how does vinegar remove odors
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How does Vinegar Remove Odors? Is it natural? If you’ve tried talking to a friend about an odor problem and getting told to use some vinegar.

Considering that the smell of substance isn’t the most pleasing in this world, it could be hard to wrap your mind around the concept that it can remove odors.

Whether it’s for cooking dishes, unclogging drainage or disinfecting surfaces, the substance certainly has countless of uses.

Furthermore, odor removal is one of them!

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In this article, we will show you a complete guide on how vinegar removes those unwanted smells and how to properly do it so, go forth and read on!

How Does Vinegar Remove Odors?  

vinegar remove odor

In order to know how the substance removes an odor, it’s best to learn how it’s made to give you a better understanding.

Vinegar is a production that comes from a fermented liquid. Over time, natural-occurring bacteria named acetobacters combine with the oxygen found in the fermented liquid.

It then creates acetic-acid, also known as “vinegar.”

This acetic-acid is what neutralizes the bacteria or the particles that create those unwanted odors in your home.

The process starts off as the vinegar’s substance properties travel to the area where the unwanted odor is coming from

They begin dissolving the composing particles of the object that’s causing the odor until it is entirely eliminated.

The liquid kills and fights off any alkaline smell which is usually the culprit behind any bad odor.

How Does White Vinegar Remove Odors

how does white vinegar remove odors

As much as we don’t want it to, our house can potentially accumulate any foul odor, mostly when you don’t generally clean or have pets whose smell can easily stick to the carpet fibers.

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However, there are countless things you can do to eliminate any unwanted smell lingering in your beloved home.

If you prefer natural methods over using solutions that may contain harmful chemicals, then using white vinegar is an excellent option for you.

Not only does it remove dirt and foul odor, but it also does so without causing dangerous effects to your health. So how does white vinegar remove odors?

Well, check out below!

For a Natural Carpet Deodorizer

Among the things that quickly accumulate smell are flooring and carpets. Fibers from carpets likely develop molds, especially when it’s not thoroughly cleaned, resulting in unpleasant odors.

The Process:

Start off by grabbing your white vinegar and carefully pour it into an empty and clean spray bottle until it’s half-full.

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Make sure the spray bottle is big enough to clean a whole carpet, so using a 350 ml bottle is highly recommended. 

You may now add in some water after pouring in the vinegar, filling in the half-empty bottle (1:1 ratio). Give it a fair shake before using it to allow the two solutions to mix together.

Open your windows to allow ventilation and begin spraying the mixture into the smelly carpet (ensure that you are able to cover both sides).

If you can’t take the smell of the vinegar, you may pour in a few drops of essential oil.

The scent of the vinegar will subside, taking with it all those unpleasant smells.

For Stubborn Odor in Fabrics and Clothes

how does vinegar remove clothes odors

Fabrics and Clothes, particularly those left in the laundry basket for a very long time, can develop a musty smell that isn’t really pleasing.

Sadly, using a detergent alone cannot remove this kind of odor; that is why it’s wise to use white vinegar for situations like this.

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White vinegar mixed with detergent is undoubtedly the perfect combination to battle that must smell.

The Process:

Prepare 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of your preferred detergent. Grab a mixing bowl and pour both solutions together, give it a good stir and let it rest for 2 minutes to help the solution settle down.

If you are using a washing machine, you may pour in the mixture and wash the clothes as you usually do.

You may add 2 drops of detergent in the final rinse to ensure the vinegar and the musty smell is entirely removed.

Doing this gets rid of any type of odors that seem to stick to your clothes. This tip also helps remove laundry from a tobacco smell.

For Old and Stale Smell on Cabinets and Drawers

how does vinegar remove cabinets odors

It can be quite frustrating to have cabinets and drawers that give off a kind of old and stale smell, especially when it makes anything you place inside your furniture catch the unpleasant odor.

Before you go and invite visitors to come over, get rid of the problem!

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The Process:

Let’s start by taking out any used newspaper. Crumple them into balls and set them aside.

In a clean and empty spray bottle, pour in 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 cup of distilled water. Give it a fair shake before using it.

Sprinkle the mixture all over your crumpled newspaper balls and stuff them into the drawer or cabinet where the unpleasant odor is coming from. Spray a bit more before closing it shut.

Give it 2-3 days to absorb the foul odor. Once the waiting time is up, remove the crumpled newspaper balls and place them in scented dryer sheets to ensure your cabinets and drawers will continue smelling great!

How Does Boiling Vinegar Remove Odors From The Air

how does boil vinegar remove odors

There’s no need to hide up a foul smell when you can just simply neutralize it and remove it for good.

Whether it’s an awful odor that has turned your house into an unbearable stink-nest or the lasting aroma of something you burned while cooking earlier, using vinegar can undoubtedly do the trick of eliminating all these nose-pinching issues.

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The Process:

Grab a saucepan or a pot and place it on your stove top. Pour in 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup water. Cover it with a lid and wait for it to reach a boil.

Once you notice the mixture boiling, carefully lift up the lid and let the aroma fill the air. Let it simmer for 10 minutes or until the unpleasant odor disappears.

The apple cider vinegar will eliminate any bad smells and lingering pathogens by neutralizing the air.

Not only will your area smell great because of the apple-scent the solution gives off, but it’ll also be disinfected because of the acidic properties it contains. It’s totally a win-win!

How Does Vinegar Remove Smell From Pet Urine

how does vinegar remove pet odor

Imagine this: your newly washed $500 carpet gets peed on by your pet, and the urine smell doesn’t seem to go away. Now, isn’t that a total nightmare?

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Before you go straight up to the cleaners and spend hundreds of bucks to remove that awful odor, give the vinegar method a try!

With all its acidic properties, it can eliminate even the toughest smell (not to mention it gets rid of stains, too); it’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Reminder: Unlike other smells, pet urine is among the most stubborn odor that is quite difficult to get rid of; that is why it is crucial that you follow these steps.

The Process:

Start off by making a solution. Take 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 cup of hot water (hot water will help the vinegar penetrate the carpet’s fibers without damaging it). Place it both in a clean empty mixing bowl.

Stir the vinegar and water thoroughly to allow them to properly mix. Set aside for a few minutes.

While waiting for the mixture to set in, open up your windows in the area where the carpet is to create ventilation and let fresh air come inside.

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Once established, grab the bowl and slowly pour it over the site where the urine is.

Let it sit and dry for a couple of hours to see great results!

The vinegar will neutralize the ammonia smell of pet urine without fading your carpet fibers.


“How Does Vinegar Remove Odors?” It is a question that is now in the past since you already have the knowledge to help you deal with even the most stubborn odors.

With the mesmerizing power and capability of this substance, it’s not surprising why many people opt to use this as a natural solution for any type of problem.

Having an odor-free home is an excellent aspect since this is where we spend most of our time.

If you find yourself dealing with smells that are quite hard to get rid of, then don’t forget to check this guide out again!

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