how to clean microfiber chair
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How to clean microfiber chair effectively? If you are looking for a perfect guide, your search ends here!

Is your favorite couch or furniture made up of microfibers and you aim to maintain and preserve them for it to last you a long time?

If you do, then this is the best website for you!

We know how essential chairs and couches are primarily in our everyday life.

People utilize it for different purposes, and honestly, it makes life easier.

We have created a guide that gives you several methods on how to clean your microfiber chairs, so keep on reading if you aim to give your furniture the best treatment it deserves!

What Is Microfiber?

Before we start with the guide, you must know what microfiber is for you to have an idea of how it should be cleaned and handled.

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Microfiber is crafted of synthetic fibers such as polyamides or polyester.

The fabrics of microfiber are more refined than silk, and it can be woven or knitted into a piece of cloth.

The weaves are typically tighter, which makes microfiber have two advantages,

which are:

First, less dust and other irritants will sink into the material, making your furniture much more hypoallergenic.

Second, the close weave ensures that any liquid spills will stay up on the fabric’s surface rather than soaking through the fabrics instantly, allowing you a brief time window to clean up the liquid until it stains.

Now that we know the basics let’s head on to the guide!

How to Clean Microfiber Chair in 3 Easy Steps

clean microfiber chair

Microfiber couches and chairs may look like suede; however, the fabric is actually a hundred times thinner and more refined than human hair and is made up of nylon and polyester fibers.

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It can be a little troublesome to clean this space-age stuff, as microfiber is sensitive to watermarks.

However, washing with detergents or washing cushion covers takes the dirt out without unsightly marks.

Step 1: Evaluating Your Microfiber Chair

Check the Tag

Before we begin cleaning, you must first read your furniture’s instructions. There must be a tiny tag with a label of letters on your microfiber furniture.

This tiny code will indicate the way to clean your furniture with microfiber.

  • W” implies that you need to use a solution based on water.
  • “S” implies that you have to use a cleaner that is solvent-based.
  • “S-W” implies that you may use a cleanser that is based on either water or solvent.
  • “X” implies that you are only able to use a vacuum for cleaning.

You will clean your couch or chair depending on what label is found on your furniture’s tag so you must take note of this.

In Case of Conflict

Don’t treat any tag like that of an ‘S‘ tag. You could utilize certain cleaning products (even soap water) if you are fortunate enough to have a “W” tag on your furniture.

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Yet many items of microfiber furniture would bear an “S” label.

If you can’t find a label or tag on your microfiber, you must treat the furniture like an “S” tag to prevent destroying your microfiber.

Pick the Right Product

Choose the product that’s right for your microfiber furniture.

After you have decided which types of cleaners are ideal for your furniture, you may pick the right material for you.

Several of your choices are most likely Items you currently have at home.

Alternatively, shop-bought cleaning solutions can be found in several supermarkets and hardware stores.

  • Water-based cleansers – Gentle soap, rug cleaner, mild dish detergent and upholstery shampoo.
  • Solvent-based cleaners – Sanitizing alcohol, transparent alcohol such as vodka or gin, and solvent that is dry-cleaning.
  • For “X” tag furniture, do not utilize water or solvent-based cleansers.

Step 2: Cleaning the Microfiber Chair

Utilize a Vacuum

The first stage of cleaning your chair is to use a vacuum to remove dust, debris, and any hair.

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If your chair has removable pillows, detach these and clean them both sides and underneath.

If you have pets or if your chair is incredibly dusty, you must go through it more than once to make sure all the dust and hair is taken off.

How to do it:

  • Utilize an upholstery brace to clear out the dirt as much you can
  • A dry brush may be used if you do not have an upholstery brace.

Try A Test Spot

If you have chosen the right cleaning material for your chair, it is a good idea to perform a spot test to confirm that your cleaning material will not cause harm or marks.

How to do it:

  • Put a few drops of cleanser on a washcloth or sponge and adhere it to an unseen spot.
  • Wait 15-30 minutes for your chosen area to dry.
  • If no stain or spot appears, you may go forth and use this item.

Start Scrubbing

Place your chosen solvent in a spray bottle to make your cleaning routine more comfortable.

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Once done, choose a sponge that is light in color or the same color as your chair to avoid color transfer when performing the task.

If you are ready, start spraying the solvent on your desired area and slowly scrub it back and forth.  

You will start seeing the dirt come off the microfiber and into your sponge.  Proceed to the next area once done.

Step 3: Finishing the Procedure

Blow Dry Any Remaining Wet Spots

After scrubbing your chair, if there are still wet spots that remain, utilize a blow-dryer for clearing them.

This reduces the possibility of stains on your chairs.

How to do it:

  • Set the device to its lowest, coolest level.
  • Keep a distance of 6 inches away from the fabric. Hold the blow-dryer firmly.
  • Run the blow-dryer thoroughly on the wet spots until dry.

Fluff up Your Chair or Couch

In order for your microfiber furniture to appear its finest, it needs to be “fluffed” after cleaning.

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The fabric may become dull and rigid if you don’t do this.

 How to do it:

  1. Pick up a clean bristle brush once your chairs are dry and clean.
  2. Rub the material all over the chair in a circular pattern.
  3. As you go, you would be able to see the fabric getting fluffier and more appealing!

Use a “Fabric Protector” Spray

When your couch, chair, or any microfiber furniture is clean and dry, utilize a fabric protector spray-on to help it stay that way!

These items are cheap and can be obtained at most supermarkets and home repair stores.

How to do it:

  • Keep the can upward and straight, hold the nozzle back from the surface about 6″ away.
  • Expel the spray in a steady, sweeping motion. Enable it to dry out.
  • Have a second layer applied. Bear in mind: two light coating is better than a heavy one.
  • Reapply this after every cleaning.

Now that you know the ways to clean your microfiber chair, it is crucial as well to know how to clean microfiber chair cushions.

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This is because cushions of a chair accumulates a lot of dirt and dust too. Read on to know more information about this!

How to Clean Microfiber Chair Cushions Easily

A microfiber seat cushion can still be cleaned even though a machine cannot wash it.

The method of cleaning relies on the scope of the issue, so it is an excellent advantage for a homeowner to know how to clean microfiber chair cushions, so you don’t have to rely on expensive cleaning services.

The 4 Quick Steps

Step 1. Vacuum the seat cushions using an upholstery brush attachment to help detach any debris that sticks to the cushion.

Step 2. If the vacuum doesn’t do the trick, utilize a little brush with soft bristles, like a toothbrush, for you to make it easy to loosen debris stuck in crevices and seams.

Step 3. For those pet owners, you can remove hair and fur by using a pet-hair removal cleaner.

Step 4. Wipe the microfiber cushion by hand while wearing a glove made of rubber.  The glove will gather the pet hairs and lift them from the fabric.

Extra Tip if Stains Occur

  • Blot up the stain with a clean and dry paper towel.
  • Rub in a wet and hot cloth and wring it up to get the excess moisture.
  • Squirt a little drop of liquid dish soap and slowly wipe the stain away.


Microfiber cleaning and maintenance may be a bit of a struggle, but if you follow and keep in mind the guide on how to clean microfiber chairs and cushions, you’ll surely be rewarded with a piece of furniture that not only looks brand new but will also last you a very long time.

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Many people avoid microfiber cleaning and prefer to spend money on cleaning services because they believe the fabric will be damaged if they do it themselves.

However, with the new skills and knowledge you’ve learned, it will certainly preserve your loved furniture and at the same time, save you tons of cash!

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