverings like curtains or window blinds.

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This will help block UV rays and excessive sunlight coming in directly from the window.

Also, you should arrange rugs in order to protect your floors from wearing out.

Tip: During inclement weather, avoid exposing your mohawk laminate floor to water as much as possible.

Ways To Stop Dirt Building Up On Your Mohawk Laminate Floor

ways to stop dirt buildup

Many people like putting rugs and mats on their mohawk laminate floors to protect them. This is definitely a brilliant idea.

Mats at the front doors and from the kitchen play a significant role in the cleanliness of your Mohawk Laminate floors.

Mats play a magical role, they limit the extent of dirt in your room by keeping off and holding at the doors any dirt coming in through the door from human traffic.

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Whether they are being used in homes or public places, ensure Mats are placed on each door.

Also, apart from just holding back dirt that is getting into your room, mats add to the beauty of your home.

How Can I Prevent Further Damages?

prevent further damages

You can also protect your mohawk laminate flooring from further damage by considering the cleaning agents you use.

It is true that cleaning agents are a great way to clean your floors.

But while handling Mohawk floors, you ought to be so cautious with the types and quantities of washing agents you are exposing to our Mohawk laminate floors.

While some instantly make them bleach, using washing powder in plenty leaves some on the floors, especially if the floors are not rinsed well.

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The floors dry and will trap dirt on the floor while still exhibiting ugly markings.

Note: Be careful with excess water use while cleaning.

Cleaning Tools For Mohawk Laminate Floor

cleaning tools

Have you been cleaning your Mohawk laminate floor with the wrong cleaning tool?

This article is here to educate you on the right and effective cleaning tools. Already we know that there are different types of mohawk floors.

You still need to be aware that it can be frustrating attempting to clean your mohawk laminate floor with the wrong tools.

Brooms, vacuum cleaners, or soap and towels are some of the simple tools for cleaning mohawk laminate floors.

While some will call for more special cleaning tools for the best results.

So it is advisable to make use of a laminate-specific mop so as to avoid causing irreparable damage to the floor.

DIY Cleaning Method You Can Opt For

diy cleaning method

If you are in a bad situation that needs urgent help, you can mix water together with vinegar.

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Use the mixture to lightly spray on the surface of your mohawk laminate floor

You can then make use of your mophead for laminate floors with less effort to clean the floor.

Yes! It would surprise you to see how sparkling your mohawk laminate floor will appear by using conventional cleaning chemicals. 

You can apply these to save the situation yourself.

Can Mohawk Laminate Floors Be Cleaned With Commercial Floor Cleaners?

Yes, the commercial branded cleaning method option is still a nice method to keep your mohawk laminate floor clean.

This is simply the use of brands that offer cleaning services.

In most cases, these brands give a neater job than homemade cleaning services.

The use of commercial branded cleaning agents is mostly nice on your floor. It leaves your mohawk laminate floor sparkling with less or no smell.

Commercial Floor Cleaners for Mohawk Laminate Floor

commercial floor cleaners

Do You know what professionals are using out here to clean their Mohawk laminate floors?

Now, away from the other traditional ways which might either be tedious or take a lot of time, there are commercial floor cleaners for Mohawk laminate floors that will pay asap.

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These agents will touch your mohawk laminate floors differently, which will leave them entirely glistening. You may want to give them a try.

Here is a list of commercial floor cleaners that are safe to use on the mohawk laminate floor.

  • Pine-sol is a commercial floor cleaner that is safe to use on mohawk laminate floors.
  • Clorox disinfecting wipes are used to get rid of small spills on the floor.
  • Fabuloso floor cleaner can be used in cleaning Mohawk laminate floors but must be used in small quantities.

How Can I Restore The Shine Back To My Mohawk Laminate Floor?

how can restore shine back

Did Your Mohawk Laminate floor lose its shine? Do you want to restore it? That’s right.

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Mohawk laminate flooring, although designed to be so durable, if exposed to the wrong treatment might lose its shine in a matter of time.

However, if it hits you, and it should that your mohawk laminate floors were not meant to look awful but should rather be dazzling, you will contemplate restoring the shine of your Mohawk laminate floors.

How would you do it?

It is still possible to restore the shine of your mohawk laminate floors in the following few simple ways.

  1. Use the right cleaning process for your floor
  2. Do not be tempted to use wax or floor polish products on your Mohawk laminate floors,
  3. All furniture should wear protective pads to avoid scratching the surfaces of the floor.
  4. Avoid cleaning a Mohawk laminate floor with a wet method
  5. Spills should not be left on the Mohawk laminate floor for long, clean up as soon as it happens.
  6. Get rid of any damaged flooring as it may affect the planks around it.
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In this article, I’ve talked about the different approaches to take on how to clean mohawk laminate floors. 

Learning how to clean mohawk laminate flooring is vital because it helps you lengthen the lifespan of the floor.

By cleaning it, you would be able to curb the dirt and preserve the shine on your Mohawk laminate floor.

Be rest assured you can pull it off because it is an easy fix if you look forward to installing one.

Your dull surfaced mohawk laminate floors can also be revived if you follow the listed steps in this article.

We would love feedback from you to know how it turned out.