how to get creases out of polypropylene rug
Kristina Davis

How to get creases out of polypropylene rugs can be quite disturbing.

As much as rugs are concerned, polypropylene rugs are the current age’s best of the best. They are very affordable and durable at the same time.

However when they get creased then you will grow very annoyed. But if it did, how do you get rid of a crease in polypropylene rug?

Several procedures in place will see you getting the creases off the polypropylene rug. You can either use a steamer, an iron, baking soda, and vinegar or alcohol.

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What Causes Creases On Polypropylene Rugs?

cause creases polypropylene rug

I know you are interested in knowing how and what you are going to do to get creases off your polypropylene rug.

It is good that you first establish the reason behind the creasing and avoid it as much as you can. 

So, what and why are the reasons behind the creases? Below are some likely reasons behind the creases on the polypropylene rug.

Foot Traffic

High foot traffic will in the nick of time bring about so many creases on your rug that you never knew could happen.

foot traffic

Say the rug is used in public places, there is a higher chance for creases on the polypropylene rug.

Tip: To avoid creases on your rug, control foot traffic or instead ensure that dirty shoes are left by the doorstep.

Improper Storage

Carelessly storing your propylene will breed creases in the long run.

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There are regulations you must enact to make sure that the rugs are properly cleaned, dried, and stored well.

Items Needed To Get Rid of A Crease In Polypropylene Rug

items get rid creases

If there already are creases on your propylene rug, then time is nigh that you got rid of them once and for all.

At the start, it is going to appear like an uphill task, but with the guide of this article, there is the assurance that it will not be. 

So, don’t be worried about whether the creases arose from improper storage or care, or whether they are a result of a lot of human foot traffic.

There are strategies you can use to get rid of the creases.

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And these are as follows:



The paste made by mixing soda and vinegar is the first handy option to get rid of creases from your polypropylene rug.

What you will do is mix soda and vinegar in a container of water until sticky paste forms. 

Once you have that, use a stick or a spoon to apply it to your polypropylene rug on the crease spots.

Leave the paste to settle on the rug for about ten minutes, then come in with soap and water to wash off the paste together with the creases.

Rinse the rug and leave it to dry out in the sun for a while. 


use alcohol spray

Creases aren’t too tough to be washed away.

Another possible way we have figured out that you would use to do away with creases from your rug is the use of alcohol.

How would you do that? 

Simple, get a spray bottle and in it mix isopropyl in a cup or two of water.

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Shake the can well and smear it on all the spots with creases. Leave the rug to sit for about ten to twenty minutes before scrubbing off the creases.

Tip: In case there are a few creases left while using this method, repeat again and again until all of them are gone. 

A Dry Cleaning Solvent

use cleaning solvent

If you are not using alcohol or vinegar, then think of a dry cleaning solvent. Asking where you will get one?

There are commercial solvents all over from all stores near you. Purchase one and apply it to the rug. 

Leave the rug to rest for a while as the solvent does its work. In about half an hour, a good solvent should have dissolved the creases into washables.

Was your rug thereafter, rinse it and air it out to dry. 

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Make Use Of An Electronic Iron

Getting rid of creases from rugs calls for a lot of invention, brains, trials, and error.

use electric iron

And believe me, the use of an iron box has proven to be an amazing way of wiping creases off your rug. Ask me how. 

What you will do is, take that rug, place it on the iron table, power on your box and turn it to the lowest heat setting.

Then run the iron box carefully across the rug on the spots with creases. 

Drive the iron carefully through the rug, without leaving it at rest for too long as that might burn the rug.

The steam from the iron acts as a vacuum cleaner hence loosening all the creases from the polyurethane rug.

Doing so makes it easier to wash or blow the creases off. 

Use A Steamer

use steamer

Also, if you want creases gotten rid of real quick, then the steamer becomes your best bet.

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It is the most experienced, the most suitable, and fastest way of doing it. 

Get hold of a quality steamer, and while holding it a few inches above the crease on the rug, race it back and forth until all are loose.

Then blow them off and wash them before the next use. 

Tip: It takes five at most to remove creases from the rug using a steamer. 

Carry It To The Cleaners

get to dry cleaners

You might badly want creases off your polypropylene rug and think that you aren’t good enough to do it yourself.

Then save yourself the stress and carry it with you when you leave home. Deposit it to the dry cleaners for later pick up.

Cleaners have professional skills merged with experience and summed up by state-of-the-art equipment.

They are sure to securely free your polypropylene rug from the creases once and for all. 

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How To Get Creases Out Of Polypropylene Rug

get creases out rug

Now, I’m sure you are fully equipped with the things that help you get creases out of your polypropylene rugs.

So, below are the steps you should be following every time you are at it for the best results. 

Ensure The Rug Is Clean

As a prerequisite to cleaning your polypropylene rug and getting rid of the creases, always ensure that your rug is clean.

Because if you try to get rid of creases on a dirty rug, then you are making it even worse. 

Lay It Flat On A Working Table

To ensure that the strategies you will be using blow every crease away from the rug, and ensure it is lying flat on the working table or floor.

lay flat on table

This allows you to access the most hidden particles especially while using the steamer or iron box. 

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Remove The Creases

Get rid of the creases in either way as you might be pleased.

Finally, if you were using methods that drive moisture into the rug, air it in the sun to dry before using it again. 


Polypropylene rugs are made of synthetic fiber, they are easy to maintain and easy to clean. And they don’t snag nor do they shed wool. 

But in the very unfortunate scenario that it ends up creasing then you need to come in and save it while you still can.

In this article, we showed you how to get creases out of polypropylene rugs and the items you might need to use for this. 

Save that polypropylene rug today! It was meant to last longer, to work better, to be maintained, and be cleaned regularly.

In the meantime, get rid of those creases.