how to clean cast aluminum patio furniture
Kristina Davis

Want to learn how to clean cast aluminum patio furniture so you don’t have to call on professionals’ help again?

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about it.

Just like you, I’ve been in the search of the best and most effective methods of cleaning cast aluminum. So, I researched and collated all the important information about it.

I’ll share them with you to save you time, money, and effort in finding professional cleaners.

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To clean cast aluminum properly, mix hot-to-lukewarm water with white vinegar, and then wash the furniture from top to bottom with it and a soft sponge. Then, use a spray cleaner to buff scratches and other impurities. 

I want you to have a better understanding of this.

And to make things easier and better, let’s discuss the best and safest products you can use to clean cast aluminum patio furniture.

Safest Cleaning Products For Cast Aluminum

When I was starting, I didn’t really care to know and understand the different products I can use to clean cast aluminum.

Little did I know that this is what makes the magic happen.

So, I did my research and found these –the best cleaning products to use for your cast aluminum patio furniture.

Patio Furniture Cleaners

You’ll be able to find over-the-counter cleaning agents that are specifically made for cast aluminum items.

Don’t worry, the packaging and the label of the cleaner will indicate whether it is for cast aluminum or not.

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Water and Vinegar Mixture

use vinegar mixture

Another common household ingredient I use that I can suggest you use too is white vinegar. White vinegar, in essence, is known and treated as a mild cleanser, and it has proven its effectiveness in various ways.

To use it properly, create a mixture of 3 parts of warm to hot water and 1 part of white vinegar.

NOTE: I usually add fruit peels, essential oils, and other fresh scents to coat and mask the vinegar’s pungent smell.

Stain, Degreaser, and Tree Sap Remover

Other users recommend using stain, tree sap, and grease removers for a shiny, glossy, and clean finish of their cast aluminum furniture.

I rarely use this material because I do not always have one. However, this is one of the best, fastest, most effective, and most ideal cleaning agents for cast aluminum.

What You Shouldn’t Use For Your Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

things to avoid while painting

Some homeowners, especially those who are new, will tell you that all cleaners are good and effective –don’t listen to this.

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Most household cleaners are alkaline-based, which can be harmful to both aluminum and cast aluminum, which in turn can deteriorate them faster than the normal rate.

Spotting a cleaner that is alkaline or acid-based is easy –you just need to avoid cleaning products that contain Trisodium Phosphate and/or ammonia.

Some examples are:

  • Stainless Steel Cleaners
  • Windows and/or Glass Cleaners
  • Toilet Cleaners or Bathroom Cleaners
  • Floor Waxes and Polishers
  • Multipurpose All-Around Cleaners

It was overwhelming to try and find the best way to clean cast aluminum patio furniture because there are many different ways of doing it.

So, here is the correct process for cleaning your cast aluminum patio furniture.

How to Clean Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture?

patio aluminum clean

Before going on with the process, it’s important to know that consistency is better than a one-time big cleaning process. So, I would suggest doing this once at least every 2 weeks.

This is to ensure that the buildup of dust and dirt on the furniture wouldn’t transform into stuck-up or steady debris.

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Steady debris are those that are dust or dirt that has hardened and is stuck to the cast aluminum and are more difficult to clean.

Step #1: Strip Off the Furniture

The first step you want to do is to remove all cushions and covers from the furniture.

You would need to remove them from the furniture because you’ll have to wash and clean them separately.

The components and parts you need to remove are:

  • Wooden pieces
  • Cushions
  • Covers
  • Foot Caps
  • Armrest Cloth or Caps

Step #2: Wash the Covers and Cushions

wash cushion cover

Proceed to wash these cushions and covers like how you normally wash your clothes, using mild detergent and a fabric conditioner.

You can choose to wash them using a washing machine or you can wash them manually. I don’t always have the recommended material, so, I usually use and go for shampoo.

NOTE: Use a soft washing detergent or a mild cleanser to be sure that the material is safe.

Dry the cushions and covers out by leaving them under the sun. When that’s done, it’s now time for us to tackle the cast aluminum material.

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Step #3: Prepare the Cleaning Agent

What you want to do is prepare the cleaning material you’ll use.

You can choose from the many different materials I enumerated above, but I would highly suggest going for a mixture of white vinegar and hot water.

It’s mild, effective, and you can get it without spending a lot of money because you have it in your home!

Mix 3 parts of water with 1 part of white vinegar and add oils or fruit peels to mask its scent. Thoroughly mix them together to form the cleaning agent for your cast aluminum furniture. 

NOTE: If you have a cast aluminum spray cleaner or a degreaser, then use it!

It is, of course, a better component because it’s specifically engineered to clean cast aluminum!

Step #4: Clean it From Top to Bottom

Then, what you want to do next is rinse the furniture piece with running water.

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If the dirt is just loose, about 70% of it will be removed from the furniture by lukewarm water alone.

However, if it’s stuck in dirt or steady debris, you’ll have to use a soft sponge to get rid of it.

Spray and apply the mixture to the furniture and run it from top to bottom to wash dirt and dust downward.

NOTE: The water pressure should be medium to high for more power.

Step #5: Pat Dry and Air Dry the Furniture

furniture air dry

Then, the next step is to dry the furniture. Now, many of you might think that drying them out under the sun directly from being soaking wet is good.

But, in reality, the best way to do it is by wiping it dry with a clean towel first to get rid of any excess water. Then, let it air dry or keep it under the sun for 3 to 4 hours.

NOTE: Moisture can penetrate cast aluminum and can damage it indefinitely.

Step #6: Polish the Furniture Comprehensively

Once dried up, the last and final step is to polish it. Polishing means buffing the scratches, covering up chipping and dents, and even making it shiny or glossy again.

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For this, I typically use a mixture of hot water and cream of tartar as my DIY solution for shine and gloss. This is, in fact, what many experts recommend to let the real shine of your cast aluminum out! 

Once done, let the cast aluminum absorb the material and wipe it continuously in small circular motions using a fresh cloth.

Assemble all the parts of the furniture like the cushions, covers, and foot caps back to their original places, and it’s ready for use again.

Optional Step: Painting

painting furniture

Painting your cast aluminum furniture is not necessary. However, if the damage is deep and you want it to regain its original color, then you can paint it using latex paint or acrylic paint.

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Don’t forget to use a zinc-rich primer to allow the paint to stick!

Now, you know how easy and simple it is to clean cast aluminum. Do take note, though, that even if it’s an easy job, take your time, and don’t rush it.

Rushing it will either give you a bad result or worse, can potentially damage your patio furniture.

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Cleaning Your Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture Isn’t That Hard!

If you have cast aluminum furniture in the patio backyard, or if on your front porch, and you don’t know how to clean it, here’s your guide!

Make it a habit to clean your cast aluminum furniture at least once bi-monthly to make your lives easier!

Save this guide on how to clean cast aluminum patio furniture and never be lost on how to do it ever again!