why does my bedroom get so dusty
Kristina Davis

So the other day, just like everyone in my house, I was left wondering- why does my bedroom get so dusty?

This has been a serious problem for me as I wasn’t able to get quality sleep from breathing in dust.  And I didn’t like the look of dust in my room. 

I’m guessing like me you probably are having that same issue with a dusty room.

Well, I did my research and I’m here to share my findings with you.

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A major reason for dust in the bedroom is the carpets and other dust-retaining fabrics. 

What Are The Effects Of A Dusty Room

dusty room

We must know what makes our room get so dusty and how to solve it.

But it is also important we understand the side effects of sleeping in a dusty room. 

Sleeping in a dusty room can have a lot of implications. 

Note: There are no positive effects of a dusty room.  

Health Problems

nasal congestion problems

Having a dusty room poses a lot of health problems for you.

It doesn’t matter if you have an allergy or not, a dusty room can be a breeding ground for germs.

Especially for individuals who have allergies and respiratory infections.

It also affects your sleep. Causing nasal congestion or blocking the rate of fresh air you breathe when sleeping.

Aesthetic Issue

room aesthetic issue

A dusty room is an eyesore.

No matter how beautifully decorated your room is, once your room is dusty the beauty of the room is tainted.

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Dust masks the beauty of a place. It makes the place look dirty and unkempt.

No one wants to walk into a dirty and dusty room at the end of a long day at work or school.   

Why Does My Bedroom Get So Dusty?

bedroom keep getting dusty

If you have ever found yourself wondering why your room keeps getting dusty, well here are a few reasons.

It should be noted that these reasons are totally unavoidable. This is because they are everyday items and activities that we use and do.

Also, it is practically impossible to stop your room from getting dusty, but rather you can reduce it.

Below are some of the many reasons why your rooms keep getting dusty.

Hair And Skin

fallen hair

In a bedroom, a good percentage of the dust and dirt is gotten from dead skin cells and combed-out hair.

Dead skin leaves our body and disintegrates into tiny dust particles. So that when we do not properly clean our rooms they accumulate.

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They accumulate with other forms of dirt and cause our rooms to be dusty. 

Similarly, it is common to notice hair having dust particles around them when you are sweeping or vacuuming the floor.

The hair on our heads and the ones on our skin attract dust from outside. Then we bring them into the house and deposit them in our rooms.

And since hair attracts dust, we comb them, they fall off our body and accumulate more dust particles. 

Tip: A good tip is to take a decent shower immediately after getting home to wash dust particles that are attached to your body.

Pets Dander And Hair

pet dander hair

Your pets are another reason why your room is dusty. Pets tend to have and shed dander a lot, which gets on numerous places in our homes.

Also just like humans, pets’ hair and fur attract dust particles and other types of tiny dirt.

And considering that they are animals, they are not so much concerned about where they are stepping their feet.

This means they carry dirt and dust everywhere they go, even in our bedrooms.

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Carpets, Pillows, And Fabrics

vacuuming carpet

Carpets are lovely for keeping our rooms cozy and cool but they are known to be heavy holders of dust and sand.

Carpets hold so much sand over the years.  It is impossible for there not to be dust on the carpet despite everyday vacuuming.

Also, our pillow can hold dust.  Likewise, certain fabrics and our upholstery.

These are very important items in our rooms but they tend to hold and accumulate dust.

Windows, Doors, And Leaking Vents

open window with dust

Windows and doors are the major way through which dust gets into our rooms.

When we open up our windows for some air to come in, dust particles also follow suit.

Although this is most common with rooms on the ground floor and first floor.

Or in houses that are closer to the road or in areas where there is a high concentration of dust.

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And in situations where we close our windows, if we have vents that might not be in good condition, this could also get dust into our rooms.  

Air Conditioning System

hvac air filter

Our air conditioning system, just like our vent, might also be a source of dust in our rooms.

A damaged air conditioning system could let in dust. This could happen when the filter is damaged.

Hence, there isn’t anything to block the dust particle that might be coming from outside. 


dusty curtains

Curtains act as a form of filter for dust in our rooms. As they help block not only excess sunshine but also heavy amounts of dust particles.

Depending on the materials of the curtain, some can hold heavy amounts of dust while others might allow a little bit of dust to go through.

Either way, curtains retain dust and will eventually get into our rooms. 

Tip: This dust might come maybe when we lift our curtains or shake them. 

How To Stop My Room from Getting Dusty

stop bedroom dust

As said earlier, it is practically impossible and difficult to eliminate dust from your room.

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This is because dust is also carried along with air.  The best we can do is reduce the amount of dust with these few methods.

Perform A Wet Cleaning

When cleaning your room, you might want to consider doing a wet cleaning.

This involves using a moist or slightly damp rag to clean every part of the room.

If you have tiles or flooring that aren’t prone to get wet, using a wet mop will eliminate the amount of dust on the floor.

Use Microfiber Cloth

use microfiber cloth

These pieces of cloth are best for cleaning a dusty environment. They do not require water to aid in the cleaning.

And they pick the dust particles without transferring them to other places.

Use Air Purifier

An air purifier is a very good option to be used in our homes.

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What this does is clean the air of any impurities in the air including dust particles. They are a great fit for your room.

Window Filter

install window filter

This is another great fix to reduce dust in your room.

Our room needs ventilation, therefore it is needed for us to open our window from time to time.

A good window filter will hold as much as 70% of the dust that is trying to get into our rooms from the window. 

Other ways to prevent your room from getting dusty are :

  • Comb your hair in the bathroom.
  • Keep windows and doors closed when not needed.
  • Change your beddings and curtains regularly.
  • Organize old stuff and throw unnecessary stuff away.
  • Pull off clothes and shoes before going into the room after a long day outside.
  • Monitor and keep your pets clean regularly.
  • Check air conditioning systems and vents regularly.
  • Carpets should be washed and cleaned occasionally.
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How Often Should I Clean My Room?

clean bedroom often

To prevent dust from accumulating over time in your room, it is paramount that a dust cleaning is done in the room regularly.

However, due to work and other everyday activities, we might not be able to clean our room every day.

Therefore, it is best to do a thorough cleaning of your room at least once a week. It could be on weekends or on days you have fewer activities.  


So why does my bedroom get so dusty?

In my case, it happened that my air conditioning system was damaged. Also, I was fond of opening my windows during the day to let some fresh air come in.

I failed to realize that my window was close to the road, hence bringing in the dust to my room. 

I hope this article has been helpful and worth your time. Follow the solutions and reduce the amount of dust in your bedrooms.