can i hoover a shaggy rug
Kristina Davis

Just a while ago, I was the one troubled with a shaggy rug and kept asking “can I hoover a shaggy rug?“.

I couldn’t help but find out how I would be cleaning it going forward. Shaggy rugs are too beautiful and classic. 

They complete your home with fashion and elegance, however, they become problematic when it is time to clean them.

How are you going to clean that shaggy rug? Because I found out how it is my pleasure to share that with you in this article. 

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It is absolutely okay for you to hoover that shaggy rug. It is easy and fast but you need to be careful. 

What Is A Shag Rug?

Shag rugs are known for their long strands of cotton. If you have them spread on yourself or your carpet, then you nailed it.

shag rug

They serve a lot of purposes other than making your home even more lovely. 

Shag rugs provide comfort to your feet, they prevent you from tripping and falling.

They also allow your children a soft spot to sit and play as well as hold back dirt and spills from reaching the floors. 

Cleaning floors tend to be harder, especially when dealing with stains on rugs. 

So, from time to time, whether your house area rug is dirty or not, you are required to clean it. 

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Can I Hoover A Shaggy Rug?

can i hoover shaggy rug

You might have a hoover, also known as a vacuum, with you, and you will end up using it to clean.

The big question, however, remains, “can you hoover shaggy rugs?” Hold on. 

A Hoover or a vacuum cleaner will work well to clean the shag rug. However, you need to approach it with a lot of caution, design, and focus. 

There are very high chances that if you do it blindly, the hoover is likely to hoove off the fiber strands or, worse still, damage the entire rug. 

That is why this article brings you a comprehensive guide to see you successfully hoover through your shag rug.

Whenever you are doing it, ensure it remains sparkling clean and fresh without pulling out the fiber strands with it. 

Tip: The fibrous strands of a shag rug will potentially get entangled in the hoover and this will put both the rug and the vacuum cleaner in jeopardy. 

Steps To Hoover A Shaggy Rug 

steps to hoover rug

The use of the hoover is surely the best way to clean rugs. However, as much as it is, it also poses a serious threat.

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You might, in the nick of time, lose the rug or the hoover and, in the worst case, both. With this guide, that won’t happen. 

This article imparts you with all the knowledge you require to fully hoover the rug without blowing off even a single strand.

Dive in straight, and follow up the procedures to find out how. 

Pre – Clean The Floor

The first step is to manually clean the floor. How? Before you get the hoover on that shag rug, there is dirt lazing around the floor that you should get rid of first.

Use your hands to pick up any solid particles and fur that you can easily reach with bare hands. 

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And usually, no matter what means you are using to clean the floor, pre-cleaning must be made a priority.

clean floor hoover

In this case, you will be saving your hoover from unwanted damage should it be passed on tough objects. 

Power On The Hoover And Use An Extension Cord 

So, once you have all the dust and debris cleaned off your rug, take your hoover and power it on.

Always ensure that it is in good working condition and be careful as well when dealing with electric power. 

Using the extension cord comes in handy when the rug extends to the furthest point of your room. This is so that the hoover reaches all the corners pretty well. 


This is the best part of cleaning your shag rug. It is when the hoover gets to work but before you do, begin with sprinkling a rug deodorizer.

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After which, you leave it to sit and soak for about 20 minutes to about half an hour. 

deodorize rug

The length of the fiber strands of the shag rug you are cleaning determines a lot of things.

You may even find it necessary to vacuum one area more than once to reach all the dirt and expel them. 

Since the hoover is going to do you a very good job, I once again reiterate that you need to be a lot careful with how you use it. 

There are chances that it might easily pull off the shag rug strands thinking that they were part of the dirt it should be getting rid of.

To avoid damaging the rug, there are shag rug and carpet upholstery installments and upholsteries such as the carpet rake

Tip: Use a beater bar while cleaning with a hoover to prevent a lot of damage alongside other upholsteries. 

Clean The Hoover

clean hoover

When and if satisfied that the shag rug is back to dazzling clean, then ensure that you clean it up. Do so before storing it as it awaits the next use. 

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Obviously, it must have picked up a lot of dirt from the floor. Reusing it that way the next time you are cleaning makes the cleaning look worse. 

You do not want to roll a dirty hoover on your shag rug the next time. Hence, the most honorable thing is to clean it up after each use. 

Tip: While cleaning your shag rug with the hoover, tend to focus more on high-traffic zones since they are areas that hold the most dirt. 

Other Options For Cleaning Your Shag Rug 

options to clean shag rug

Other than hoovering through the shag rug, which remains the best way to clean it, below are the other options you have got: 

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Shake It 

Famed for a lot of comfort and color, shag rugs are increasingly becoming prominent in homes.

When cared for properly you may not have a lot of working cleaning and might rarely need to hoover them.

It starts with controlling foot traffic and ensuring that people do not come in or step on them with shoes. 

Giving the shag rug a good shake will dispel a lot of dirt from the fibrous strands. If there is only a little of it, then this could well be the simplest method of cleaning it.

This way, you would be cleaning it without washing it in a lot of water or hoovering it. 

steam cleaning the rug

Steam Clean

A steam cleaner might still be used to clean shag rugs.

But it is so that you conduct the rug vendor to inquire whether a steamer can be used to clean their products.

Tip: Check any labels on the rug to ascertain whether a steam cleaner can be used as a cleaning option. 

How Often Can You Hoover A Shag Rug? 

Can I Hoover A Shaggy Rug? How often?

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Depending on how much foot traffic goes through the shag rug. That is what can determine how much you need to be cleaning it. 

how often hoover rug

However, it is in order that you do it at least once every week. But for rugs in high-traffic areas, hoover them twice weekly. 

Tip: To save yourself from regular hoovering, control the foot traffic that goes through it and top up its care maintenance. 


So, can I hoover a shaggy rug? From this article, you learned that you can and you should.

It is the best way to clean your area shag rug but best when done carefully and cautiously.

Follow the procedures and guidelines in this article and care for the shag rug a lot more.