how to stop patio furniture from leaking rust
Kristina Davis

Have you ever considered knowing how to stop patio furniture from leaking rust?

Well, let’s find out how.

A vital accessory for our homes is a set of Patio Furniture. They are as important for our yards and gardens as regular furniture is important for our home interiors.

But sadly some furniture can get rusty and stained. Patio furniture is widely known for its unique designs, styles, and comfortability.

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As they give extra beauty to our home’s exteriors and are a source of relaxation.

Such rust does not only stain the furniture, it also stains our yards, the fabrics used on them, and at times our own outfits.

To stop patio furniture from leaking rust, you can install overhead coverings, keep them dry and clean, and store them inside during the rainy season.

Patio Furniture

Almost every home or building that has a yard or garden will most likely have patio furniture in it.

Patio furniture can also be regarded as garden furniture or outdoor furniture.

They are used as extra sets of furniture for the exteriors of our home for the sole purpose of relaxation and guest entertainment.

a patio furniture

They are made from different materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum, rattan, and steel.

As mentioned earlier, not all materials are prone to rust as not all of them are made from metal.

Metal such as iron and steel are prone to rust and so only patio furniture made from iron and steel can leak out rust.

It should be noted that certain furniture can be a combination of iron with other materials. Such types of furniture are also prone to rust stains.

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The aim of this article is to discuss how to stop patio furniture from leaking rust stains.

Metal Patio Furniture

the metal patio furniture

Outdoor furniture made from metal is known majorly for its durability and longevity.

There are various types of metal patio furniture, such as; aluminum, steel, wrought iron, and even copper.

Although aluminum is a metal, it is regarded as an alloy and is made in such a way that it doesn’t rust.

This is why aluminum is a widely accepted option for patio furniture and also because it is a lightweight metal.

Sadly, aluminum isn’t as durable as other heavier types of metal outdoor furniture. Iron and steel can last really long and can resist heavy weather conditions because of their weight.

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Both Iron and Steel are corrosive which means they are prone to leak rust.

Although most of this patio furniture is painted with the right paint that will prevent them from developing rust over time.

But these paints are known to wear off after some years depending on their quality.

Not to worry, there are necessary preventive measures we can apply to our iron patio furniture to stop them from leaking rust.

Tip: It should be noted thatnot all patio furniture leave rust stains. There are a few that don't.

Methods For Preventing Metal Patio furniture From Leaking Rust

prevention methods for metal furniture

We have various methods for preventing patio furniture from leaking rust stains,

While some are required to be done constantly and regularly. Others can be done at certain intervals.

The main reason why metals get rusty is because of exposure to moisture, basically, water is the main cause of rust.

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When iron and other corrosive metal come in contact with water and air for too long, they begin to rust.  And this rust can be damaging and also take away the beauty of our furniture.

This is why we need to find ways how to stop patio furniture from leaking rust.

Below are some of the few ways by which we can prevent rusting;

Keep your Furniture Dry And Clean

Since moisture is the main reason for rust, a good rule of thumb is to always keep your iron furniture dry and clean of moisture.

This involves regularly cleaning and making sure the furniture is dry at all times.

keep furniture clean

Endeavor to check every nook and joint of the furniture and make sure they are properly dried up.

Tip: Constant checking of your furniture will help you notice any form of rusting that might have developed. That way you can take the necessary measures to ensure the rusting stops.

Storing The Furniture Inside During Rainy Weather

This is the most common means of preventing your furniture from getting wet.

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This method involves keeping our furniture away during stormy and rainy weather as that will help reduce the amount of the furniture getting wet.

This method isn’t as effective due to the fact that most metal furniture is quite heavy and isn’t easily moveable.

Note: This method doesn't entirely stop the furniture from getting wet, as there are days of early morning dew and unexpected rain.

Installing Overhead Coverings

overheard cover

This is another method for preventing our furniture from getting wet which leads to rust.

This involves installing overhead sheds to protect your iron furniture from getting wet by the rain.

This method is more effective than having to carry your furniture anytime rain is about to start.

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As it not only saves you energy but also removes the worry of days that you aren’t at home.

These sheds can be retractable sheds or could be styled so they go along with the furniture set.

Note: A major setback with this method is that it doesn't entirely protect your furniture in very stormy weather.

Use Waterproof Furniture Covering

waterproof cover

The use of waterproof furniture covers cannot be overestimated.

As they are helpful not just for metal furniture but can be used for other types of furniture that are prone to be affected by water.

This covering can be made from rubber or any other waterproof materials.

Tip: Ensure that you get the right size for your furniture as getting oversize could get blown away during a storm. Also, ensure to get a cover that covers the entirety of the furniture.

Apply Paste Wax

Paste wax is an excellent option for preventing rust on metallic furniture. It serves as a protective barrier for the furniture against moisture.

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apply a paste wax

Its advanced formula can be used on any metallic furniture, as it prevents the furniture from getting wet, it does disturb the appearance of the furniture after application.

When applying paste wax, ensure that you cover the entirety of the body from start to finish.

Leaving no spot or joint unwaxed as any opened spot could develop rust.

Tip: it is important that the furniture is dry and free from dust before application.

Spray Protective Sealant

Another effective way to prevent rust on metallic patio furniture is making use of protective sealant.

The protective sealant seals off every opportunity for moisture to get in on the furniture.

Unlike the paste wax, protective sealant has a long-lasting effect if sprayed properly.

Below is a list of some homemade solutions for removing rust from patio furniture;

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use a protective sealant
  • White Vinegar
  • Lemon and Salt
  • Potatoe
  • Baking Soda
  • Aluminum Foil

The application of these solutions for cleaning out metal furniture will erase if not completely but most part of any rust stains.

Combining these solutions with the above-stated preventive measures will guarantee a long lifespan for our patio furniture.

Tip: Ensure that you keep the surface of the furniture free from dust and moisture before spraying.

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In Conclusion

We have been able to look at various methods on how to stop patio furniture from leaking rust.

And this method would all require to be done regularly. And it is also a good practice to combine each of these methods.

So when you clean your furniture regularly, don’t forget to either apply wax or wear a protective covering on the furniture.

I hope you learned a great deal about metal patio furniture and how to prevent it from rusting.