where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen
Kristina Davis

When you have limited real estate in your kitchen, asking where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen is natural.

A little kitchen has to make efficient use of every inch of space. Therefore, it is critical to maintain a clean and orderly workplace and adhere to all ergonomic guidelines.

👍 Ideally, everything needs to be in one easy-to-access spot.

The thing is that conventional microwave ovens and other gadgets like them are bulky and can quickly crowd a kitchen.

So where can I put my microwave in a small kitchen, you may ask?

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From in the wall and over range to below the counter or behind a cabinet door, you can place your microwave anywhere based on your kitchen layout. 

The Microwave: Bringing Convenience to Every Kitchen

kitchen bringing convenience

Getting a microwave is essential for every household because it brings convenience to your kitchen.

One of the most flexible microwave uses is as a heating pad.

In addition to being used to reheat food and cook meals, microwave ovens can also be used to sterilize kitchenware.

Not only this, you can increase the juice content of citrus fruits, warm up cosmetics, roast garlic, and even decrystallize honey.

But, you must put it in the right place to get all these benefits. 

Microwave Storage Predicament

storage predicament microwave

Your kitchen cupboards are likely modular and hence already built to house your new microwave.

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👍 All you need to do is identify the proper position and set it there.

A loss of storage space is the sole drawback.

Therefore, the microwave should be placed on top of the counter in the kitchen.

This is especially true if your kitchen is on the smaller side.

Depending on the location of your other kitchen appliances, you may be unsure about the best placement for your microwave.

For example, placing a microwave within a cupboard or drawer can be a space-saving option for those with a small kitchen. 

Where To Put a Microwave in a Tiny Kitchen?

moving microwave in kitchen

A clean kitchen is essential to living a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

Obviously, we need to cook in order to eat, and there is already a lot happening in a cramped kitchen.

It is possible that the microwave placement appears unimportant compared to other concerns.

However, it should be placed where it will not get in the way of your culinary tasks.

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culinary tasks way

Positioning your microwave oven is flexible, depending on the layout of your kitchen. You can put it in a cupboard, a drawer, or even over the stove.

However, it should always be somewhere that gives you enough room to work with it and provides easy access.

Tip: Keep the microwave away from the kitchen's food storage area and the fridge if possible. 

Learn Where and How To Place Microwave in Small Kitchen

learn how and where

Ultimately, the finest place for your microwave to go is determined by the layout and design of your kitchen.

But, no matter where you decide to place it, make sure it is convenient for everyone. 

Here are some excellent options to consider: 

Place It on the Wall

place it on the wall

A wall-mounted microwave is one convenient solution. There are microwaves that can be installed concealed in your wall or cupboard.

✅ The good thing is that they come with a microwave’s outer case, known as a “microwave trim kit,” for easy installation.

It is worth mentioning that you can use a wall oven in conjunction with a built-in microwave, or you can use the microwave by itself.

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While most wall ovens cannot be installed along with your over-the-range microwave, there are exceptions.

Tip: Be sure to check with the manufacturer or read the manual before attempting to disguise a countertop or an over-the-range microwave as a built-in one. 

Install Over the Range

install over the range

Always go with over-the-range when wondering where to place your microwave in a rather cramped kitchen.

This microwave placement is typical because it combines the microwave and stove into one unit.

Therefore, it gives your kitchen an uncanny appearance of having only one appliance.

It is aesthetically pleasing and helps you better use your living quarters.

microwave aesthetically pleasing

But remember that putting the microwave right next to the sink is not a good idea.

Ensure it is not closer than 4 to 9 feet. You should be careful not to cause a short circuit, electrocute yourself, or get harmed by any splashes.

Tip: Check the available space because the minimum installation height for a microwave to mount above the range is 66 inches from the ground. 

Place It in Surrounding Cabinets

place it in surrounding cabinets

Many homeowners with compact kitchens opt to build a microwave alcove surrounded by cabinetry and finish off with a trim kit.

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You can certainly go with this option. But, it is worth noting that your microwave needs to have its own power source to do this.

👌 However, if you do not use your microwave often and have room for it, this is a fantastic choice to keep it out of the way.

You can also leave it in your kitchen cabinet if it matches the size of your microwave.

Tip: Talk to an electrician and install an electrical outlet inside the cabinet to conveniently use your microwave. 

Leave It on an Upper Shelf

leave it on shelf

If you can get by with less cooking power, a compact microwave will fit neatly on a shelf above the range.

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The shelf your microwave rests on may need to extend past your upper cabinets.

And you will also want to ensure your electrician knows to install the necessary outlet in the wall just above the microwave.

Remember that if you use this option, your microwave and the plug/wire behind it will require some clearance. 

Place It Below the Counter

place it below counter

You can swap a drawer for a microwave cabinet in case your kitchen is cramped.

You can keep your microwave within reach without sacrificing valuable counter space.

However, if you have young children, you should not go through with this plan. 

Note: Let us say you are constructing a brand-new home from the ground up, including a kitchen. 

If such is the case, a base cabinet accommodating a microwave oven will not set you back more than a drawer would. 

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Leave It on the Island

leave it on island

If you have a small kitchen but somehow managed to build an Island into it, you are in luck.

Putting the microwave on a built-in island in any kitchen is a great space saver.

There is a wide variety of uses for kitchen islands.

And placing your microwave there will free up valuable storage space in your kitchen cabinets for other uses.

Another good idea is to place your microwave in the Island’s drawer.

It usually works fine but may not be suitable for everyone because it is sometimes too low for comfortable access. 

Place It in the Pantry

placing it on pantry

This is a fantastic choice if you have quick access to your pantry.

It is the equivalent of placing your microwave behind a cupboard in terms of how well it blends in.

It is a fine choice but keep in mind that you will lose some storage space in your pantry, but it also results in more space on the kitchen counter.

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Before using this option, you should consider exactly how often you use your microwave.

what important is

If you cannot live with it, ensure that it is easily accessible in the pantry. 

Note: You may have trouble getting to your pantry due to the layout of your home. 

Using it should not require crossing the kitchen, so if it does, look for another option on this list. 


Learning where to put a microwave in a tiny kitchen can help make the available safe and as useful as possible.

It matters to free up whatever space possible to make your small kitchen more functional.

And sometimes, experimenting with the placement of your microwave can give you the extra space needed to handle kitchen tasks easily.

Try different options on this list and pick what works best for you.