is it dumb to put a rug over carpet
Kristina Davis

This article is here to expressly answer the question “Is it dumb to put a rug over carpet?”

This is because in most homes, in the current age, rugs over carpets are commonplace. That is the new look of things! 

And it is aimed at making the home and the rooms shinier, ecstatic, beautiful and magnificent.  But the big question remains, why do we put rugs over carpets?

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It just can’t be for the sake of it. So, is it a dumb idea to put rugs over carpet? Well, this article has the answers. Close in. 

Never see it as dumb to put a rug over a carpet. It is the best thing you can do to that carpet as it adds to its color and value. 

Why Do People Put Rugs Over Carpets?

why put rug over carpet

Just like you, a while back I wouldn’t stand it. I moved out of my parent’s house a few years back and mom was too obsessed with having a rug over her carpet. 

Then, when I move out, it hit me, I never saw it coming.

But I found myself as the one, who with all his body and soul hated the sight of a rug over a carpet doing the same.

Just a few years ago, I was the one who hated it, who threw to the wind what importance a rug could be doing over a carpet.

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I would constantly ask ” is it ok to put a rug over carpet?”.  But today I am proud to say that Ido it, live it and love it. 

So, once I’m done telling you what importance rugs over a carpet is, you’d judge. You will tell me whether or not it is dumb to have them over your carpets.

Ride along, you are gonna thank me later.  So, is it weird to put a rug on a carpet

Reduces Noise

reduce noise

Some floors just won’t keep silent, especially if you are trodding on them with sharp pointed shoes. 

They will make the loudest noise and you cannot replace an entire floor just because of the noise which is a common aspect.

Therefore, using area rugs will come in as a good way to reduce the noise that happens as you walk on your floor. 

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Area rugs are made of soft woolen materials that make them very comfortable to sit or walk on.

Unlike all those hard floors that you will stand standing in for long, area rugs are quite comfortable. 

Tip: You are even at liberty sitting on them if you do not want to rest on the couches. 


provides warmth

Some floors, such as tiled ones or those made of cement can be too cold, especially in areas with low temperatures.

Walking on those barefoot puts you at risk of getting sick with pneumonia or malaria.

Area rugs cover up the floor hence giving you a better layer of warmth to walk on. 


Another reason and the commonest behind why you will spot area rugs in most homes is for home beauty and decor.

When matched well with the other items in your home, area rugs will add to the beauty. 

Note: Rugs on carpet add to the overall outlook of a house, one you will love and marvel at. 

The Importance Of Carpets

importance of carpet

Carpets are good. Nonetheless, area rugs are cost-friendly, and add a lot of elegance to your home like you have never seen. 

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You would see this once you match the right color of your area rug with that on the couches, and the flooring style you have used.

There are more than enough reasons you need to validate the usefulness of an area over a carpet.

Area rugs are handy, they even help us protect the floors.

If you check the difference, you’d see that it is too hard to clean spills from the carpet than it would be with washing area rugs.

Is It Dumb To Put A Rug Over Carpet? 

put rug over carpet

Following what we discussed above, you wouldn’t tell me that it is still dumb in your opinion to have a rug above your carpet. 

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For years, I hated rugs, but for years I lived with them. Maybe because the house wasn’t my own.

But as I told you before, it is the best thing that has ever occurred to me since I moved into a new apartment where I pay my rent. 

I have rugs all over and If you visited me today, you would marvel at how well they spread across my floors.

From the sitting room to the waiting room, to the verandah, to the bedroom. I just do not have them in the kitchen and the stores.

So is it dumb to put a rug over a carpet? Is it still so to you in your own opinion? It wouldn’t be.

It will never be.

Area rugs offer a protective layer between the stains, all dirt, and the floor so that the stain doesn’t reach the floor. 

Tip: It isn't any dumb to put rugs over carpets.

Guiding Tips For Putting Rugs Over Carpets

tips putting rug over carpet

It isn’t any dumb to put area rugs over carpets. However, if you approach it haphazardly, then it will turn out to be. You do not want it that way. 

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I do not want it that way either when I just told you that it is absolutely fine to have area rugs over carpets.

Therefore, below I have a number of guiding tips that will see you through it. Tips that will ensure you get the very best. 

Color Selection

You do not need to be a home design expert to get things straight. An area rug does a lot to your house as much as the addition of color and elegance is concerned. 

But as a good place to start, make sure that you are selecting colors that match well with each other. Try to not be so quirky or edgy.

Coordinate well the colors, so that the area rugs match well with the floor and the furniture in your rooms. 

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rug size

What would a small-sized rug be doing on a large floor? Size matters a lot while laying rugs over carpets. 

Do not throw them around carelessly but ensure you cut them in sizes that match and fit.

Choose a rug that matches and fits the design of your room, the size, and the furnishing design appropriately. 


As much as you are drawn into placing area rugs over your carpets, take your safety seriously into account. Safety starts with you. 

Ensure that the rugs and the carpet sit well with each other.

Go for non-slippery materials that wouldn’t make you or anyone else fall. Or get non-slip rug pads to put them in place.

Note: Also, ensure that the carpet is locked in place so that it does not move. 


foot traffic

In areas with a lot of traffic then do not use any rugs, and if you should, they should be high-density rugs that do not wear and tear off quickly.

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In as much as rugs should be the ones protecting the carpets from wear and tear, they also need a lot of care.

So, just ensure that they are protected from a lot of traffic or maintained regularly. 


What do you think now? Is it dumb to put a rug over a carpet?

Do you still think that area rugs aren’t a good match over carpets? Do you still see it as a dumb idea? You shouldn’t be.

This article has given you every reason as to why area rugs mean a lot to carpets.

Try them out and share with us how you like them.